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Interview With Up And Coming Producer From Australia – Styalz


20 February 2004 No Comment

Nyambz recently spoke to Styalz, who happens to be half South African and one of the finest producers down under. In this interview they discuss the scene in Australia and his productions. Check it.

Nyambz: I know who “Styalz” Is! Why don’t u enlighten the rest of the Continent as to who u are?

Styalz: I’m an up and coming producer who people aint ready for.. Currently I’m working with Australia’s biggest hip-hop and r&b artists and trying to find a way into the US scene.

Nyambz: So how’s the Hip-Hop and R&B Scene in Australia?

Styalz: in 3 words, it’s fucked up.. There’s absolutely no support for anyone who doesn’t want to remain underground. Most artists out here have this idea that underground is a sound or style, it’s a joke.. Making money in Australia with music is especially hard, out here its either respect or a career and money.. 

Nyambz: Yea I feel u! So what would it take to break free from that state of mind!! U mentioned your trying to break into the US Scene; will success in the US improve the situation back home?

Styalz: I’m not sure that it would improve the scene but I do think it would open allot of artists eyes and maybe eliminate some of the ignorance we have here.. You know if I don’t get shown love in the oz scene I ain’t gonna be no representative of Australian hip hop if and when I get established internationally.

Nyambz: More like when u get established internationally! Coz we both know your that nice!

Styalz: well, unfortunately in this industry being the “nicest” or whatever just doesn’t cut it… but I’m a network like crazy, if someone’s going to do something positive for my career I’m gonna hook them up with that heat they need.

Nyambz: Any notable or significant moments of your career, thus far

Styalz: not really.. I’m yet to encounter any great fortune. One thing that annoyed me was missing out on 300 or so pieces of vinyl to another producer a year ago, and then dudes sweating him 2 months after.

Nyambz: haha, yea! So how do u classify yourself! Are u a crate digger, do u play live instruments?

Styalz: I’ve been thinkin about this actually.. I’m a crate digger, I like to think I can play instruments but I really can’t.. Haha I try. My production varies from just that classic hip-hop shit to more musical type shit.. it really just depends on my mood. I like adding live instrumentation and synths to my beats when the sample hasn’t got those few chords I think it needs or whatever to make it more interesting

nyambz: On average, how often do you create a new beat? And how much of what u make is decent! Personally I make about 5 beats a week and of that 5 keep 1?

Styalz: well, at the moment I’m a bum and I don’t work so I try to make a beat every day.. even if I force myself cause I’ve gotta vent my creativity when I’m blazed and shit.. I almost keep all beats I make, I spend so long on each beat doin intricate shit that usually if a beat ain’t gonna be dope I just delete it and give up. I don’t like spending time on something I’m not feeling.. so I usually keep and finish all the beats I make. and often 1 outta those 10 beats I’ve made in a week is used by an emcee haha.

nyambz: Speaking of emcees! What about Styalz the Emcee?

Styalz: I keep my emceeing and my producing very separate… at the stage I’m at right now I don’t think anybody will be hearing my emceeing, I’ll let the beats do the speaking for now.

Nyambz: I know most producers find it hard rhyming to their on beats, is that the case with you?

Styalz: totally.. if I ever did a solo project with myself spitting I wouldn’t use one beat of my own. 

Nyambz: Starting out which producers influenced you! And who are u feeling in 2g4?

Styalz: I’d have to say a producer from Australia, M-Phazes influenced me allot.. undisputedly the best producer in Aust.. but I’d say my style developed from listening to producers such as Primo, Pete Rock, Hi Tek, Ayatollah and Alchemist. I also loved Havoc’s work in the mid 90’s. I’m a big Dre fan too.. he’s a geniusOh and who I’m feelin Ayatollah is my favourite at the moment, nottz.. he’s ill and I’m sure Just Blaze is gonna come thru with some shit this year, hope he puts down those synths and modules for a while..

nyambz: hahahaha, JEAH

nyambz: do u ever compare yourself to other producers?

Styalz: ehh, not really.. I know allot of other people like to but I don’t think I’m in the position to compare myself to anyone.

nyambz: Your half South African, right?

Styalz: yes sir

Styalz: my father was born in jo’burg.. he lived there until he was 25, he was conscripted to join the army when he was 18.  He left SA cause he hated the racism and violence that was prominent in the 70’s

Styalz: I was born in Australia, but came back SA to meet my relatives when I was younger.

Styalz: it was still pretty violent when I was there in 1991

nyambz: Yea! Any chance of a return visit

Styalz: I’d love to… if I earn enough money thru music this year which is looking very promising I may even consider going to SA, London where my SA relatives live and the states.

nyambz: For those who don’t know, how much is a “Styalz” exclusive production? And how and where can they contact u for beats?

Styalz: it really varies, if you build a relationship with me and you’re hot I’ll mess with you for what you got but if a label is backing you and you got cash I’m usually asking $2000 +. to cop beats I guess email would be the easiest method. styalz@battletown.com.au

nyambz: Can u tell us anything about Battletown?

Styalz: Battletown is my group who I’m producing for out in Australia, the front emcee is digga who is part of the J-Wess project.  J-Wess project’s single “What Chu Want” is currently #11 on the national Australian charts. I started producing for the group 2 years ago and since we’ve been workin on the album “KM 2” scheduled for release late April possibly through a major. 

Styalz: battletown mahfuckas, shit will revolutionise Australian hip hop.. if people weren’t so adamant on fronting.

nyambz: No Doubt

nyambz: Nah bro that’s about it for today thanks for your time, Always a pleasure conversing with u! Any last words??

Styalz: yea, New Zealand hip hop is the feature.. quite possibly the second best hip hop nation after USA. watch out for Styalz on future releases, hopefully I’ll have groupies sweating anyone who knows me to get a hold of my discography and download every listing from soulseek or mirc. oh yeh, if you can’t buy albums I produce on download that shit y’all.. if people are listening to my music that’s enough for me.

Nyambz: haha No Doubt!! 

Styalz baby don’t Sleep, this kids crazy!! Peace

Visit www.battletown.com.au

Interview By Nyambz

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