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dodge lines "from behind" HOMO-sapien sapien threa

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Maybe someone really doees go the other w... *fades into silence*
eace means Love

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In theme with the alphabet..

G-Gosh. The thread was about "suspect lyrics" not who's gay.

H- Hot damn. dP staill has a point there; I KNOW who that is cat, even if his  name was Loyiso the R&B singer, it's still "idiolosation of a muscular man in a wifebeater".

I- I don't see what was wrong with creation of the Kenith character. The only slip up Eminem has had with his lyrics was picked up here as well "you need a fag to come tear a new hole in my a**. Otherwise with your argument, that excellent track on his new album where he displays ridiculous flow ability on Rainman might as well be gay-which it ain't.

J- J to the izzo  :?

K- Kaydo has a line in his credits where he says F*kc YOU Stagga! Wa**up with that?

L- lost is what we are when we divert from the topic


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Quote from: "TNG"

J- J to the izzo  :?

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