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African Underground Vol 1 – Hip Hop – Senegal – Album Pressed


19 August 2004 No Comment

Nomadic Wax recently announced the release of “African Underground Vol 1 – Hip Hop Senegal“. This 14 track African Underground Classic will soon be available online and in stores across the globe! We have received a message that it’s just been pressed so keep checking this site for the latest news!  Read on for song snippets and track listing….

African Underground Volume.1
Hip-Hop Senegal

Track Listing
1. Intro
2.BMG 44 44
3.Omzo Missalu Aduna
4.Shiffai Shiffai
5.Las MC Africans Donít Wanna Understand
6.Shiffai Never Forget
7.Simon (Bis Bi Klan) Chagga
8.Sul Suli Klan Mbedd Mbay Woo
9.Slam Revolution Feat BMG 44 Begguma
10.Sen Kumpa Deglu Xel
11.Abass Abass
12.Slam Revolution Wax Degg
13.Real Fight Ndax Sa Melo
14.Yat Fu Art Attendan

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