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Fuzz One – A Bronx Childhood by Vincent Fedorchak

14 January 2006 No Comment

Testify Books is proud to announce the release of Fuzz One: A Bronx Childhood by Vincent Fedorchak. A staggering true story of a wholly unsupervised childhood in the Bronx of the 1970s, FUZZ ONE is a wild tale rife with adolescent braggadocio and deadpan period details. Fuzz is an important yet often overlooked graffiti writer whose career spanned two decades and two boroughs, the Bronx and Queens. His collaborators include writers such as SOLID, BOT, DONDI, JESTER, NOC 167, BILLY 167, DASH BYB, and many others…

Whether executing a gonzo graffiti mission in another borough with the insanity of a special ops soldier, fearlessly tracking down Satan worshippers camped out in the old castles in Van Cortlandt Park, or being the first White boy inducted into the infamous Ebony Dukes street gang, Fedorchak never flinches. His story, a paean to a lost chapter of New York’s history, is an instant classic. Don’t miss this epic tale of youth gone gloriously awry.

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“Fedorchak has here told a picaresque adventure story, a Huckleberry Finn of the Bronx. Set in the surreal background of a city unraveling, FUZZ ONE chronicles the life of a kid with a true vocation for graffiti and an unerring nose for adventure.” – Henry Chalfant, author of “Subway Art”

“I have the greatest respect for FUZZ ONE. He is one of the ultimate old-timers from back in 1970.”- BLADE TC5, Bronx graffiti legend

“FUZZ ONE’s adventures take us all-city as he turns New York into his own personal playground. This book is not only the story of one man’s quest for fame amidst the subterranean graffiti culture, but also an accurate document of 1970s life in New York City. FUZZ is a true writers’ writer.”- DAZE, artist, writer

“I recently got turned on to Fuzz One’s book FUZZ ONE: A Bronx Childhood [Testify Books] – one of the best page- turners I’ve picked up in a minute. Fuzz’s Tom Sawyer-esque tale of mayhem and madness is a must-read for any and all graffiti writers and wannabees. Fuzz’s lurid Bronx tale was one of the most enjoyable reads I’ve had all year. His 70’s epic takes you back to another time and place. You can smell the stench in the streets, the scent of spray paint in your nostrils and the larceny that lurks around every corner….To say that my man’s a true legend is an understatement and then some….Whippersnappers take note-this is what graffiti and NYC is really about.”- Dante Ross for Mass Appeal


Born Vincent Fedorchak in 1962, Fuzz spent his earliest years in Gary, Indiana. After his parents split up in 1970, he moved with his mother to New York City and settled in the Mosholu Parkway neighborhood of the Bronx. Fuzz repped many monikers over the years, including POPEYE 1, VIN 1, TOP 170, 2 WILD, SLURP, CK 7, MOM 707, LORD 138, ROMEO, IVORY 2, LOVE MACHINE 79, THE GENTLEMAN CALLER, and many others. While Fuzz wrote on all subway lines, in the mid-to-late ’70s, he was widely considered a king of the Sevens. He lives in New York.


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Fuzz One: A Bronx Childhood
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