Insanity fri 01 aug 2003


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1st and foremost Biggup 2 buddah and Migz 4 maintainin the joint. Shit i learnt alot @ that place so i put together my own list of do´s and donts

1. If your not a dnb head, go there with a car so u can leave the minute it gets too much.

2. Insanity is an ill joint so b-sides from goin there for the elements also check out the people that hang there regularly 4 some knowledge. There is jus sooo much of it to soke up.

3. Try not to get too blunted (u neva know wat ur smokin til that shit kicks in and u feel like a zombie), i personally suggest cats start the night wit a redbull.

4. Try to get into ciphers even tho there isnt much room 4 that in the club.(biggup to prolific 4 that shit on the corner & also akwa plain for a tight performance) Maybe cats perception of jozi emcees mite change, mine did.

5. This is last and most important one, talkin to one of the b-boys who participated. He let me know that in the situation where the crowd are the judge. Do not vote according to favouritism, when shit like that happens the competition becomes rigged subconciously and cats who should o never even progressed further than the point they were supposed to die did :-[ this angered the afronot.

Once again tho biggup to all who killed it on the mic, floor wateva the case may be. It was refreshing to see graf emceeing b-boyin deejaying and a prime example of street entreneurship in one venue.

P.s. Redwoods set was hot, easy set was depressing, id go to whozoo for commercial not insanity. But it all boils down to skills and both hiphop deejays killed it properly. 8-)




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