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Brown Gets Own Radio Show


17 August 2006 No Comment

Singer songwriter and street activist Brown has secured his own bi-weekly radio show, “Sidewalk Talk With Brown”, every alternate Wednesday at 21h30 on CCFM Radio 107.5. Co-hosted by Lynwen & Brown, the show kicks off on Wednesday, 23 August 2006, and focuses on South Africa’s youth, their challenges, the dangers they face and finding their place in the New South Africa.

The idea for the show was born during a radio interview on CCFM, where Brown spoke about his fight against Cape Town paedophiles, which was featured on SABC’s Special Assignment on Tuesday, 8 August 2006. The program is re-broadcast on Monday, 14 August 2006 on SABC 3 at 22h30.

The Special Assignment program generated a huge response, and Brown’s telephone is still ringing off the hook.

Says Brown: "Thanks so much for tuning in to Special Assignment!!! Your support is much appreciated, but unfortunately the struggle continues! We have to continue to kick up dust about these injustices that are happening in our society! Please push those in power to use their power to continue to spread the message about what is happening on the streets. Let’s continue to act and not let the dust settle again!"

Comments on the Special Assignment program can be send to Chris Marquard, marquardcj@sabc.co.za and cc’d to truth@sabc.co.za.

In addition to his recently released CD "Hangin in and Hangin on", his live gigs and television appearances, Brown is confident that "Sidewalk Talk With Brown" will add another important dimension to understand the challenges which South Africa’s youth faces today, and which, in many cases, makes them choose a life on the streets.

Brown uses all of his many talents to raise awareness about South Africa’s "street reality". "So You Wanna Be A Gangsta", off his debut album, is now available as a free download on www.samp3.com, the album is in stores, and Brown will soon publish his book "Life Under the Table", a riveting account of the lives of Cape Town street children.

Proceeds from money generated through Brown’s activities help fund www.thebrownfoundation.co.za, which supports community projects, and is underwritten by Ambassadors Suga (GHFM), award winning Afrikaans rap group KALLITZ, Cape Town’s premier Hip Hop DJ Ozedwhy, UCT Senior Lecturer Dr Margie Booyens, Angolan music producer Cavera C and Mzonke "The Rose of Khayelitsha" Fana, SA professional boxing champion.

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