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Warpaint/Deliberation... Split Minds


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Binary:This is the genesis of true spit
Divide: I integrate the interphase like Bluetooth
Binary: Making the lesser lyricist a nemesis
Divide: Inside this intricate maze, weaving a long and untold truth
Binary: And provocation is a catalyst
Divide: To forming visuals in the minds of the youth
Binary: I´m burning scripts
Divide: Sharp shooting random access reboots
Binary: Clutching a microphone on battle zones
Divide: I pack tools to jack fools who lack jewelz
Binary: Decimating clones who error prone
Divide: Many they still misconstrue the set rules
Binary: Composing this composite text to vex domes
Divide: Paying dues without clues is like playing to lose
Binary: Corrosive commonsense, from callous caustic flows
Divide: It´s no use, they still confused and without views
Binary: Dropping abrasive narratives, sharp as arrow tips
Divide: Making moves, unsure of which side to chose
Binary: The Blue Chip option versus full clips
Divide: Tension looms, saddling on the horizon of doom
Binary: Versace bitch versus the down to earth chick
Divide: There isn´t quite enough room, in here for me an you
Binary: Circa mine Toppick, rapperz time to take your pick
Divide: Don´t wanna, blow a fuse an then resort to settling feuds
Binary: Ballistics carbon dated, lyrics excavated
Divide: Detonating thoughts that make yours abort
Binary: Relevance deciphered, mostly scrolls wasted
Divide: Reactor raps raw, live wires touched, kick in your door
Binary: Forsaken fo´ they true meaning was tasted
Divide: Minimal flaws, spitting until the ice thaws
Binary: Props often duly belated
Divide: Now where you at with out those, time to draw
Binary: Sophomores dropping posthumous
Divide: I paint visuals of a sabre sword entering yours
Binary: The game and tragedy remaining consummate
Divide: Anatomy carved and limbs begin to drop to the floor
Binary: In matrimony so articulate and intimate
Divide: End of your being all the things that you´re seeing are no more
Binary: Disciples stay forever vigilant
Divide: Your mind easing into synapses of spasmic thoughts
Binary: Renegades who militant and never hesitant
Divide: I´m battling fraud facilities in this fort
Binary: To snuff a life out in an instant  
Divide: The kid talk however multiplied equal to naught
Binary: It´s value ever so distant
Divide: Still too short, to try to take a shot an contort
Binary: Yet we so insistent
Divide: I came to haunt those I warned not flaunt, my skills taunt
Binary: Walk the path of the dissident
Divide: Paying no mind since the day I was born
Binary: We congregate, bearing the covenant
           Adamant to call it an accomplishment
Divide: Minds easing into synapses of spasmic thoughts

Keeping rappers in check, like Scottish people in Prague-


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here´s the left fist standing up to battle the bullshit jist
what ya tryin to do? rhyme a wish list?
looks like you should send it to father x-ma**
or would he dissmiss the rhyme to the doldrums of time
one more cracker bang blow smoke on the fire
because i get lost in your flow like my eyes too tired
where´s the message and what you tryin to say
if you wanna impress with a thesourus
then you´ll turn prematurely grey
or you wanna be real like steal
drop lyrics short and sharp enough to slice achilles heal
ya feel?
this is the retort to your sort
too much powder to snort
get with the bounce of people power
drop that shit you got like a cold shower
the words i drop here come from the tip of my finger
never hessitate and never linger
never drop fake hip hop ´cos i aint no f***in singer
with a syringe in my arm and a dislocated mind
i´m the down to earth battle axe of the old school kind
meaning in my words not rhymin for rhymin just to say i know how to find
nonsence that will turn you blind
reedom is the ability to determine your own destiny


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Get off my dick and benchpress your spit before you come against my shit...
Keeping rappers in check, like Scottish people in Prague-