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9 August 2010 No Comment

Wonderland – Campaign (Koto Records)

If you’ve not checked out kotorecords.com yet then where have you been? They got a tight flash intro and if you into that you need to check that shit out. Koto Records is an independent label located in New York. One of the first artists on the label is Wonderland and he contributes this single which we are going to dig into right now.

The first thing that you notice about Wonderland is that he got that true African accent. He is actually from Nigeria and has been in the USA for over 12 years.

This first track is steady and got the kind of beat and flow that is perfectly suited to the streets of New York. In this song Wonderland is basically telling us that if you step then you gonna have to pay the price.
The second track is definately an improvement from the first. The production is nice on this one and the chorus fits well with the track. The rapping is typical New York style. This is where the problem comes in, and while himself and others may not hear it external listeners will most likely pick up on the fact that he is not a New York native. They will recognise that he is not American and this might make them reluctant to peep this. But please do peep this, coz Africans are making themselves present and heard in all communities and Wonderland is just one of the those artists representing Africa in New York.

Wonderland – Civilization Meets Confusion (Koto Records)

Again this is Koto Records, a label situated in New York and they drop their latest artist Wonderland who is a native of Nigeria.

The first single we reviewed earlier can come nothing close to this. This track is
definitely more like it as he brings his true homeself into the song. This track got a ragga element in it which I must say suits him much more. This track is catchy and peep it out if you get a chance.

Christmas On Deathrow – Various Artists (Tha Row Records)

Now why would someone bring out a Christmas disc anyway? Damn man it’s enough that Destiny’s Child and Mariah Carey bring out cd’s, but Deathrow (now known as Tha Row)? Suge Knight must have been smokin’ too much of that chronic.

This album features offerings from Nate Dogg, the Dogg Pound, M’ichelle and others. No heavy hitting stuff here just some background music for your to play while you clean up the crib after you had that wild Xmas party. This disc sounds like it’s filled with album filler and throw away cuts, so what more can I say?

Point Blank – Basic Skills (Blue Isle Music)

The first time I heard this it was difficult for me to get into to. This is probably due to the fact that almost all hip hop coming from the Western Cape sounds the same and I was kinda expecting this to be the same. However after a couple of listens I realised just how good this EP is.

Some of you will remember Point Blank back in the day from that hot track Kiss My Black Azz which was being played to death by Radio Good Hope. Well since then I thought they had practically falled off the map but my main man Oopy G hooked me up a copy of this promo.

The first thing I’m noticing about this EP is that these guys are perfectionists. From the beats to the flows to the sound quality everything sounds very professional. The emcee on here sounds very much like Paris and I’ve been told that his voice is very popular with the ladies.

Rage is pleasantly good and I can hear that there was quite a lot of work put into this track. Nice guitars and the thing I like the most about this track is the chorus. This should definatley be used for a video. Nice stuff and I liked this line:
Imagine the sea was gasoline, I throw a match in

The Promise on the first couple of listens comes across as boring but eventually you start to feel it. The lyrics are pretty good on here and I can hear that the emcee is well read.

Kiss The Sky is nice and bouncy and sounds very much like what’s been released in the Bay Area.

Raw Deal I wasn’t feeling.

Basic Skillz is my favourite track on here. I like the keyboard work on here. This is kind of shit I would put on a mixtape. Oh and did you notice just how much the emcee sounds like Rakim on here! I could’ve been fooled if I didn’t know that this was Point Blank.

Overall this release is alright, but it requires more than one listen to get into it. I have no doubt in my mind that if they release a full length album then they are going to play a very important part in the South African hip hop scene. I also hope that they can show a more fun side in their music as all their tracks come across as too serious.

40 Love – I Got Issues (Entrepopeople Records)

Not much is known about 40 Love but after playing this disc to death for the past 3 weeks I’m really looking out for the album. 40 Love is an intelligent emcee and his flow is nice. The lyrical content is quite different to what you used to listening to these days and that’s refreshing.

The first track on this single release is The Rant and this is a favourite of mine. The beat is tight and the lyrics are on point.

The second track on here The Eulogy is a slow track with some R&B singing on there. This is nice to just relax to, especially if you looking for a soundtrack to your lazy Sunday afternoon.

Track 3 Come Into My World is a pretty good track and definately sets 40 Love apart from the thousands of emcees out there. This is a good track!

