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Adidas introduces next level intelligence level 1.1

4 December 2005 No Comment

Adidas_1, the World’s First Intelligent Shoe, is already smarter. Beginning November 25, an upgraded version of the shoe will be available, called adidas_1, intelligence level 1.1. The revolutionary technology of the adidas_1 adapted itself in real time to find the right cushioning level, whatever the runner’s weight, surface or pace. The higher intelligence level 1.1 makes the shoe better, stronger and faster…

It’s better because there is an increased range of cushioning, meaning the shoe can become even softer or firmer. It’s stronger because there is a new motor with 153 percent more torque. And it’s faster because the shoe has been reprogrammed based on extensive research, to find the right level of cushioning even more quickly.

With the introduction of the new adidas_1, adidas is furthering its lead in the field of intelligent sporting goods. The adidas intelligence team has already doubled in size and is using cutting edge equipment to develop technologies that will reinvent the industry. “Advances in electronics come very quickly,” says adidas Innovation Team Leader Christian DiBenedetto.

“By using electronics in sporting goods, we are able to improve products capabilities quickly and keep moving forward. There is a lot of untapped potential in this field.”

The new adidas_1, intelligence level 1.1 will also be available in a range of colors, and the price remains at $250 and 250 Euros.

Video clips to see a breakdown of the shoe and what it is all about are available at http://www.screendragon.com/adidastest/. To learn more about the World’s First Intelligent Shoe, visit the adidas website at http://www.adidas-1.com.

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