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Molybdenum vs SaladTosser

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Call urself bull
Ne but u missin da "shit"
Cos u tryna hit da spot
But u clearly missin it
I do dis 4 a hobbie
U actin like its war
U doin dis 2 diss me
Im doin it 4 da soul
I don really giv a f***
Cos c u missin ur mark
Hard luck
Giv it up
Wats da point of dis battle
2 saddle u on a hi horse
spittin a tite verse                                      (Ill giv u props)
but neva 2 bless only 2 curse
We´re all sell outs
If we don do it 4 hiphop
neway i gotta go
take it easy nice nd slow
hit u back 2moro

Mo (trippleh) :-?

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spread love in da music


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i do this shit 2 renew hope and 2 battle
but us niggaz r being brought 2 tha
slaughterhouse like cattle
diseased freak and i need some
bone marrow
tired of living like a bum in the shadows
so i impose thoughts 2 bring forms
of distraut to these chords & these
to milk the cow till the cow runs
doing this as a hobbies makin my insides
die why must i be a member of my
own misfortune
when cash aint comin in
what tha f*** do you do
steal?rape? and pillage
r u a viking ina village
come 2 fufill my death wish?
but dont regress shit
we all possess shit but this shit
could be bread and butter
for our little kids to run free
in this weak a**ed but now developing
i aint trynna kill ur spirits mr whateva man
im just writing my thoughts because i can
but i feel like makin my dreams not be pipes
white with green in the middle
im trynna buy my soul back from the
muthaf***in devil 2 turn back the
levels on my clock the ships come
but there aint any dock
so im gonna just um
constantly plot.......