I’d urge people to peep 40 Love and I can’t wait for the album.

EK Elita Kaliska – E.K.I.P.A. (MGK Records)

I’ve always been interested in Hip Hop coming from Eastern Europe mostly due to the fact that it is so similiar to South African stuff. MGK Records is a label from Poland and they release this EMI Distributed album by the rap group EK (Elita Kaliska). It is 17 tracks of straight up Hip Hop with all tracks rhymed in Polish. So for this review I will refrain from commenting on lyrical content because, well, it’s obvious I can’t understand Polish. So let’s dig in. The producer/s of this album make good use of well known breaks and loops and lace it with samples. So basically we are dealing with a Hip Hop sound that comes the early 90’s. That’s not a bad thing as it moves you and reminds of the times when we used to get down to L.O.N.S. and the likes of them. These guys have good flows and I was feeling most of the tracks on here. Now if you into Dre or whatever you might get into this but in my opinion I think this is dope shit. Jestes Powietrzem is a tight track and shows clearly that these guys can flow their asses off and guess what, it sounds nice in Polish. One of the dopest tracks on here is To Nie Ameryka which has got a fat beat. The emcee on here got a good flow. The chorus is crazy and bound to cause mosh pits in stadiums. Another one that had me stretching my arms towards the fridge for an ice cold Milk Stout was Jaki Przyjaciel? which has that dark sound. This is some crazy shit. Another one of my favourites on this disc is To Jest Zycie feat Labedz and has some mad drums and I like what the producer was doing with his snares. Nice stuff. I think the best tracks on here are O Co Tu Chodzi? and Dedykacja, nice production and nice flowing. Overall I love this album and will recommend those who have been into hip hop before the 90’s. For the Hip Hop purist who doesn’t mind a different language. Good work!

Various Artists – Hip Hop Racism Stop (MGK Records)

Okay so here’s another Polish Hip Hop compilation released by MGK Records. It’s entitled Rasizm Stop and it’s purpose is to speak out against racism. I would imagine that racism is a problem even there as there are a lot of immigrants living there. So anyway I’m looking forward to hearing all these artists so let’s get straight into it. This is 20 tracks deep and features a host of Polish artists. Some of them are mediocre however many of them are very dope. For example the first track I’m loving is Ile by Ascetoholix. I think the beat on here is fucking dope. The rhyming is on point too. Nice keyboard work on there guys. The bassline kicks ass too. I’m also feeling Za Jaka Cene by Metodyka. Some crazy production with some scratching. But it’s the second verse I’m digging here. Can’t really understand him but he flows good. I also enjoyed Czeco Moze Chciec by Kapli. There are many more dope tracks on here that I didn’t mention. This is a compilation that you should have in your collection. Eventhough you can’t understand a damn word they saying this is Hip Hop period.

Rage – The Official Soundtrack… (Ghetto Ruff – Outrageous – EMI)

I’ve been waiting for this one since I first heard about it and believe me it does not
disappoint. This album hails from Gauteng, executive produced by Dzino and put out by Ghetto Ruff (huh?) and EMI. Therefore it should be in shops all over.

I would not really call this a compilation since there are only 4 artists/groups on here who kind of jump in and out of the tracks from time to time. Nevertheless let’s jump straight into the tracks.


Produced by Zubz and Helio this is just an intro with them rhyming about who the crew is and how they gonna take over etc etc.

Destiny feat Pebbles

Pretty impressive this track. Love the production by Helio. Very catchy song and I expect it to be a hit.

The Reason feat Pebbles

A deep house kind of number. Nothing much to say here.

Lova feat Spyro

Nice track, the production is like a hybrid of kwaito and hip hop. Basically your kwaito chanting on here. Do not play this near large crowds unless you want a stampede like what happened in Ellis Park.

The Coming feat H20

There’s emceeing on here, but it tilts more to the kwaito side rather than the hip hop side. The beats are definately not hip hop on this. They are obviously trying to create their own sound here.

Boys Anthem feat H20

This is innovative stuff. The production is dope and the rhyming fits well here. But it’s definately a different sound. That’s a good thing.

Family Of One feat Originz

Love the production on here! The emcee on here is good. Reminds me a lot of Tunnel Rats from the States. The singing on the end of the track serves no purpose though.

