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The New web Radio – xradiostage.com


24 January 2008 No Comment

xradiostage.com is an interactive fast growing online web radio site, where you can listen to great undiscovered music from all over the globe. (and it is all for free)!

The xradiostage.com site has been online for four months and counts already over 200 members, mainly Latin, Jazz and Rock artists. Presently there are over 400 songs on the site and the amount of new registered members is growing on a daily basis. The idea emerged from a passion for music and a passion for bringing different music cultures together. The site has been translated in several languages and will also be soon available in Japanese and in Thai to attract the Asian audience.

The founder Marcel Bangerter is aware that the road to success is long, but he is delighted about the reception of many positive feedbacks from musicians as well as from listeners. “The cross (x) of xradiostage.com is the symbol for bringing international artists together to promote their quality work to an international web audience” he says.

Recently Marcel has been on promotion tour in several countries, such as Brazil, Japan, Thailand and in Europe. “It has been great to be able to combine my passion for traveling with my love for$ music” Marcel says.

xradiostage.com gives musicians the possibility to upload three of their own songs, their picture and their biography (free of charge). It is not just a simple another Music plat form, it is also an interactive web radio where the individual listener is able to choose what kind of music style or country he is interested in. 
The community of musicians on the site is boundless and xradiostage.com still intends to keep its familiar touch in having a direct correspondence with all its members. xradiostage.com is a fast growing web radio that broadcasts quality music that you might have never heard before and brings back many nice holiday memories.

Listen to great music on xradiostage.com. This is not a commercial or a mainstream product. It is something unique and is sure worthwhile looking into it.

For more information please visit www.xradiostage.com or send an email to: info@xradiostage.com

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