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Zimbabwean Hip Hop Movement


8 November 2004 No Comment

The Movement in Harare has been on the underground brewing some ideas, (the only thing that MOVES)…So far they’ve managed to complete the “Chuck Nosis album – Listen Vol 1“, a very musical album with a lot of experimental beats…

Chuck Nosis album – Listen Vol 1 is for jazz-hop lovers, jazzy but still very hip hop. Then next coming up is Mc Chita’s album “Over dose Of Reality”.

My mans from the WarVets team is out with his debut “Begotten Sun – Rise up“. Some will remember this cat from the Pungwe Compilation, with the Kynstrumental. For more info log onto www.kynrecords.com. There is also Warvets 04 which is (apparently) on point.

Gambian born, Swedish connect Galaxy High, recently shared the stage with the one and only Ghostface Killah! The Movement is moving into Sweden with some up coming projects with the dancehall crew KBC, this is the crew that brought us Toxic Riddim if u connected to the Reggae side of things.

The Movement is also following up the Black Belt Ridim from the Real City Records with their own in house production ITTY TITTY produced by (one of) the hottest MC’s out in Zim, Alka-Nemo. They claim “no MC on the continent can touch this cat, only when Meta(physics) comes home other wise forget it”!

The Movement is based in Avondale Harare. More on the Movement can be read in the Oct/Nov article of YMAG.

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