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Comedian J. Anthony Brown Launches New Clothing Line

10 October 2004 No Comment

Once an aspiring clothing designer, J. Anthony Brown was originally pursuing a fashion career when he was just $316 short of tuition money and ended up on stage at a local Atlanta comedy club some 20 years ago. Though he’s a successful comedian today, having tackled radio, television and film, the burning desire to create designs has always haunted him. It’s evident in his flair for designer suits and his vast collection of alligator shoes.

That being acknowledged, Brown’s recent launch of his own clothing line, “The Watchoutdehnow Collection” is one of his proudest achievements to date. A line of two-piece casual men’s suit, “The Watchoutdehnow Collection” embodies the favor and flair of Brown’s exuberant persona. Forever a “playa playa”, Browns new line has something the men can feel and the woman can appreciate! 

Brown was last season’s host of the BET’s staple “Comic View” and a regular on the WB Network series, “Like Family” which starred Holly Robinson Pete. Adding more movie roles to his resume with appearances in “Triple X” starring Ice Cube and “Mr. 3000” starring Bernie Mac, the funnyman continues to enrapture his audience with his performances.

“What irony,” ponders Brown. “To think that it was a small sum of money which first prevented me from completing fashion design school, and I now have my own line of clothes. Hey – watchoutdehnow, J. Anthony Brown is going to keep comin’ at you !”

Brown can still be heard daily as co-host of the Tom Joyner Morning Show, syndicated in over 100 markets, and midweek in Los Angeles and Houston when he joins Steve Harvey on morning radio. To keep “watching out deh now” for J. Anthony Brown, go to www.janthonybrown.com.

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