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oh so you call that a verse** well i´m give ya a hearse**
and show a dumb f***** how to handle heat in the cut**
it´s really sad to see cats** hyping their game over jack**
truth of the matter you´re wack** get off my nutsack**
you aint half bad** your lines belong inside a shitbag**
i ain´t mad** simply tryna show you where you shit at**
shouldn´t a done that** lets see how he fares in combat**
you up against a pugilist** whose duty is** to duly kill**
f*** you for being a dumb kid** and talking that shit**
now back it up spit** nah, he´s a swallowing bitch**
of course i´m headless** you blind plus you giving me head**
this shit is madness** how i´m gonna leave you for dead**
i can´t so much as even see** a simple ryme scheme**
your shit is weak** and you probably a kwaito emcee**
running ya mouth of repetitively** saying you´re streets**
just because you know a vagrant** that aint fragrant**
cos i´ve paid my dues** and i suffer no bull from little dudes**
kiddo i´m not one to lose** watch me take him to school**
so to wreck now i gotta be utsotsi** yapping on about ikasi?**
you dead wrong** because ndingunolali** simelela ngezikhali**
thina kuTosol´ mfanakith´ asithi ngomso** sixhawula ngamatolo**
Eastern Cape motto**now you  whisper that kwigolo likanyoko**
next time you need to whimper** shiy´ umzimb´ uyokoyoko**
damn you cats have got the nerve** thinkin ya got shit to serve**
me still breathing?** i leaving ya residue** from my Co2**
then charging you to inhale** choking you till you´re pale**
and i WILL take it to the streets**make this imbecile bleed**
ya face masked cretin talkin down on ya knees** i shatter ya teeth**
you up against a polished emcee** worth shit but a pit latrine**
fantasising on a teen dream** i´m done sizing kid I´M making you see**
you mean nothing to me** in fact lower than the genitalia of a flea**
now kindly f*** off* i´m tryna pay attention to my daytime job**

Jonga ke mtshana, andingonogoloza wase Jozi ke mna... Niyathand´ ukucing´ uba niphethe yadda yadda... When y´all just lame an shit... f***it bring ya whole crew and i´ll chew you all at once at the same time mutherf***ers!!! give up the mic mtshana because uwack and lonto soze itshintshe, whoever lied and said ya got skills go take it up with him... Awkwazi ukugadlela qha!!! Finish en klaar** jou dom donder**

Keeping rappers in check, like Scottish people in Prague-


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Uppin this one... thid Lil´ Wayne lame rapper betta realise...

Keeping rappers in check, like Scottish people in Prague-


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bring it on oh weak one.

i´m waiting...............................FOR YOUR WRITTENS