Count Your Blessings feat Pebbles

I don’t know what happened here. There is nothing dope about this track. Could It Be You feat Pebbles This track is nice and bouncy. Nice for the laid back crowd. Gunz feat Originz Okay this track is mediocre. What really irritates me is the extremely weak chorus. I find no purpose in the singing on here. Bafana Base 4 feat H20 Okay I’m loving this track, this is nice shit. The production on here kicks ass. A nice combination of hip hop and kwaito. Nuttin’ feat Spyro Loving this track too. The barking dogs add a nice touch to it too. This is one of my favourites. Overall I say this is a decent effort. There are enough tracks on here to satisfy both hip hop and kwaito heads. But if you a hip hop purist you might just be disappointed. Nevetheless I enjoy this album and I’d like to see Destiny become a hit because it’s a brilliant track and it deserves to kick those American pop naaiers off the airwaves.

Diaspora – Voila La Disapora (DiaspoEnt)

Holy shit, this is some German shit right here, the groups name is Diaspora and the album is called Voila La Diaspora. First thing I gotta say is, with this CD you get a music video as well and I must say that the concept of the music video is really unique. The video starts out with these two rappers on a construction site dressed up as workers and shit. And then it moves to a live club. Anyway you gotta check it out, I had my main man Oopy G up at the house today and he was digging it too. Anyway just to get back to this album review, the Hip Hop duo Diaspora I must admit I’ve never heard of before but that’s only because I haven’t checked out the German scene that much. But I must tell you that the German Hip Hop scene is on another level when it comes to Hip Hop. Why do you think Def Jam is out there? Huh? Anyway let’s start reviewing this album. Diaspora has a new fan and it’s me. They even managed to get me to visit their site just to learn more about them. This duo have got good flows and the production on here is just off the heezy. One of the tightest tracks on here have to be Toi Pour Moi. This track has got everything that make a dope track, tight production that moves your ass and on-point flows. The chorus is infectious and I’ve had it in my head the whole bloody day. This whole album is dope and the only that disappointed me was the fact that it only had 10 tracks. Oh well gotta wait for the next one. Nuff respect.

Artfull Dodgers – Second Wind (Midwestern Union)

Just as AfricasGateway.com was starting out Artfull Dodgers had sent us their first album for review and now about a year or two later they come out with this new banger entitled Second Wind. This time around they bring with them a bunch of new producers and some surprise featured artists like Killah Priest and that freestyle legend J.U.I.C.E. (peep that Single Minded Pros single). This album is a very big improvement from the previous one. The first track that tickled my fancy is Still Writing Rhymes (and thank God for that). The production is lovely and I raise my fist in the air for Forekast for bringing the heat on this one. Shit another one that I was feeling was Call It A Tradition. Nice variation on the flows there. They really brought it back to the streets with this track. I like it how they mix in the live rhyming on there. And then they bring it back like it ain’t nothing. These guys are hip hop purists no question about that. I’m also feeling the words on Hip Hop Isn’t Dead. I couldn’t have said it better. Godverdomme but Vincent Price featuring Juice got me drinking again. This track is hot, hot, hot, hot!!! Another one that got me into trouble again with my neighbours complaining about my loud music is Philip Migarage. Shit man this is tight shit. I love the production here. Overall this is an extremely dope album and I’d urge the tru Hip Hop heads out there to own a copy. Check it out.

Timid – Intimidation

Timid is an emcee who probably emcees 24 hours a day. Ever knew a cat who lived down the road who always had a file full of lyrics? Well this is the kind of guy we dealing with here.

This album will probably not appeal to many people because this is truly an underground album. If you saw the documentary that they put out then you will know that even their production lab is low budget. There’s nothing wrong with that because it shows that you can even take the minimalist equipment and make something dope out of it.

There were a few tracks that I was feeling and once you get over the quirky keyboards you will start to really get into Timid’s flow, which is good. Give him some top notch production and watch him shine. The first one I was feeling was All About The Rhyme which really suited my lazy Sunday afternoon very well. This is the kind of shit you need to relax too while it’s raining outside. I was also feeling I Ain’t Got Nothing, the only thing I wasn’t liking was the sped up vocal sample they use. Anyway, so in this particular track I notice just how much he sounded like Quasimoto. Another nice one was The World Is A Ghetto using the same sample as the title of the track. A funky track.

Now on My Soul featuring KJ I was disturbed to see that it was produced by Timid when it fact it is just a loop of Les Nubians Makeda track.

