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SA turning into a Balck capital for white intenstions


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azanian Souljahs,

Just want to ask...Is it just me or this place is really jus a European Capital in da MotherLand!!!!

Why are we still discussing land issues when we all know land is not a financial commodity, but a social responsibility and cultural canvas.!!!!


Aluta Continua


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The issue of land will remain a hot topic:

ANCYL hails new land resolution
Mon, 02 Jul 2012 7:20 AM
Policy decisions around land reform at the ANC's policy conference were welcomed by the party's youth league on Saturday.

"We welcome the policy conference expropriate land without compensation where land has been acquired through unlawful means," said ANCYL spokeswoman Khusela Sangoni-Khawe in a statement.

She added that the unlawful acquisition of land was a "key characteristic of our violent history of dispossession".

Leading up to the conference there had been many calls to scrap the willing buyer, willing seller approach to land redistribution.

On Friday, President Jacob Zuma, who is also ANC president, affirmed that this approach would be replaced but was vague on the details.

"Conference also affirmed the proposal to replace willing buyer willing seller with the 'Just and equitable' principle in the Constitution, immediately where the state is acquiring land for land reform purposes, he said.

Land commission member Tina Joemat-Petterson told the media this would not entail any change to the Constitution; adding that Section 25 of the constitution allowed the government to expropriate land with compensation.

"I don't think we should create pandemonium or insecurity...All we need to do is implement the Constitution."

Sangoni-Khawe also said that the league welcomed policy conference resolutions around state intervention.

"We welcome... the resolution for the nationalisation of mines and other strategic sectors of the economy."

On Friday, Zuma said the conference had agreed that state intervention in the minerals and mining sector was "urgently required", but he made no mention of a proposed super tax on mining.

"At the forefront of this intervention should be strengthening of the recently created state mining company by consolidating state mining a**ets into a single institution."

National executive committee member Enoch Godongwana on Friday said the ANC had decided not to pursue the nationalisation of mines.


Interesting views from the comments section too.

Code: [Select]

Anyone who believes that the ANC government have the skill
to develop a successful strategy to create additional wealth
are fooling themselves.
In the final analysis we will have less wealth creation and more poverty.

Two interesting issues are this land issue and the five million foreigners.
The government are obscessed with the white people of this country and
their ability to generate their own wealth, somehow this seems to offend them.
They are however not too concerned about the millions of foreigners competing
for scarce jobs.
Is this because they are predominantly black?
Finally, those people who have relocated themselves from other provinces
and occupied land that they have neither paid for or hold legal tender.
They are also exempt from the payment of property tax?
Will we see expropriation here? After all their land occupation is not legal.

I see that in future there will be legal actions that government will have to face
as in the case of road tolling.
Because so much of what we hear coming out of their thinking is far too
superficial and bias.

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