quotes that just stick in ya head

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"A voice cries from the wilderness of the North
A representation of the families that lost one
all victims of incarceration
Or other divisions of the family structure
Youths are injected with serums that leads
to skin irritations, babies being born with
disfigurations, experimentations
On their faces there bear world relations
of mothers that carry the pain
of blood stained streets where sisters mourn and wail
Big brothers been slain from hails of gun fire
It lightly begins to rain screams of terror
are hidden by the pa**ing trains
This can´t be little Shane, his uncle cried
As he drops to his nephew´s side, holding his cane
Just give me a name, of who has inflicted this
bitter sickness, and left us to witness."
Masta Killa on A better tomorrow-wutang clan

"Freedom of jail cells are inserted/a baby´s born same time a man is murdered/the beginning and end.."
Nas on Nas is like

"I´m a natural born killa that´s born to rise
Flipmode is the squad so it´s no surprise
Niggas want to advertise about how we get down
You f*** around leave your body in the lost and found
How you like me now?
We got the industry on lock
The world is on shock
I´m a take a piece of the rock
Yo, you feel it in the heart when we took you to the park
Midnight after dark, I´m the raider of the lost ark (ark echo´s)
Now na na na na na na, nana nah
Super size, super size, right before your eyes
I bring in treats like giant sweet potato pies
Wise, sword shift and I spit on flies
Killing all the tips from studio spies
Head to bed, beddie bye, beddie bye
Don´t ask why, we´ll take your a** to paradise
Flipmode´s the squad don´t rest, don´t try
Peace to my people in the friendly sky
Peace to my outer space ties
I´m in leather like the ladies
Bigger than crack in the 80´s (80´s echo´s)
Drive the buggy I Mercedes
Blow up like C-4
Got so much to live for
Can´t play the game no more
Pick up the cain no more
Brothers ain´t the same no more
Try to sweat me, what am I aiming for
Get yourself caught up
Faggot a** tore up
In the worst way, the only way you can stop me
is cock your glock and shot me
Drop me, pop me, make sure you that you got me
Cause anytime I live I´m comin back to find you poppy
What y´all niggas wanna do?
Yo we can take it outside
Ya´ll niggas want something?
Yo we can take it outside
What y´all niggas wanna do?
Yo we can take it outside
Ya´ll niggas want something?
Yo we can take it outside
Verse 2:
Push up in the hot rod, alley cats a rah rah
All my flipmode in the backseats with chrome nods
Hear to bust mine
Nigga frat child let his brain fry
Pretty boy sliced up philly contact from his red eye
You failed to realize when you macks me you drop the plastic
Run up in your crib, now you heat me from the mattress
My crew expanded, QB is where we landed
Yellow strip you crossed it
Now I´m forcing you to drink this champotion
Show me were loaded
The desert eagle hear it cockin´
Lovin my doggie
While we shinin´ continue flossin
Steppin on toes I crush the whole shoe
Pronto like Cru till I´m Triumphant like Wu
The shit you talkin crazy like niggas turnin in their hand guns
I be burnin mc´s like betty grandson
Smokin grey poupon boy
Two lines, I chew rhymes and make niggas fall like they was futons
All day outsiders, this squad be flipmode
We get a dick rode a whole shitload
We the official g-u-rilla to lead militias
Stack peelin, americana
Spit sentences like one of missy wanna´s
Reminisce the promise
Bring drama like Nicaragua
Fatigues march, army leaders, they count crooked drug dollars
And sip fresh squeezed milk from the titties of llamas
Leave cities in carnage
Prettiest farmers that pour whisky at harvest and hold 16 guananas
Maintain, maintain, maintain
I reign like Mussolini´s iron fists
Try on this, you can´t see me like vagina lips
Smugglin diamond chips, bubblin anonymous
The dominant will resource and count script crews and world wars
(world wars echo´s)
Yo, you better practice what you preach, I got 7 MC´s
And 10 g´s, I´ll show each
Never interfere and shit, souvenirs for your ears and shit
Clear poetry like William Shakespeare and shit
Word is bond checkin me out
Hey what you talkin about
You lost and walkin about
Niggas got beef they want to say and start talkin it out
Hey, oh my god, y´all nigga be buggin me out
Wish they could lay me down and have the police start chalkin me out
Now I zoom in on you and my niggas start stalkin you out
Chuck down that bullshit that you be callin about
This one´s for my people and my niggas up North
The ruler shit dynasty but Flipmode finally come fourth
Exports and imports hittin you with flavors of all sorts
My squad comin through, chop off your ear
Buasta rhymez featuring Flipmode Squad on We could take it outside

I am sorry but the whole song just banged hardraw


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"...Ok, i´m going to attempt to drown myself
You can try this at home
You can be just like me!

Mic check one two.. we recordin?
I´m cancerous, so when i diss you wouldn´t wanna answer this
If you responded back with a battle rap you wrote for canibus
I strangled you to death then i choked you again
Then break your f***in legs till your bones poke through your skin
You beef wit me, i´ma even the score equally
Take you on jerry springer, and beat yer a** legally
I get you blunted off of funny home grown
Cause when i smoke out i hit the trees harder than sonny bono
(ohh no!!) so if i said i never did drugs
That would mean i lie and get f***ed more than the president does
Hillary clinton tried to slap me and call me a pervert
I ripped her f***in tonsils out and fed her sherbet (bitch!)
My nerves hurt, and lately i´m on edge
Grabbed vanilla ice and ripped out his blonde dreads (f*** you!)
Every girl i ever went out wit is goin lez
Follow me and do exactly what the song says:
Smoke weed, take pills, drop outta school, kill people and drink
And jump behind the wheel like it was still legal
I´m dumb enough to walk in a store and steal
So i´m dumb enough to ask for a date with lauryn hill
Some people only see that i´m white, ignorin skill
Cause i stand out like a green hat with a orange bill
But i don´t get pissed, y´all don´t even see through the mist
How the f*** can i be white, i don´t even exist
I get a clean shave, bathe, go to a rave
Die from an overdose and dig myself up out of my grave
My middle finger won´t go down, how do i wave?
And this is how i´m supposed to teach kids how to behave?

