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pitch black afro

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so dude has gone platinum 50 000 copies sold now what does that mean for people?  what do you think it means?  I take you a bet that the majority of real heads didn´t cop that.  do you think you gotta make records for the normal person out there just to eat?  coz making music for the ´heads´ is gonna keep you poor, i mean shit we can do that if we was in the states but here in sa there´s few heads. ya feel me?


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Chicken, I see what u saying.I have been debating bout this thing for years and peeps of mine go both ways on this.

I think u should do the music u wanna do and not worry what others want u to do.I mean, SK, they doing different stuff but many peeps feel they selling out cause they doing less complicated stuff as opposed to what they used to do.But if they wanna do it, let them.Its ur choice and if u can sleep comfy at nite and know ur doing what u luv, then thats all that matters.
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