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So i was thinking rite..about south african artists in general, and more specifically hip-hop artists!!There are so many talented artists out there, but yet their marketing is so poor. There is no differentiation, and no branding whatsoever. Ok i know that most artists would be opposed to the usage of the word 'branding' in terms of their art, but i really do think that artists and their marketers need to start thinking of themselves as brands in totality, and their music, who they are and their image should be consistent at all times, in order for them to create a position for themselves in the listeners mind, and once thats clear i think their music will be appreciated more, and they would also make more sales. Like think of thandiswa, she presents herself as a brand. when she goes out in public, she dresses a certain way, speaks a certain way and about certain things, at the same time, tis is all consistent with her music and is also an outlet of her expression as an artist, and thus she sells a whole lot more. what do ya'll think???