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11 November 2007 No Comment

In Rap’s beginning, it was born out of a gang truce that was lead by Africa Bambaata and Kool Herk, which started a positive movement on the streets. In that day the first “Street Prophet” I’ve ever seen was Grand Master Melle Mel, who delivered Messages from the Streetz.  Melle Mel Prophecy in that day, thangs that are happening today such as wars, in World War III, "Survival," "Sign Of The Time" and we all know the words of "The Message."
These were some of the greatest of Hip Hop’s History, which Mel did wit the Furious Five. They dealt wit ghetto poverty, crime, drugs, and unfair treatment from government and law enforcement. I met my Rap hero Melle Mel in Las Vegas 2006. Finally I was able to tell him that he is a Street Prophet and should be known as Mr. Rap.
Then came Run. Run is another Street Prophet, one who I prayed for after God saved me, and prayed that God would raise him and use him for God’s Glory. If Melle Mel was the Huey Newton of hip hop, then Run or RUN DMC was the Malcolm X. Run, D, and Jam Master J dealt wit the same issues in the 80’s as Flash and the Furious Five did in the 70’s. “It’s like that” and “Hard Times,” were two of many ghetto cries / battle cries that came from the hoodz of America. Time was changing for ghetto life in the 80’s, and now Rap was standing holding his crouch shouting, We Ain’t Taking It No More! Run and dem had a song that said, “You Know I’m Proud To Be Black Y’all… And That’s a Fact Y’all…And If You Try To Take What’s Mine, I’ll Take It Back Y’all! After that, it was all about being “Down Wit The King”.

In the beginning, ghetto mentality was birthing rap songs, but now in the latter part of the 80’s, rap songs started birthing ghetto mentalities. NWA revealed the gang bangin life style of the ghettos in Los Angeles, which gave birth to gangs all over the country.  But it was the “Street Prophet”
Scar Face of the Ghetto Boyz who brought what I call, "murderous lyrics,"
where they would rap about point blank murders. Face was diagnosed legally insane, and as he ventilated through rap, many took “The Mind Of a Lunatic”
and glamorized it. Therefor he lead a nation of those that have been sometimes falsely diagnosed the same, down the road of great violence. “My Mind Is Playing Tricks On Me,” was not just a song. This homie was tormented by demons so I had to pray for him.  I watched the birth and growth of the Holy Spirit in Scar Face’s life in the 90’s, as he brought forth songs like, “A Minut To Pray”, Faith, and the unforgettable hit wit 2Pac, Smile.” Scar Face to me is the greatest MC of all times, one who shaped and reshaped the game. Bushwhic of the Getto Boyz also got saved in the 90's. And he talk about how Jesus visited him on his death bed, and told him that he would not die, after trying to kill himself. Through the gift of interpretation, the Spirit of the Lord has used me to bring many to salvation through Scarface’s lyrics. Early 2000, thangs got worse, now everybody wanted to be a Gangsta.
And because it is more profitable to have an industry gangster, the real voices of the ghettos were less heard. Cats like "Killa Priest" and the "Son Of Man", who I heard preach God from the streets first. Public Enemy, X Klan, and BDP with songs like “Self Destruction” and “Fight The Power” was no longer needed, and just like the church, they closed the door on the Prophetz. God has chosen Prophetz to be Seers, and if you shut down the Prophetz, then you shut down prophetic word which gives insight to God’s Visions. We all should know that with no vision, the Bible says that people die, and we have seen too many die by the false image of Hip Hop.

From real Gz to wannabees, break dancers to video dancers, God has taken us through darkness to bring us to His Marvelous Light. Now in this day, the Spirit of the Lord is raising up Prophets to birth Street Prophetz, and now we’re starting to see the Visions of the Street Prophetz come to pass. Mr.
Solo the Street Prophet of the "Gospel Gangstaz", which is a group that is Highly Anointed by God. Gospel Gangstaz are a 100 fold ministers that are far from many that I call (religious rappers), "2Gz" come wit messages like, “Do Or Die”, Demon Killa, "Let Us Pray, and "Bad Company." But what religious rappers do is they take the messages of religion and put it to a beat, while at the same time they're condemning those that are not like them. Because religious rappers did not come from real street life, God had to raise up a remnant hidden in hip hop, to reach those that are the biggest lovers of hip hop.  When I met 2Gz they asked me to kick it wit them, and we were up until 4 or 5:00 in the morning, strengthening one another in this call of God. Talking to Mr. Solo was like talking to myself, as we found out that God told us both to go back to the hood to save lives. That makes Solo also like John the Baptist, who was raised up and anointed to quicken those that are in the wilderness. The Spirit of the Lord has explained that the wilderness then, is the streets today. So to me…like John the Baptist, Mr.
Solo is the greatest to ever choke the cordless. I’ll never forget how Chillie Baby stressed that “You have to be real,” to get wit what they are called to do, and that’s why many today still can not understand them.

God’s using the Spiritual M.C.'s to reach the one that has the greatest influence in Hip Hop, so they’ll reach the masses of those that have been overlooked, persecuted, and abused by society and religion. While many are focused on the negative of rap, they're missing the cry. And not only that, they're missing the call to pray for one another, that we all be straightened in His Love. But God’s work can not be stopped, and He’ll move them that stands in the way of His process, to fulfill that which He has purposed. Look out fa some of God’s greatest, like KNine, who I name amongst the greatest to ever breathe on the mic. DMX, who I believe will be one of the greatest Evangelists this country has ever known. Rakim, who has been following the Leader for a long time, Lyfe Jennings, who spitz Life through Christ. T-Bone, Truth, and Mary J Blige, who is made mother to many.

Rick Ross, King Wes, who has been made a king through Blood, Camillionaire, and Nas, a great work in progress. God said that He has many more Street Prophetz that have not bowed to Jezebel, and they are being released today into the earth. I would love to see the day that the song, “Message 2” is delivered by Mel, Run, Solo, Nas, and X, Remix ft. KNine and trackz from 2Pac. A new breed of MCs, not only mic controller, master of ceremony, but MC now means Messengers of Christ.

Minister Maurice a.k.a. God'z Man The Street Prophet L.A. Smoove

Travel through the life of a real "Street Prophet"

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