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Maylay Sparks Interview

27 May 2006 No Comment

I caught up with the talented Maylay Sparks during another stop in my town on his recent tour and he was down to do an interview for the Africasgateway community. Maylay has a deep catalog and has worked with the best of them but has never had that massive distribution or promotion so you are forgiven if you are still wondering who we are talking about. Do you want to find out more about Maylay and want to know why “Philly” hip-hop got that “fly-shit”? Then read on…

Q. Right now you are on your grind in the middle this European tour. How is the tour?

The tour was good but as always, exhausting after a few weeks..

Q. Where did you have the best show so far?

So far I think in Wintertur, Switzerland at the Albani club.

Q. Besides the show money, what’s the best thing about touring?

Just getting to know ya fans and kickin it with the local scene…also the ladies, of course!!!

Q. Tell us about Philadelphia because that’s your hood. You seem to have a dope underground hip-hop scene there.

Philly is the 1st major city in the U.S. from times of old and still just has the traditional feel for it and its people are real straight up… so the music represents that honesty…it has to be good and original or get the fuck out of here. Also we are the home of the soul sound along with Motown , so that has a lot to do with our musical culture and style of music choices when doing hip hop..

Q. Who are your favourite rappers out of Philadelphia right now?


Q. How was your tour with Chief Kamachi and Last Emperor last year?

FAT! We did the damn thing right. The shows were tight and the love was there, fam. Real Philly fly shit that time. Straight underground flavor from the 80´s type shiznit.

Q. How did you hook up with the Masked Avengers?

When I performed on the "Cult Status" tour I met them and was like let’s do this m’fers. -They were dope. Good beats and a real hip hop vibe. Zurich is the sh!T!

Q. Tell me about your beat-selection process because I think all the beats I heard on your set were just ill. Which producers do you usually reach out to? Aside from holding down your set is DJ Noize also doing your production?

DJ White Shadow from Norway , The Prunes, legendary DJ Jazz from Philly, and any new cats that have flavor.

Q. In the past you were also known as Rasheed (info from hiphopsite.com). Why the name-change and what does "Maylay Sparks" signify?

It’s always been an A.K.A. for me, but the group name was Rahsheed and Ill-advised. That was when we started the Eastern Conference with the HIGH & MIGHTY.

Q. What label are you on, right now? Any special relations with Day-by-Day entertainment?

Day by day is cool peoples. I guess I never seen that shit really take off with them like with Rapster but maybe next time. I’m searching for a new distribution deal at the moment though the game is all upside down right now. Too much wackness taking up space and money !

Q. I know your catalog is deep. How long have you been in the game?

17 yrs…

Q. So what is the essential project that you would recommend everyone to pick up?

"The Graymatter Lp" ( rapsterrecords.com ), The Masked Avengers’ "So Wonderful" EP ( 48music.net ) and the "Ill-collabo" on Hotshit Records in Frankfurt and Sony/BMG, Germany. dope shit("Ill-collabo") with a lot of features by The Last Emp., The Roots, Louis Logic and more…

Q. Some might say your music is "hip-hop purist" do you agree with that label? Do you have anything against the mainstream right now?

Nah, give me some of that money and fame. Underground is not underground!! -just not popular.

Q. Which artists have you collaborated with and what was your best collaboration?

Tons man, Dilated People, The Roots, DJ Revolution, Chief Kamachi, Last Emp., C-Rayz Walz, Apani B., Wildchild, Masta Ace, Canibus, Black Grass , Eric Sermon, Louis Logic, Apathy, El the Sensei, Tre from Pharcyde, L-fudge, High & Mighty, The Alchemist and The Experience… tons…

Q. Since you passed through Karlsruhe I wanted to know if we should check for any joints with you and The SNOWGOONS (DJ Illegal)?

Yes, it’s on the "Ill Collabo"!

Q. I know you are always busy whether it’s on the road or in the studio, are there any upcoming projects soon?

Yes, the new LP not yet titled. Due whenever…06!

Q. Aside from your shit, who should we look out for?

Dont know…, you tell me!

Q. Have you been listening to any new hip-hop?

I’m feeling that Fishscale joint that just dropped. Stark-si is the man, but nope. Just rock and jazz, mostly to get inspired!

Q. What’s your advice for the aspiring emcees out there?

Be true to yourself and learn the business to survive.

peace rahsheed aka maylay sparks !


Interview by fahfee for AG

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