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Tha Cypha – Long & Explosive


26 October 2004 No Comment

Thursday October 21 saw the longest Cypha session to date. Why? Because there was mad drama in the house. What was supposed to be an all girls nite “out” turned out to be a heated discussion about the boundaries of music.

The show was advertised as a special edition for the female emcees of Windhoek, to everyone’s disappointment none of them chic’s showed up, word on the street is that Victoria’s Secret was having a sale. Anyway as they say the show must go on, and it did. To cover up for the lack of female emcees, the play list for the first hour was strictly shorties spitting. That came thru tight. The second highlight of the night was the beef between two groups, who were once tight friends. The Kitty Kat and the Militants versus Mufaro and his peeps from Crazy Entertainment. 

The tracks from the two groups were played head to head, the phone lines were open, and busy ringing with callers commenting on the tracks. The main idea was to get the listeners view on which track was better. That was going well until a caller pointed out that, the type of language and the disrespect in the songs should be addressed. That caller changed the evening. Now every body that called in was expressing their anger at the two tracks. Both tracks have verses that mention someone’s mother and so on. 

While the show was on the road, getting more and more heated, guess who rolled thru? The brothers from Home Rolled. X-Rate, Da Liq and their peeps. These peeps had beef with the Militants a couple of weeks back. They sat thru the last half of the session, giving input and trying to educate peeps about the rights and wrongs of hip hop.

“You probably started listening to hip hop when D12 came out” said one of the studio guests, trying to force in the fact that the whole crazy, my momma yo momma crap got amplified by the group, which on some level affected most of these young cats coming out.

To conclude, everyone was shocked that Mufaros track actually had peeps who like it, unfortunately no one was counting to check which track got more votes. The issue of the night flipped to, “is it in our African nature, as hip hop heads to start cursing at each others moms?”.

After the voting process passed, the Cypha went on to the freestyling as usual.

The mic list: Xrate, Da Liq and A.D … at 23:00 or is it 11:00 pm the Cypha came to a flipping end. My back was killing me coz I was sitting the whole night, my throat was dry, coz I was craving that black… 

Longest Cypha ever. Next week hopefully we going to do hip hop 101 – 102

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