Overall this is a decent effort and I’d like to hear Timid get other producers try him out on their beats. Just a little opportunity to add some variety in terms of beats should be interesting. There is no doubt that Timid is a good emcee but somehow the production couldn’t carry his good rhyming.

Alt Rap Presents – XIX

Here we go, a compilation brought out by Altrap.com. 14 Emcees and 19 tracks and this is underground shit.

I liked the intro coz Timid came off tight on this. Now the second track Half Yall by Analyze suprisingly got the same flow as Major League’s Tribeca. Nevertheless this is a dope track and I’m feeling the production on this one.

Now Timid and Pizon on 2 In The Morning came off tight. I like the beat on here. Holy shit now I’m loving this You Wanna Battle Me by Rhythmic. The sample they use on there is just crazy man. Now Analyze comes again to fuck it up again with Save Me. Damn man we need to look out for this cat coz he is dope. Watch out for Analyze. I got a feeling we gonna be hearing more from him in the future. Shit now there’s this cat named Skrabble who sounds like a modern day Kool Moe Dee (even sounded a bit like Andre Nickatina, shit I thought it was him!) and he drops his shit on Showboat. I like this track. I got to hear more from him. Oh and another one I’m feeling on here is Lick It Bitch by A to the L which is like the kind of shit you’d hear in the late 80’s early nineties. Think of Biz Mark’s Vapours track when you hear this. The last track on here is Alt.Rap 2K2 which is posse track featuring the artists who appear on this compilation. This is a dope track.

Overall I’m feeling this project.

33 The Great – Swordsports (Celestial Productions)

Okay so I remember Paragone sent me that compilation that came out last year I think and there were only a few tracks that I was feeling but now with this album I’m truly feeling it. This album is testament to the fact that Celestial Productions are worth a try when looking for a beat. Anyways so let’s get back to 33’s album. These people’s have more names than a Chinese phonebook so excuse me if I get muddled up here and there. So let’s see, the first track Oriental is a bloody beautiful track. I’m loving the beat on here. I’m really feeling this, I’m actually pulling my beer out the fridge right now just to calm me down. Even the rhyming on here can hold it up with the best out there.

Crikey Moses, the The Chosen Won is a brilliant track. The production on here is just so street. Godverdomme I’m loving the beat on Vampire Spit. Loving this! MegaMan is also a dope track. Another one I’m loving is The Dub Plate.

Okay that’s enough, just get the album. Order it man, you not going to be disappointed. Now these cats are affiliated in some way to the Wu so for me, it seems like these foot soldiers are slowly but surely catching up to their generals. Expect big thangs from Celestial in the production.
JustMe – Brutally Honest EP What’s up with all these EP’s coming out today? It seems like people are hungry in getting their stuff out to the streets. And thank God for that, because then we wouldn’t have the chance to check out stuff like JustMe’s tracks.

JustMe is a gospel rapper who wrote, performed and produced all these tracks in his bedroom (according to the CD inlay sleeve).

On “Love Love” he shows his great ability to produce tracks that stand out. This tracks switches up and down keeping you hooked right on till the end. JustMe ain’t a bad rapper either, in fact he probably better than most people out there, but I’m really feeling his production. It comes across as very warm East Coast type stuff.

Some nice jazz flavors on “Brutally Honest” and I’m digging the dirty snare on here. Nice work on the samples. This is definately an East Coast sound. Warm and dirty. JustMe comes off lovely here on the vocal tip.

I’m also digging the production on “The Poetree”.

Overall this is a good EP and I’d urge people to pick this up. Nice work done by what sounds like a really cool cat.

N.E.A. – Y2 NEA (Platinum Series)

If you are looking for something really original then you need to peep this. NEA are probably one of the most weirdest duo in Hip Hop today. This stuff is so unique and original it’s no wonder that Chuck D raised his eyebrows when he heard this (at least that’s what I heard).

The impression that I’m getting from this album is that NEA are taking hip hop for a “gat” but in a fun way. At times the album will make you smile and at other times laugh. The more you listen to this the more you gonna appreciate the genius and the shitload of work that must have taken to put this together.

The first track that I was really feeling was “Raise Up”. They use the Final Countdown sample, and because South Africa had TKZee doing the same thing, it just made me loving this track more.

