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Kunta Kinte Clothing Label & Mixtape


9 November 2004 No Comment

Kunta Kinte is a conscious clothing line which aims to highlight the ills that were perpetrated to African people worldwide. They’ve also recently released a dope mix tape featuring 100% Zimbabwean artists…

“A label that has been brought down to earth to represent more than 500 years of Black Enslavement, with intricate threads made out of 100% cotton printed using ozone friendly inks. “

“The name is inspired by the iconic message brought about by Alex Hailey’s book “Roots” thus making it a direct representation, of the mental emancipation yet to follow. These garments are designed purely to keep brothers and sisters connected.”

Kunta Kinte and Ghettobass are based in the U.K. You can check out their website here:

Their mixtape, “Kunta Kinte Conscious Clothing – The Official Mixtape Volume 1”, mixed and hosted by DJ Storm & Terrie Gunz is available at:
or call 07903 411 753 (UK)

We recommend you get this mixtape as it features Metaphysics, Of Unknown Origin, Karizma, Begotten Sun & many more!

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