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Lydia Harris breaks her silence

5 November 2005 No Comment

At 5’2 this multi-media maven towers in courage over some men. After going toe to toe with one of Hip Hop’s darkest forces and emerging victorious Lydia Harris is finally ready to set the record straight once and for all. In her latest, revealing, tell all book -Married To The Game, Lydia uses names, dates and specific detail to paint a vivid portrait of her tumultuous struggles both as the wife of a notorious drug king pin and as co-founder of one of the most successful record labels in history (Death Row Records)!

Married To The Game is as gritty and visceral an account of the music business’ ills as was her blockbuster documentary Welcome To Death Row. However, not until now has Lydia been willing to provide such candid insight from such a personal perspective. She has been Michael (Harry O) Harris’ dutiful wife for 16 years, a fact that in and of itself left her vulnerable to the streets. She made a deal with a man, who some would say was the devil, in the early nineties to break into the music busines s. And while the label, she helped establish, soared she and her man were left at ground zero with even less than their initial investment. She has bravely battled such industry giants as Death Row and Interscope Records, with amazing strength and fortitude. And in August of this year her efforts yielded a mammoth judgment ($107 million), finally vindicating her.

Betrayal, greed and unscrupulous business practices are just a few of the many obstacles Lydia had to overcome on her journey. She chronicles every step of the way in this inspiring must read. Witness how divorce is not an option when you’re Married to the Game! 

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