However most of the tracks on here are dope. There’s nothing more I can say except that I’m impressed with this album. This is the kind of album that I can listen to at 3am in bed with my headphone on in total darkness while it’s raining outside. Peep the review here.

Big Slim – Heat EP

Who is Big Slim and where does he come from? Well this is the same question I was asking myself since I received this album on my desk. He’s from Canada and stands at a towering 6’4!

Dropping this 5 track EP Big Slim declares to the world that he, as in the words of HipHopDX.com, is a bonafide artist. And a bonafide artist is what he is. Big Slim is a natural on the microphone. He flows with ease and with every word he sounds convincing.

All the beats on here are nice and crisp and not once did I hear Big Slim sounding weak. He’s a true street cat that can handle his biz and I’m expecting him to make a lot of noise in the future. Now the track that I was loving was “Then You A Hoe”. This has got a tight beat but what I like most on here is the way Big Slim drops those rhymes.

On “Just Be You” you cannot help but notice how dope this artist is. Now I’m talking about the rhyme here. The only thing that was bothering me on this one was the production. The beat just isn’t hot enough to carry Big Slim’s killer delivery.

Big Slim is a talented rapper and I’m expecting to hear from him in the future. He just needs to keep on turning out shit like “Then You A Hoe”.

Eve – Eve-Olution (Universal Music)

Eve blesses us with her third album and eventhough Dr Dre passed this female off a while back he contributes a few tracks on this album. We’ve all been bombarded with the single “Let Me Blow Ya Mind” featuring Gwen Stefani on almost every media vessel in this country so it’s good that we can get a full album to hear some other songs. They
definitely tried to make this album a success, just look at the producers who contributed to this album.

Now the first track “What” featuring Truth Hurts is produced by Dr Dre. The beat is typical of what he normally does, however it seems that Eminem would do a better job by gracing his vocals on here. Nevertheless the track will probably shake asses from Jozi to Durbs to Cape Town.

On that banging single “Gangsta Lovin” that gorgeous Alicia Keys pops in to help out in the chorus. I thought the video for this was okay but this track is actually quite good. This track is produced by Irv Gotti and is already popular. I only had to hear this track for the first time to like it, unlike taking several listens. A good track overall.

“Let This Go” is another dope track with a very well constructed chorus that immediately catches your attention. It’s bound to stay in your head the whole day through. Snoop and Nate Dogg also lace their vocals on “Hey Ya’ll” and they actually do quite a good job of it instead of just dropping 16 bars at the end like most artists do today.

The other track that I enjoyed was “As I Grow” which I think was the most personal song on here. This is the Eve that I like to hear.

Overall this is a clean-cut album that will appeal to most out there and will probably get a lot of airplay but it will fly right over the underground.

Best tracks: Gangsta Lovin’ Feat Alicia Keys and As I Grow

Xzibit – Man Vs Machine

One of the most anticipated discs to come out this year must be MAN VS MACHINE.  With Dr. Dre at the helm of the boards, one definitely can’t wait to hear this disc.  MULTIPLY the frost single and video I heard on the net a couple of months ago and I really digged it.  At first I thought it was doc Dre on the beats but to my surprise it was actually produced by KON ARTIS aka Denaun Porter from D-12.  Now can Xzibit continue his platinum streak as he did with RESTLESS? Well, yes and no.  Xzibit’s lyrical content is not as good as his previous releases. The beats are aight but not mucho good.  SYMPHONY IN X MAJOR has Dr. Dre acting very braggadocios as usual.  Maybe he doesn’t have anything else to rap about.  Fuck he’s got the money he doesn’t need to rap anyway.  The audiosonic soundscape on this here track was provided by RICK ROCK.  As with BREAK YOURSELF HARDER the Golden State Project posse cut is bouncy in true west coast style.  By the way Ras Kass and SAAFIR make up Golden State Project, that is if you did not know.  Jellyroll hooked up this magnificent track. Paul Rosenberg pops up here and he does he’s usual humorous shit with a phone call placed to X. CHOKE ME, SPANK ME, PULL MY HAIR is a near stroke of genius by X and Dre. Dre on the beats and X on the vocals. X does a Slick Rick on us when he changes his voice on this track, trading verses about his sexual exploits.  LOSIN’ YOUR MIND is the one! Dre hooked up his trademark beat patterns for this banger of a track featuring Snoop Dogg.  RIGHT ON which Erick Sermon did is phenomenal! MAN VS MACHINE has its’ moments but I feel it could have been better. The Eminem featured and produced MY NAME is okay, but not great. It continues the Jermaine Dupri diss. As Craig ‘b’ said Eminem is becoming very monotonous.

