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Hip Hop Animation Series Serves It To Growing Fan Base

6 April 2005 No Comment

“Seven Spoon is the fourteen year old daughter of the Spoons. Raised Uptown, Chicago, this eccentric teen spends much of her time observing the world’s hypocrisy and the “grown-ups” that nurture it. A smart-ass far beyond her years, she contemplates the comedy and madness that is humanity. Love her or hate her, she probably doesn’t really care … I bring you Seven Spoon.”

What if the spirits of Chris Rock, Bill Maher, Sex In The City”s Kerry Bradshaw and the MTV character “Daria” possessed a little girl born to immigrant parents in the City of Chicago? What if the little girl grew to be an even more cynical and sarcastic teenager? Oddly enough, a teenager with a fashion sense that would make Paris Hilton and Gwen Stefani fall in line and salute. What if this girl grew up in today”s ridiculously hyper-media saturated world of “be-scared-and-spend”? She would probably manifest herself as the character known as Seven Spoon (www.sevenspoon.com).

Seven Spoon is the hilarious, edgy comic strip character created by Olusola “Shala Esquire” Akintunde, an art director and record producer born and raised in Chicago. He developed her about a year ago to vent his opinions and detached observation of the absurdity we call “life”. Little Seven Spoon has since grown into a raging animated hip hop phenomenon. 

There is nothing Seven will not address; from the usual antics of our current government to “Jay-Z cheating by pretending to die in his last video”. Seven has and will talk about anyone and anything that dares to participate in the ridiculous stage show that is pop culture. 

Neatly packaged in her single-celled comic box, Seven is anxiously awaited by a growing base of fans anticipating what she will say and wear. Wise beyond her years, Seven embodies that heart of a culture that demands to be heard. With over 8000 loyal fans, she is the determining factor for a loyal patronage, influencing dress codes and impacting thought processes. She”s a trend setter in all her adolescent fabulousness!

“Even though, I think she speaks for a large part of urban Middle America that is cynical and often overlooked by the book-ends that drive American culture: the East and West coasts, it still amazes me to see how many people across the country relate to her.” says Esquire. 

When asked why he decided to create a female character to voice his opinions, he replies that his two daughters and his “challenges” with the female gender were definite inspirations: “Writing for a female character has really forced me, as a man, to look at things a little differently,” he explains. 

Upon conception of each animation, Esquire will write the piece and develop a look for the new edition. Chris Tannehill, a local student at Columbia College in Chicago, will then sketch and render her final look. Esquire then brings her into the computer and proceeds to add the finishing touches and script.

Seven Spoon is then blasted off via the internet to inspire, inform and infiltrate the consciousness of the culture as only she can! As a record producer and band member of the Chicago”s hottest up and coming rap squad, Qualo, Esquire has utilized his contacts to provide a growing home for Seven Spoon. ( Qualo”s latest project, “Believe” is the soundtrack for the Seven Spoon website.) Like a wild seed however, Seven”s reach has spread far beyond her home base of Chicago. 

Esquire hopes to land a permanent home for Seven in a national/international publication or any syndication vehicle that embraces his vision and is willing to push the envelope. Citizen Culture Magazine (www.citizenculture.com) has already caught the wave and granted the animated diva her first national editorial debut. Esquire also hopes to eventually develop an animated short. “I think Seven Spoon would be perfect for the “Dave Chapelle Show.” She would be what “The Simpsons” were to “The Tracey Ullman Show;” a short that comes on right before the show goes to commercial. That would be hot.” envisions Esquire.

In the meantime, fans can visit with Ms. Seven Spoon and ask to be added to the free subscription list at www.sevenspoon.com.

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