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where do i begin i had a feeling the durban leg of the eliminations would be dissapointing and this has nothing to do with the talent cos its there but because of a man called nkanyiso who is the self appointed afrika bambataa of durban f***ed up again he was the one responsible for all the poor mic check events there was no graf battle cos he couldnt organise a sponsor for paint and when writers did come with there own there was no place to use it
4 of durbans top turntabalists ( mr bonez,cause,lapse & ghetto smurf ) tried to battle on a budget setup with cause taken it on the skip happy wheels of steel to the bboy battle with no real crew it became a one on one throwdown where a popper & locker was chosen as the winner??? the mc battle was the highlight when creamy ewok baggends ate swallowed & digested every mc that stepped up end of the day with the help of black noise next years event will be run by another member of durbans real hiphop community that has & will never fail at organising even a blowjob in a whorehouse thanx for coming but at the moment im embarrased to be from durban but next  year i wont but all i can say is jini grindith, sammy sparks beware of the creamy one!!!!!! :-(  :-(  :-(  :-P  :-|  :-Y  :-[  :-]  :-?


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so u say thats the deal
live on the lunch table
Touched fables
Ducked labels
cafeter one heat em live for the terrordome stables
Signed to Rawkus
I'd rather be mouth f***ed by Nazis unconscious


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is hip hop indaba any good??i´ve never been to´s the one in cpt?



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hey yO!!!!
man, last years BOTY rocked off its nuts...
1thing tho, is that last year many peeps was 2 scared to go 2 the graf battle because it was in GRa**Y PARK!!!
also, i think that the GOODE HOPE CENTRE was 2big for the number of people. it lost the intensity of the show because of the ma**ive size.
in the light there are only 2 options...
1. host the event in a smaller venue.(think ABC 2001) or,
2. get more f***in people to come and show some f***in support...
PEEPS... don´t let the hip hop culture die like the punk culture is.
keep it solid