DJ Vurb – Hearsay

This is only the third disc from DJ Vurb that I have heard. So imagine my anticipation when I had the opportunity to listen and review this disc.

HEARSAY starts off with MOVE BITCH by Ludacris and Mystikal, this is damn tight. On it’s own this track is the shizzizt!  Next up the Vurbman mixes up NOTHIN’ by Noreaga, and he chopped this one up beautifully. The man from Houston, who just went gold with his major label debut LIL FLIP, also makes an appearance with his hit single THIS IS THE WAY WE BALL. This one gets the chopped up treatment quite beautifully.  ALI featuring the ST. LUNATICS is the shit!  This one is MILKDADDY’s favourite fo’ shiggadizzle!  It’s called BREATHE IN! The old but classic VICE VERSA by Pastor Troy sounds lovely screwed. The Master P ROCK IT is a bit wack, P needs to get up on some new sounds and lyrics. But the Vurbman’ screwing tactics makes it worth it! 

HEY MA by CAM’RON is off the heezy man it’s just straight butter even screwed and chopped. LAND OF A MILLION DRUMS by Outkast sounds freaky screwed. Overall a nice disc to jam to or just chill out to. But at 13 tracks it’s too damn short!

DJ Walker – Face To Face With My Lord (Universal Music)

Some call it deep house, others call it urban groove. I call it Afro-house. Nevertheless one cannot keep up with all the names that are assigned to house these days. DJ Walker comes with a different flava on this by adding a local spin to his music. This album is produced by both Chicco and Themba Dladla.

“Face To Face With My Lord” is more of a kwaito track with female vocals that would remind you of something that Arthur would do. This track was alright but I enjoyed “My Music” which is what the bulk of the album should have sounded like.

Unfortunately this album sells short in various areas. This is not the kind of album that you could listen to 3 months from now because, well, it would sound stale. This is more suited to being on vinyl for the deejays who are looking for a quick floor filler.

Naughty By Nature – IIcons (Universal Music)

NBN have always been a dope crew. Who can ever forget “O.P.P.” and “Ghetto Bastard”? With Treach’s automatic-gun-type flow he kept hip hop heads from city to city moving. Now it’s 2002 and they release their latest album and I tell you, it’s not bad.

While the majority of this album can come across as a bit commercial there are still a lot of street-type stuff on here. One of the tracks that first grabbed my attention was “Red Light” featuring Queen Latifah. This one is produced by Allstar and he brings some nice keyboard work to it. I must warn you though, this track is addictive. Another one that manages to stick in your head is “What You Don’t Know”. What’s nice to hear is that they have not lost the substance that made them famous in the first place. They still retain their strong flows, with just a little change from Treach. He seems more chilled now. Now the song that made me rowdy was “Wild Muthfuckas” featuring Lil John and Chyna Whyte. Now this track is a dirty south track. Just shows you how much the south is coming up.

“Family Tree” is also a dope track. This is your typical NBN trademark type track. You hear it and you know immediatley it’s them. There are also other tracks like “What You Wanna Do” featuring Pink that all of you probably know already.

This is quite a good album, with a bit of everything for everybody. I’d recommended this.

MF Grimm – The Downfall Of Ibliys (Day By Day Entertainment)

I hear everybody’s looking for this album. Now I know why. This is the kind of shit that will incite a backpacker into multiple orgasms. Watch them on the subway with earphones bobbing their heads while scratching their temples with their left hands. Can you picture it? This is the soundtrack.

MF Grimm is the kind of emcee that doesn’t need to shout to be heard. His rhymes catch you like a wolf on a prowl. You don’t really realise how dangerous they can be until you start moving your head because then you get caught in an infinite loop.

The production on here is also impressive. Who can ever front on Metal Finger’s lab work? Nobody I know has ever dissed his shit. He does most of the beats on here. But you also get some other extremely dope producers who pop in to give Metal a chance to have a nap on the couch.

The first impressive track on here is “Time and Space”, produced by Rob A which will make you breath in through your teeth. This stuff is not in your face like other shit, it’s more like it’s sitting somewhere on the edge of the cliff. Don’t deny the neck snap on this one. If I had this shit on vinyl I’d play it at the club.

