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If I was Brian Banks...........

Last of the old AG Hittaz

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I would try to kill the bish that put me in the slammer for all those years knowing damn well
she was lying!!!  This guy went through 6 years of being falsely accused and would've had
a shot of playing in the NFL (which might happen now). Besides the zombie mess in the news,
I followed this:

K'niep Tang

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Jeez! I hope he gets that 1.5Mil!

She's messed up a dude's life, sullied her own name AND given reason for more scrutiny/ skepticism on any other rape charges out there - particularly those where there isn't any DNA/conclusive evidence. Hasn't helped anyone's cause really.

I wonder what lead her to putting up fake charges. External pressure of some sort?
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the worst point is making courts scrutinize rape more...its hoes like this that hurst noble causes like fighting rape.
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