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Sign up for Deacon's royal rumble battle tournament

Lord Deacon Of Frost

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Lets keep this battling thing interesting
Here are the rules

sign up on this thread but dont post your verse.
Pm your verses to me then I will re post all of them in a new thread.
15 lines max.
2 days to reply.
winner gets the title of AG heavyweight champ plus a free album which I will upload.

That not good enough for ya?


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I dont really post much on this forum as I feel competition is quite limited. Not sure if these r chat or rhyming threads goddamm.

Anyway... count me in



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Deacon got the best avatar so far hands donw. That Destiny's Child clip got me cackling! lol! I mean, shame, but they all be professional going on like ain't nothin' happened, especially Beyonce. Kelly be like, errr...okay look. :P