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Big Ice & Oral Bee – West Coast 2 Norway – Da Interview


18 July 2003 No Comment

Introducing Big Ice & Oral Bee, one of the tightest mob producers.  They’ve recently released the hot Da Playboy Foundation Compilation which featured a host of underground bangers. They’ve produced for Bullet, Mac Dre, Kid Frost, N2Deep, Jay Tee, Assassin plus many more. And they from Norway. Peep the interview we did with them recently.

Can you start off by introducing yourselves to the hip hop world out here. What’s the weather like in Norway?

This is Big Ice & Oral Bee from Da Playboy Foundation out here in Norway, Scandinavia. Da Playboy Foundation consist of Oral Bee, Big Ice & Mr. Pimp-Lotion. As for the weather over here, it’s finally SUMMER! In the winter time it’s cold as ice…

You’ve recently released Da Playboy Foundation Compilation. What was it like doing that album, did you go out to America to do the tracks or did the artists send you their vocals?

We’ve both been in the United States many times, and I (Big Ice) was over last September and met all the folks and worked out some music thangs. But for this certain album we sent tracks to people in the USA, and they recorded the vocals and sent back the acapellas to us so we could mix it down and phatten up the beats. We’ve also done some remixes of other tracks too. Da Playboy Foundation Compilation represents the best songs we’ve done for artists in the USA, plus some remixes and unreleased material. You got some classic tracks on there from Jay Tee & Baby Beesh’s Velvetism album, plus some heaters from Bullet, and also some unreleased thrump tight Baby Beesh tracks featuring Lucky Luciano, Mr. Shadow, Don Cisco & Oral Bee.

Being from Norway can you explain how you “broke” into the West Coast market as producers?

We’ve all been dedicated to the West Coast sound since the late 80’s. When we started making music, around 1997, it was just one type of music we wanted to evolve into, and that was the classic West Coast mob type of style! We think we have our own Da Playboy foundation style, but it’s a good mix of the old dirty south sound, and the Bay Area mobbish type of style, blended with some NorthWest sound. We first came in contact with Assassin and Greg Geezy from San Jose. Props to them for hooking us up!

How would you define your sound?

The same as over, but we like our sound to be crystal clear and massive, with some tight melodies in it!

You’ve worked with some legendary rappers, what was it like working with them? Any stories that you can tell us? 

I (Big Ice) really enjoyed meeting Jay Tee in California last year. Plus I also met Assassin and his fam down 
south of the Bay. I stayed with Assassin for a couple of days. That was awesome! We also did some tracks together. Then I went from Oakland to Portland, and them Eastsideriderz (Bullet & White Boy Will) picked me up at the airport. They showed me the town. I got nothing but luv for EastSide Records. They’re good folks!

How are your albums received in Norway? Are you doing the same production sound for the Norwegian artists? 

Oral Bee released his debut album over here back in 2001. The album went in as nr. 34. on the official top 40. 
album sales chart, and the first single went in as nr. 14. on the official top 20. single sales chart. This was Norway’s first gangsta album ever. I (Big Ice) have also produced a track on Multicyde’s first album back in 1999 which sold gold here in Norway. We also got some other productions in the mix for some other Norwegian rap artists coming up this year.

How did you hook up with EastSide Records?

We heard Bullet’s album, We Gets Perved, and wanted to do some tracks for him, ‘cause that shit was tight! I (Big Ice) got relatives in Seattle and knew Bullet was from Bellevue, so before I went on vacation to Seattle last year I e-mailed Bullet and told him about us. He heard some tracks from us, and wanted to collaborate with Da Playboy Foundation.

What other albums are you working on?

Right now we got beats on these following new releases:
Bullet Presents North Coast Rain, Todd G – Bail Money, Jay Tee – High Caliber, Frost Presents Somethin’ For The Riderz, Bayriderz III & Hustlin’ City 2 City Vol. 2. We’re also working on Bullet’s new album, Dedication & Desire which comes out later this year, and the Bill Yuns album, Yun Stand Me? And we’re working on some heaters on Playa Rae’s upcoming solo joint, The Simple Thingz. Plus we got some beats on Assassin’s new album, The Hitman For Hire.

How much do you charge for beats?

It depends on who the artist/ group are, and what type of beat they want. Plus if they want more than one beat, we can always come with a package deal.

What’s it like living in Norway?

Norway is a nice small country, but there’s a lot of jealous ass bustaz and playa haters out here when it comes to the music scene. You see, the hip hop scene here in Norway are more related to the dirty east coast style than the tight West Coast shit, and that’s not cool.

What would you say are your influences?

Big Ice: I’ve always been inspired by Mike Mosley & Sam Bostic from the Bay. They always been doin’, and still do, top notch productions. Plus I’m influenced by G Man Stan and Funk Daddy too. They’re some tight producers! 
I’ve also been listening to a lot of r’nb music, so I try to blend my beats/ music with some r’nb flavor.