Now follow me and do exactly what you see
Don´t you wanna grow up to be just like me!
I slap women and eat shrooms then o.d.
Now don´t you wanna grow up to be just like me!

Me and marcus allen went over to see nicole
When we heard a knock at the door, must have been ron gold´
Jumped behind the door, put the orgy on hold
Killed em both and smeared blood in a white bronco (we did it!)
My mind won´t work if my spine don´t jerk
I slapped garth brooks out of his rhinestone shirt
I´m not a player just a ill rhyme sayer
That´ll spray an aerosol can up at the ozone layer (psssssssh)
My rap style´s warped, i´m runnin out the morgue
Witcha dead grandmother´s corpse to throw it on your porch
Jumped in a chickenhawk cartoon wit a cape on
And beat up foghorn leghorn with an acorn
I´m bout as normal as norman bates, with deformative traits
A premature birth that was four minutes late
Mother.. are you there? i love you
I never meant to hit you over the head with that shovel
Will someone explain to my brain that i just severed
A main vein with a chainsaw and i´m in pain?
I take a breather and sighed; either i´m high, or i´m nuts
Cause if you ain´t tiltin this room, neither am i
So when you see your mom with a thermometer shoved in her a**
Then it probably is obvious i got it on with her
Cause when i drop this solo shit it´s over with
I bought cage´s tape, opened it, and dubbed over it
I came to the club drunk with a fake id
Don´t you wanna grow up to be just like me!
I´ve been with 10 women who got hiv
Now don´t you wanna grow up to be just like me!
I got genital warts and it burns when i pee
Don´t you wanna grow up to be just like me!
I tie a rope around my penis and jump from a tree
You probably wanna grow up to be just like me!!!"

Eminem on Role model-slim shady LP

This song is just riddled with Punchlines


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"Next time you wanna be a hero try saving something other than hip-hop
And maybe hip-hop´ll save you from the pit-stop "


"Stole my sneakers but your feet just never fit in
Serves you right for trying to walk a mile outside your limits
I´m going to tiptoe across this yo-yo string
Until you walk the dog out from under my feet and skip town, sit down"


And one for the south african dudes.....
"And money cant buy your desire
Like michael from from the jacksons knows
how it goes
when you play with fire
you get burnt
i learned"



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"even if u drank a tank of carrot juice,
u still wouldn´t b able 2 c me"
i´m not sure who it is, but i think it was qwel or jehst
uck wut others think of me, i will continue 2 b


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"don´t try 2 fit in,
just try 2 stand out"
creighton ross (1 of my frends...he told me that 2day)
uck wut others think of me, i will continue 2 b


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Pushed through like George Bush Operation Whoops
Shots get popped on the block cause them blood to gush
From digital to analogue, the Wu-Wear camoflogue
The entourage squad we stompin through Zanzibar
like herds of cattle, RZA plays the wall like a shadow
Connectin Brooklyn/Shaol like the Verrazanno-Narrows

The fourth dimension is time, it goes inside the mind
Run the channels energized up through the back of your spine

I´m callin on the meek and the poor
To fight back and never forfeit the day you have to go to war
With forces that are armed upon the seven continental borders

...all is well in health care
ECG´s disconnected
the diseased disinfected...
we can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark. The real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light


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"don´t jerk me around
coz my name´s not masterbation"

uck wut others think of me, i will continue 2 b


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"your such a bitch
u were probably made from a rib"
uck wut others think of me, i will continue 2 b


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"wen god sed "let there b lite",
i turned it the f*** off"
uck wut others think of me, i will continue 2 b

Blac Satyr

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Don´t get it twisted, DeviL exist - tumi [Once upon a time in Africa]">
Blac's's R&B(Rhythm & Ba**) Reshuffled Mix:


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"shut up wen i´m talking 2 u"

ok i kno its not hip hop but i luv that line
uck wut others think of me, i will continue 2 b

Original Syn

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Notorious B.I.G.

I know its ahook but shit its tite, especially delivered all outta breath and on the verge of a fat-induced heart attack like B.I.G. did it. :-D


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"death, b not proud, though sum hav called thee
mighty & dreadful, 4 thou art not so!"

i f***en luv that poem.
imagine mocking thats sum good shit
uck wut others think of me, i will continue 2 b


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Just popped into my head the other day.Man this is such a funny chorus, so selfish in some ways but darn catchy........remember this?

Lord please, murda my enemies
Burn em at a thousand degrees
And lord please let me make mo cheese
Cuz I aint quite ready to leave - Scarface, Dre, Cube and Too Short

Don't Hate, Rather Debate" - Mykh-ill Angel-oH

ďIím not a star, and I donít want to be a star. Stars fall. Iím an entertainer, a performer" - Bernie Mac


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How about...

"Uzonya maw´ ngena ngcondo!"


"Uzoyisutha induku..."