just wonderin´ wat u´ll think about these rhymes

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last to be laid you fools need to get in the game,
tryin to make me sit in the grave,
i´ma rise like Beetlejuice just say the name,
scream it 3 times and watch me flip it insane,
i´m already a ghost like Aff i sound like the spillin of change,
so cover your mouth i´m suffocatin the clouds,
storm brewin i leave those who bare a sore bruin,
closed casket at funerals no viewin,
if you´re so choosin i´ll leave your mind so clueless,
i don´t jump on scores i flow movements,
dead yet b please check the facts right,
you can put your hand on my chest or select the flatine,
check the stat sign,
Doc will live forever tagged on walls for days,
even graffitti takes a beat-ing when i spit the flames,
practice your calistenics jumpin jacks and push ups,
i ain´t dead yet so go ahead and pull the plug,
it doesn´t look rough....


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Sup kid...dont know your name...looks like you call yourself doc or some shit.

Well anyway, the rhymes were aiight..though nothing spectacular for text, i feel it would work better on audio. keep up son and keep postin but register first! koo 8-)
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