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Win a trip to Sweden in April


1 February 2006 No Comment

Heal the Hood Project is offering 2 creative Cape Town youth the opportunity to win a trip to Sweden and raise money for their schools. Heal the Hood Project, the brain-child of Emile Jansen of Black Noise, has sent many young artists to Sweden and Germany as part of an ongoing self-funded exchange project. In 2006, Emile and Black Noise will tour schools throughout the Western Cape to encourage creative youth to follow their dreams and to be proud of being South Africa and African. Emile views the lack of love for Africa and lack of South African identity as the root of many ills in society, including crime, child abuse, pollution, teenage pregnancy, drug addiction, the spread of HIV/AIDS, disrespect for elders/ teachers, lack of jobs and many other issues. This tour will address and expose these connections in an exciting and entertaining way. The tour is labelled "Buy South African, for South Africans" and is planned for February and March 2006…

Schools hosting the event will be asked to sell a minimum 300 local CDs, DVDs, clothes, books or magazines. Alternatively they can sell tickets to the competition hosted at their school, which includes a Black Noise performance/ presentation. The payment to attend or selling of local products will serve as the entrance fee for the students and encourage an awareness of the need to buy locally as well the difficulty of selling locally. Money raised from ticket and product sales will defray the expenses involved in sending the two winners to Sweden and creating a documentary about the schools that are involved in the project. Students at each school will have an opportunity to showcase their talent prior to the Black Noise show. Two students from each school will be selected to represent their school at the final competition, which will be hosted at the end of the competition.

Heal the Hood Project will also use this opportunity to scout for talent for a hip hop play named “My Hip Hop is African and Proud”, that will run in September 2006. We intend to create an ongoing talent exchange. More information about Heal the Hood can be obtained from www.healthehood.org
Schools wanting to participate in the project can contact Emile at (021)
7060481 or 082 395 8125 or emiley@mweb.co.za

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