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Mos’ Yall Def of Zimbabwe Making Waves


28 April 2004 No Comment

MOS’ YALL DEF, the hard hitting duo from Harare, Zimbabwe are making advances towards securing a place in the country’s Hip Hop book of game. Their first single H-Town Girl was wide received and is certain to have a good video in due course although there is a great buzz about their second single Secret Lover due out end of May off Movip Records.

The track is produced by MOVIP FAMILY member Babie Biggie and is one of the many singles set to be released this winter from the label with acts such as Joey Joe, Adonis and Babie Biggie also being anticipated for release soon.  Mos Yall Def is purely hip hop oriented and feel that their music is “feel-good urban grooves” and they deserve a listen especially for all the African rap fans. 

Dreadlocked member SOOSH is currently leading the nation wide revolt against XQ, another urban grooves emcee that is under fire from the media, airwaves and fans for the simple fact that he is not what he shows himself to be and one thing about the Zimbabwean market is that there is no room for fake emcees and wann-bees that are in the game by default and not by merit. The other member that simply goes by the innitials D.C. is more quiet and reserved but one can tell by his lyrics that he has a lot to say. Time will tell.

Watch out for the crew. Those that want to reach MOS’ YALL DEF can holla at them through their e-mail address : mosyalldef@yahoo.com

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