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Annansi Clothing Co. Launches Initiative Against Blood Diamonds

19 November 2005 No Comment

Annansi Clothing Co. has launched Demand Details! its charity arm which fosters consumer education and responsibility primarily surrounding the topic of the conflict diamond trade. Demand Details! launches with Annansi Clothing Co. teaming up with filmmaker Kareem Edouard for the debut of his documentary short Bling: Consequences and Repercussions at the 4th Annual H2O (Hip-Hop Odyssey) International Film Festival November 6 – 12, 2005 in New York City.Bling: Consequences and Repercussions tackles the issues behind Hip Hop’s obsession with diamonds and the continued illegal diamond trade in Africa. Kanye West’s music video, Diamonds from Sierra Leone, introduced the topic of conflict diamonds to the urban communities. Bling looks to further educate the Hip Hop generation about the murder and carnage caused by the world’s greed for diamonds. Edouard’s short is narrated by Chuck D founder of Public Enemy and one of the most colossal figures in the history of hip-hop, not to mention its most respected intellectual.

Demand Details! encourages a global community to demand details from the diamond industry. Details about the sale history of diamonds and details that will ensure that the diamonds we purchase do not support wars in African nations. Through key programs and partnerships Demand Details! gives Annansi Clothing Co. customers and the public at large the proper tools and facts to make educated decisions about purchasing diamonds while pushing retailers to become more responsible in their business practices.

Demand Details! is the brainchild of designer Kofi Annan who sought to respond to the “Who cares?” attitude of the billion dollar diamond industry. “As an African living abroad, I feel a responsibility to use the resources I have available to improve the lives of my brothers and sisters at home” said Mr. Annan. Annansi Clothing Co.’s Demand Details! is yet another example of how fashion can foster social responsibility. A portion of all profits from the sale of the Demand Details! shirt will be donated to several established organizations to help raise awareness and benefit communities affected by the conflict diamond trade.

About Annansi Clothing Co.
Founded by Ghanaian born G. Kofi Annan, Annansi Clothing Co. is in the business of Making Africa POP!

A progressive streetwear brand that pushes the boundaries of traditional African style, Annansi Clothing Co. fashionably represents its icons, art and culture.

With a spectrum of vivid colors and bold graphic imagery our clothing is a statement of who we are, where we come from, and what we represent. It is meant to educate people on the different values and experiences of modern day Africa.

Made popular by Senegalese born singer, Akon, and with customers from Australia to Brazil, “we want everyone to experience our culture and appreciate what makes us unique.”

Our motto is simple: “Afrique C’est Chic” – Africa is cool, fresh, fashionable.

About Kareem Edouard (WGH Films)
Director and Creative Conceptualist, Kareem Edouard has the rare vision. He is able to create unique demographic-specific content with broad appeal while also being part of the primary 18 – 24 consumer demo. This places him inside the pulse of contemporary pop culture. Kareem’s Motto: Beyond Conversation. His work has led to the formation of WGH Media, Inc.

About Demand Details!
African nations such as Sierra Leone, Gambia, and Namibia continue to suffer from the mining of diamonds which are traded for weapons to continue wars and oppress whole communities of Africans. With an estimated 3 million deaths and almost 7 million Africans displaced, the diamond-related wars continue to affect many Africans continent-wide. Without concern the diamond obsessed global community continues to push the sales of diamonds to astronomical numbers. While there are many African nations such as South Africa who legitimately benefit from the mining and sale of diamonds, we cannot continue to ignore those Africans who suffer daily to supply that same precious gem. With all turning a blind eye to the consequences of their ignorance, the fight for control of diamond-rich areas of some of Africa’s poorest countries continues. Many of these casualties are very young children.

About H2O (Hip-Hop Odyssey)
Promoting social awareness and youth empowerment through media, the H2O media program works with aspiring and experienced filmmakers, encouraging them to develop and create new work that showcases positive images of Hip-Hop culture. Through our annual H2O International Film Festival we increase awareness of the filmmakers and understanding of the Hip-Hop community.

H2O offers training, networking opportunities, educational resources, panel discussions and an exhibition platform for video and filmmakers to showcase and define the variety of images and stories that depict Hip-Hop culture and its communities.

With an audience of over 5,000 in 2004, the festival has grown into a world-class event, uniting filmmakers whose mission is to uplift, improve and redefine the Hip-Hop community through positive images and storylines. The H2O International Film Festival’s Freshest Youth Program is the world’s only youth produced, curated and judged Hip-Hop Video and Film Festival.

H2O has become a model leader in the field and its staff presently serve as mentors for individuals and organizations that desire to create their own film festival or enhance their programming.

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