Oral Bee: Battlecat, Fredwreck Ric Roc, Cold 187’um. I like them juicy original beats these producers are comin’ with.

Is the general media in Norway aware of your work in the States?

Yes, Oral Bee got some major radio play back in 2001-2002 that put him on the map. Plus we’ve also been in all the big newspapers and on national TV with our music.

What are your all time favourite albums?

Big Ice:
1. Spice 1 – 187 He Wrote
2. Compton’s Most Wanted – Music To Driveby
3. E-40 – In A Major Way
4. Foesum – Perfection
5. 3 X Krazy – Stackin’ Chips
6. C-Bo – Tales From The Crypt
7. Big Mack – A Better Way
8. Havoc & Prodeje – Kickin’ Game

Oral Bee:
1. Kurupt – The Streets Is Mutha
2. Nate Dogg – G Funk Classics Vol. 1-2
3. Rappin’ 4 Tay – Off Parole
4. Above The Law – Time Will Reveal
5. 2pac – All Eyez On Me

Where did u grow up?

We all grew up around the Oslo area. Oslo is the capitol of Norway.

Your best memories of hip hop?

Probably when Compton’s Most Wanted visited Oslo, Norway back in –93, and put it down for the West. I met Mc Eiht and DJ Slip after the concert. They were cool guys!

What’s the hip hop scene like in Norway?

Right now everybody is into 50 Cent and Eminem like the rest of the world. All the major artists/ groups are selling records over here.

Do you practice the other elements of hip hop e.g. graffiti, bboying, deejaying?

We did some graffiti back in the days, but that was like 10 years ago.

What kind of food do you eat?

Big Ice: I love burritos and eat it every week! Burritos and Coca Cola is the shit! Plus I got nuthin’ but love for burgers. And I love Oreo cookies and ice cream.

Oral Bee: Burritos and them burgers mayne!

What does Oral Bee and Big Ice like to drink?

We like Coca Cola, Dr. Pepper & Bacardi Breezers.

What would be the ultimate collaboration track?

It would be real tight to do a collabo track with E-40, Mista Grimm & Dubee, and have Roger Routman (R.I.P.) on the vocoder, G Man Stan on the guitar, and Shima (from YBB Records) and Keith Sweat on the hook. That would be 
bossy and slick!

Where did you get your names from?

A dude from the U.S. just called me Big Ice, so I just used from there on. I had my own radioshow back in 1991 called, The Oral Bee Show.

Which producers do you respect out there?

Khayree, Battlecat, Mike Mosley, Sam Bostic, DJ Pooh, Fredwreck, DJ Slip, Mike Dean, Mike B, DJ Quik, Rob-Lo, Happy P., Funk Daddy, Kevin Gardner & Redwine.

Would you ever consider sampling from vinyl?

We don’t really wanna sample stuff, because we like to be creative without using any samples. But hell yeah there’s a lot of good classic soul songs that would be perfect to use as samples.

What kind of equipment / software are you using to make beats?

All together we got a Korg Z1, Novation K Station, Korg Prophecy, Korg N5, SE 1, Roland JP 8080, Korg Karma, Vovoder, Novation Bass Station, plus some other synths. We use Cubase and a lot of soft synths too.

What tips could you give for up and coming producers?

Be creative and keep on doin’ your thang.

Where would you guys like to travel to next?

Personally I would like to go to Seattle & Portland again. I’ve been in Seattle many times and I just have mad love for that city. Portland was a really tight city too! I need to spend more time there.

What’s most important to you, recognition/respect or mad loot?

Recognition and respect is probably the most important thing.

What’s an average day like for Big Ice & Oral Bee?

Making them beats and pimpin’ them hoes.

What would you like to achieve for the next 5 years

Produce a big hit or two for a major artist/ group.

Thanks for taking the time to talk to us, any last words and shout outs?

Thanks for doin’ the interview. Props to MilkDaddy, Bullet, White Boy Will, Jazz, Kalyn & the rest of the Eastsideriderz, Assassin, Greg Geezy, Young Life, Playa Rae, D-Sane & Street Level Records, Jay Tee, Baby Beesh, Jymini, Baby Nicky & Velvet Music Reviews, Sean T & Angie, G Man Stan, LMD, Mary Downs @ Murder Dog Magazine, and everybody who’s down with Da Playboy Foundation & that gangzta shit!


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Big Ice & Oral Bee (Oslo, Norway) have produced for Certified Platinum recording artists N2DEEP (Back To The Hotel, 1992), Certified Gold Recording Artist Kid Frost (Eastside Rendezvous, 1995), as well as Bay Area legend Mac Dre…

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