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Who Got Burnt? Tha Cypha 97.4 Double Battle Report


14 September 2004 No Comment

Thursday, 4 September 2004. Unam Radio 97.4. featured a double battle with X-rate Vs Kannibal and Mc Ekks Vs Lethal Ammunition of which we have on video tape. Read on to find out what went down….

First of all we had a newcomer, Bushman, a dude who claims he gets mad love in Germany. he was on beat box tip, which was aight, but then his freestyle….well, he needs mega improvement, the dude was cursing so much he was cut off the show.

The Scientist, an Angolan hip hop group based in Windhoek paid the Cypha a visit and you should watch out for the album which will be dropping soon…tight stuff. 

Mc Ekks was there doing his thing, then some late comers came through, catty Catt, Lethal Ammunition and Kannibal. As they were doing their thing some Xtra late comers rolled thru, the Home Rolled pees, XRate and his entourage. Now Eraze being the twisted F**ker he is, decided that the show should get more interesting. Remembering that some beef between mc Ekks and L.A was still cooking and that XRate and the Black Market Had a lil’ som-tin on the BBQ he paired Mc ekks and L.A, XRate and Kannibal for a grand Finale battle.

Lethal Ammunition started off the show, dropping some of the lamest rhymes ever heard, with a flow that would convince any listener that a five year old was rapping. Mc Ekks did justice and placed L.A in his place. MC Ekks won the second round and in conclusion he burnt Lethal Ammunition who seemed as lethal as an empty water pistol.

X-Rate started his round between him and Kannibal…well this was a disappointment coz X didn’t want to battle, his raps were going another direction, Kannibal on the other hand, he came with a mission, straight on point, with hard punch lines…the boy has been practising the art. He too won both the rounds… and I bet his ego has just ballooned…

Well that was the Cypha, Xrate got Murdered, MC Ekks embarrassed someone’s child. 

You can contact me for a copy…for a price.

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