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Turning the World Of Hip-Hop Talk-Radio Inside Out

14 December 2005 No Comment

Today marks the debut of StreetandIndustry.com, the brand new website that takes the general public, entertainment, business and cultural media deep inside the underexplored world of Urban music, and Black talk radio. Focusing on Hip-Hop and R&B record labels, Urban music and Black talk radio format stations – on AM, FM and satellite radio – StreetandIndustry.com breaks news heard first and only on the streets, and Wall Street; analyzes radio ratings, record sales and spins; and removes the veil that hides who brokers power, what’s next in popular demand, and how business models and politics collide in the world of music and broadcasting.

The Soundscan/BDS-Mediabase War; Jay-Z’s Briefing Book; The ‘Unknown’ Connection Between Lobbyists, Record Labels and Broadcasting Companies; The Inside Story On Rev. Al Sharpton’s Negotiations With Clear Channel, XM, and Radio One; and more…

About: Street and Industry is a music industry and radio business information and opportunity match-making company founded by experienced music, media, and radio professionals and entrepreneurs, to serve and inform the general public, aspiring artists, media outlets and individuals working within the entertainment and broadcasting businesses.


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