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Hip Hop Connected


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The Driemaanskap boys are supposed to be giving me their music so I can mix and master it,,, but we'll see. I don't have anything right now tho.

Their track (and excuse the spelling) 'Icho Indo' is killer. The beat is by Lungelo (of 'Andalusia' fame, and who features on Trusenz's album). Definite hit.


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Ok.Thanx for the info.Speaking of Lungelo, I still wanna contact him again and see if he can link with a collab with my vocalist bud.Still thinking them together would be too nice.
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Quote from: "MaddStone"
Standouts were of course Mr Ben himself, Writers Block

yeah writers block killed it even if i say so myself :D

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8O As konfab was sayin, Writers Block ( according to the ma**ive)was the dope ish. Not tryin to be choosin sides,but it was ill. The gig at Zula was on time. The only reason it might appear to be late was because Young Nations didn't show (WHO IS THAT CAT??????). Heard one of his track, was not HappY, FOR REAL.

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I was at the Hip Hop Connected show and i thought BMP was ILL! Yeah so maybe they dig this whole controversy tip- dissin Hype an all- but i still maintain those boys got skills. One problem...if they a 10 man crew, where were the other 8 members?! Bit disappointed at that.
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