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Interview With Hip Hop Producer EthyOne From Iceland


31 May 2004 No Comment

Nyambz recently got in touch with Iceland’s EthyOne to talk about the Freshbreeze production company, favourite producers, making beats, his graf, Crate Diggin and more…

Nyambz: Who is EthyOne?

ethyOne: ethyONe is pretty easy-going guy from Iceland who is hooked on hip-hop and making music

Nyambz: Tell us about FreshBreeze?

ethyOne: Well, it started as Balzematics production company, he was producing for few mc’s in U.S, but then “ToneTact” joined and they started selling beats n, shit (i´m not sure, I hardly knew it existed then…) Then I came along and “hopped on the train”, and right after that a few Icelandic rappers joined, and then the goal was to get a studio up and running. And that’s where we stand now. I think Blaze is heading to the states though, well just see how it all ends.

Nyambz: Why the name ethyOne? How did you get it?

ethyOne: Well, I got into Graff back in 99′, and had to find a tag… So I was just brainstorming, hoping to find one with nice letters, and “ethyOne” came up! It doesn’t mean anything.

Nyambz: ha, Aight! Ever been high when you made a beat?

ethyOne: Nope! I don’t smoke. Heard that it increases you creativity, so it would be nice to try that…

Nyambz: Is hip-hop an accepted culture in Iceland? Does the public support hip-hop?

ethyOne: Well, most of the “public” doesn’t support hip-hop, but it isn’t against it either.

Nyambz: What inspires you to make beats?

ethyOne: Well, really often it’s just listening to Looptroop. EmmBee is definitely the best producer ive ever heard. Also, the “need” to make better beat than the last one I did is really intence. And, ofcourse, finding some dope sample.

Nyambz: Aight! So what can we expect from you in the next couple of years! What do you wish to accomplish?

ethyOne: Getting my own 12” out. Solo Instrumentals and songs produced by me. That’s a dream that I hope to fulfil soon.

Nyambz: Musician or Crate Digger?

ehtyOne: I´m a Crate digger. Only sample, but have been playing with some synths lately, but that doesn’t make me a musician. Also, I do play the bass myself, using just the keyboard in reason and syth sound, amazing how tight that sounds sometimes.

Nyambz: How often do you go out crate digging? 

ethyOne: I try to go as often as I can, which is once a week or so. Just depending on how much free time ive got.

Nyambz: Aight, So what type of records do you look for?

ethyOne: Funk/Soul/Jazz mostly. But I live in Iceland so I can’t exactly call the old Thrift shop a goldmine. It’s pretty hard finding something good.

Nyambz: On Average, How long does it take you to make a beat?

ethyOne: really depends on what ideas i have for the samples. Sometimes it takes 1 and 1/2 hour, sometimes few days, but on average it takes about 4 hours I think… Hard to tell, I loose every sense of time when ive sunk down to production

Nyambz: Aight! Nah thanks a lot for your time, any last words?

ethyOne: Check out www.freshbreeze.org


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