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Direct from Poland – An Interview with Gorzki


13 April 2003 No Comment

Recently I spoke with Gorzki, who is located in Poland and runs his own record label called MGK Records. He has just recently put out the second installment of the Hip Hop Racism Stop compilation. In this interview we discuss the Polish hip hop scene and a bit about himself. Please note that due to the difficulty in translating Polish to English we apologize for the bad grammer.

First of all who is Gorzki and what’s he all about?

Well… it’s a long topic, truthfully I don’t now who Gorzki is 🙂 – but for real , I make hiphop for about 11 years, each year on year I make my hiphop better. I meet people and I try to know more techniques of hiphop culture so in this way I can make contact with Polish “Universal Zulu NAtion” but it’s broken down 🙁 Today I’m connected with “Universal Zulu Nation” but not in Poland. I feel like part of Zulu. In 1999 I started my band “EK” with them we make good job we play like support for Cappadonna (Wu Tang Clan) or DJ Vadim. We played on the biggest party in Germany, the “Rhein Kulture”. In the year 2002 we officially made the debut album “EKIPA” which was promoted by 4 video clips. When we work on promotion of album I meet a lot of interesting media people which make me want to make a label “MGK records”. For real “MGK” exists since 1994, but then I made underground, I have range of my production not very well because I sell it by post. In that same time I produce underground magazine “MGK Raport”, but in one word I always try to make something to hiphop because its my love! 

What is the hip hop scene in Poland like?

It’s hard to talk about someone else’s level, because I am not a director of Polish hiphop, but I must to say that Polish scene has level like I imagine like everywhere else. Bands are making their level better. They making better videoclips, they write texts with mind, bits are excellent, that’s all I wanted to see. Polish hiphop Cd’s are selling the best in Poland. But it’s a bad thing if a rapper’s are envy of other rapper’s success ! Hip Hop mens all over the world should CARRY EACH OTHER!!!.

You’ve just released the second Hip Hop Racism stop vol 2, how has that compilation been doing and how did you put it together?

You now… Hip Hop Rasizm Stop its a long story, idea for it was born In 1999 when I was in the undergrond, it was my and organization “NIGDY WIECEJ” (NO MORE). The idea came when I legalized my label. I make first compilation with Polish groups, but after it I thought that it will be good if I will join groups from other parts of the world, I strove to make connection with rappers (Rhein Culture give me a lot of it) then I make second compilation with was rappers from countries like Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, France, Korea, America etc. I work on third compilation now , and I want African rappers to join. If someone from African culture want to join my compilation please contact me mgkrecords@wp.pl. 

You’ve done something really dope and put a music video on each cd. I really digged your music video “Duze Miasto”. Tell us how did you do that video and is that your real car? How has the video been doing?

Car that I drive was real and is Honda S2000, Videoclip was maked by polish group “Room Pipe Studio” with them I am a friend. We making film on one big party, photos were sporadic, also were Bern makin hidden and I didn’t see it because I was marihuana smoking:) I love replays with women:) I was waiting when director tell that scene was no good and that was rerecorded and I had women to my self now again :). Is someone like to watch my VideoClip here you can get it http://www.30ton.com.pl/obraz_dzwiek/teledyski/g/gorzki/gorzkiok_bb.rm (Real Player to watch it). 

How long have you been involved with hip hop and how did you get involved with hip hop?

Like I said I started in 1992. I use to listen to pseudo rap artist like Rebel MC, Ice MC, MC Hammer but they give me that feeling with makes me want to rap, with time I started to listen to groups like House of Pain, Naughty by Nature, Africa Bambaataa and it begins.

Is the hip hop scene in Poland closely related to the scenes in Bulgaria, Czech, Romania and Germany?

No, fact that Poland verge with Czech and German there is some kind of barrier. But I try to brake it with “Hip Hop Rasizm Stop#2” compilation, today I cooperate with leading German artists like Brixx, Roey Marquis, Des, Pow Pow etc

What can you tell us about the hip hop media in Poland, do you have magazines, radio shows and tv shows?

Yes few years ago no one want to promote hiphop here, today in shops we have a lot of magazines (In Poland 9) other newspapers are writing about hiphop like PlayBoy, there are 3 tv stations talking about hiphop, it’s Viva, MTV and TVP3. Other stations have not hiphop programs but they have videoclips with hiphop. 

Would you say hip hop is the biggest music in Poland?

Hip hop is the biggest in this country, even people who are playin other music are trying to give hiphop to it, but that is a bad thing that hiphop is a fashion everyone are having baggy jeans, trying to talking in slang language they don’t understand. 

Who are the biggest rappers in Poland?

I think that is personal, I dont like to say who is better or worse. I like BRZ, PIH, PFK.

Which countries is Hip Hop Racism 2 distributed in?

Its distributed at this time only in Poland but I talk with people from Germany, France and Czech and I hope that compilation will beat up all world!

Is there a lot of racism in Poland? Do you get skinheads in Warsaw?

Like in all world there are racism there are in Poland too, big cities like Krakow , Gdansk or Warsaw feel that the worse. Today in Poland racism is not popular thing but unfortunetly it is in Poland.

What is bigger in Poland, graffiti, rap, bboying or deejaying?

Yes here we can see a Graffiti , but now its no much real graffiti in Poland, more popular is Beat Box, Break Dance (Battle of The Year In Poland) but the best in poland is MCing and Djing too. 

Who is your favourite producer?

I love bit of Roey Marquis (and I invite him for my album) and I like to Dr.Dre, Q-Tip, DJ.Hitek, Africa Bambaataa, etc. In Poland the best beats is making in my opinion Igor from Warsaw, Sajmon from Ostrow Wlkp. And Dj.Adams (from Kalisz) 

Thanks for talking to us, what are your last words and shout outs?

I would like through your magazine to regard hiphop family for over world, unite yo !! Visit my page www.ek.hip-hop.pl and my email mgkrecords@wp.pl.

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