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Free 0.6 Gigs of African Drum and Instrument Samples! Royalty-free :)


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Hey everyone.

Just came out with a new sample package, and to get the pack for free, (while the giveaway is still going on) please leave your email address at the bottom of the page >>> LINKED HERE <<< with a link to a social media site (facebook, twitter, etc) that shows proof that youíve shared this page here: http://ba**


So, aside from that, maybe I should explain what this package is about, eh?

[size=150]ĎAfrica Dance Samples, Vol. 1: Melodies and Percussioní  [/size] a collection of loops and one shot samples (in both .wav and .aiff formats) of a variety of percussive and melodic sounds designed for modern african dance music; inspired by the sounds of kwaito, townhouse funk, African house, African EDM, as well as ancient tribal sounds, as well. These are the type of sounds heard in music from all over the continent of Africa, from Ghana to Morocco, the Congo, all the way down to South Africa!

African musical influences, both melodically (and especially rhythmically) have been blowing up in the last few years. Notably, there have been a number of EDM and ba** artists from Europe (many of whom are keen to take on a ďpost-dubstepĒ sound) have been digging into this sound, such as L-Vis 1990, and a number of artists on the Night Slugs record label. As well, there are tons and tons of great musicians in Africa (too many to name!) whose music directly inspired the sounds available on this sample pack.

Itís got a little something for everyone; one-shots & loops, melody & drums/beats, ba** lines, kick drums, modern & ancient tribal sounds. In short, itís a definitive collection for African artists looking for more material to add to their funky dance arsenal, AND artists from outside of Africa seeking to take on some of the international sounds from the cradle of civilization.

This package is 0.6 gigabytes, & contains 265 .WAV (and duplicate 265 .AIFF) audio files.

Beats are individually labelled as either 120 bpm or 130 bpm. Key signatures are listed as needed per sample.

This sample pack contains:

13 Ba**lines

4 Clap Loops
6 Kick Loops
15 Full Beats
17 Percussion Loops

29 Djembe Drum One-Shots
31 Epic Crash Cymbal Drum One-Shots
19 Tabla Drum One-Shots
8 Kick One-Shots
12 Bongo One-Shots
5 Congo One-Shots
9 Layered One-Shots
20 Misc Drum One-Shots
24 Balafon Scale One-Shots
14 Kalimba Chord Scale One-Shots
21 Melodic Loops
12 Epic Marimba Pads
7 Misc Horn and Vocal Pads

After the give away, it'll be available for 5 bucks USD for the  rest of October. So hit it up if you're interested :)


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This is a good first post. Salute.

Let me check it out..

check my blog peeps!