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2 July 2004 No Comment

We at the Hiphocalypse movement believe hip hop must grow in Africa as a continent in order to realise the full potential of the movement. With this in mind we will (try to) keep everyone posted on movements from Zimbabwe as well as SA. This news article highlights some of the great work being done up in Zim. Read on to discover the talents up north.

As promised the Hiphocalypse will keep you posted on the movers and shakers north of the Limpopo. I consider the Pungwe and the Bira compilations a must buy for local (Zim) hip hop enthusiasts. Unfortunately these CD’s are a little out of reach for the average Zimbabwean Hip Hopper. Tapes are ZW$ 10,000.00 and CD’s are ZW$30,000.00. Please cop yoursef copies next time you’re in Zim, they are available at The Movement’s town shop or the Avondale flea market. I heard some tracks off the Pungwe compilation but do not have a copy as yet (will get hopefully next week sometime on my Zim trek).

I know we’ve mentioned it before but The “BIRA” compilation is an impressive compilation that warrants elaboration. First up is P-O-Y (proud of you), sets it off on side one (of the tape) with a charged up anthem “STAND UP” (featured on Entertainment with TNG and the Hiphocalypse last year). He laces the track with an intense delivery that is not often heard out in Zim let alone his home city of Bulawayo. The production is simple but catchy, it only compliments Mr Mayhem’s infectious prowess on the mic. I hear from rapper Zel this particular track was one of Zim’s top radio records last year or the year before that (not exactly sure). I believe P.O.Y is a promising artist and we (Africa and the world) should expect bangers from our potent MC.

The Bira album features other artists as Chucknosis (on some conscious le’mme drop some knowledge tip a la Talib in his hey-day), Brown Sugah (Eh HEH fame), Chita (CITANE – remember him from the last Zim hip hop update?..), and others. 

2FACE: holding it down for Eastlea is Zel Hussein/ 2 Face. Unsigned artist with a talent for creating scenes in his lyrics. He can put you where he was when he came up with the lyrics and it is not difficult to follow where he wants you to go in his music (a la Nas on Illmatic). He is comfortable lacing tracks in Shona, English and KiSwahili. I am confident he can and will put out gems in the future.

FUNK B: 360 degrees artist Funk B is working on his first album. He shares four of the album tracks with the nation when he performs around the city. FUNK B, HOLD TIGHT, WAVARIRO and BLACK PRESIDENT. I am not aware of a release date but B is working on it.

Slightly off the topic I would like to say big up to Zimbabweans in the diaspora doing their thing for hip hop everywhere. Special mention to Herbert aka Metaphysics and TNG of the Innovators holding it down in Grahamstown.

Big up to Afriqua for the heads up.

R.I.P Tonderai Makoni aka Kingpin your spirit lives on through Zim hip hop.

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