Another one that had me excited was “Foolish feat. Megalon and MF Doom”. Nice stuff man. The production is nice. Oh man but I’m really feeling “Together” which has a tight ass jazz piano type sample. The chorus is also infectious. Can’t get that damn song out my head.

Big Dre from Bush FM tells me he’s really feeling “Break Em Off” and I agree with him. I love their production and unobtrusive drums. You also got really underground obscure type shit like “Rain Blood feat Megalon” which just sounds better everytime you hear it.

My favourite track on here is “Teach The Babies”. Too dope for words.

Overall I can guarantee that you don’t need to skip a track on here. 100 percent dopeness. An underground classic.

Prophetix – High Risk (Day By Day Entertainment)

Consisting of members Eddie Meeks, Mello Melanin and Jon Doe this group manages to bring together a 22 track album that is going to make a lot of noise. They boast some of the nicest production and flows.

On “Bigguns” they drop their nice flows over a horn-infested production. This is the song that I’m playing to get me up and going in the morning. Everybody has their morning song, so this one is mine.

Now show me one person who doesn’t like the next track “True Urban Grit” and I’ll show you a liar. Damn this is nice. “Quitters”, “Brace Yo Self”, “Guestlist” and “We Do What We Do” are also other dope ones. You know it’s good to hear an album with more than one good track.

It’s good to see that groups like Prophetix still exist so that they can keep that street sound alive. So if you looking for something with more substance seek this out. I’m already seeking the vinyl.

8 Mile – Original Soundtrack (Universal Music)

This movie is only being released early next year in South Africa. So to tie us over till then the soundtrack is going to be locally available in stores. This album was executive produced by Eminem and Paul Rosenberg and believe me you will not be disappointed. This soundtrack is so hot I already can’t wait for the movie.

Lose Yourself – Eminem

With himself on the production he brings that true Eminem style. The type of beat that’s gonna get everybodies heads rolling. This is just another song that we are going to hear a lot. Will probably be big in the suburbs.

Love Me – Eminem/Obie Trice/50 Cent

Now I’m really feeling this beat. Cold and smooth like “Devils Night” from the D12 album. Obie Trice kicks the best verse on here. Watch out for him, I’m telling you he’s gonna blow up big time.

8 Mile – Eminem

It’s got all the right ingredients. The right emcee, the right beats, the right chorus. A catchy track.

Adrenaline Rush – Obie Trice

Probably one of the best tracks on here. The production on here is too damn hot. Obie Trice really shines on here especially on the first verse. You cannot help but head-nod to this. This one is produced by Rush and I’m expecting this to be a street hit. My number one song at the moment. I’ll put my name on that.

Places To Go – 50 Cent

I’m still trying to figure out what all the fuss is about on 50 Cent. He aint that great you know. This song just doesn’t move me.

Rap Game – D12

With what sounds like a Vivaldi intro D12 come correct on this track. The beat is too tight. That snare man, too nice. Eminem of course wins again with those tight flows.

8 Miles And Runnin – Jay Z featuring Freeway

Looks like Jay Z returns the favor by contributing a track on here. Not his best though.

Spit Shine – Xzibit

I like Xzibit but this beat is wack. Does nothing for me.

Time Of My Life – Macy Gray

This track is definately out of place here. Can’t front on the voice though.

U Wanna Be Me – Nas

What Nas and Jay Z on the same album. I still think that Nas is one of the dopest on the mic. Nobody how crap his beat is he got that natural flow. The chorus is a bit weak though.

Wanksta – 50 Cent

This is pretty weak track.

Wasting My Time – Boomkat (Taryn Manning)

I’ve never heard of this woman and the track is boring.

R.A.K.I.M. – Rakim

What a disappointing track. I really wasn’t feeling this. Rakim better come up with something better than this if he wants to make another comeback. Should’ve left it in the bin at Aftermath.

That’s My Nigga Fo Real – Young Zee

A surprising song from somebody I’d never heard of before (you can’t expect me to know everybody you know). This is some really good shit. Production comes from The Stimulated Dummies and they did a pretty good job here. A good track overall. Something to just chill and relax to.

Battle – Gangstarr

Who can ever front on Dj Premier’s production? I don’t think there is anybody who can touch him. This just makes me hungry for another Gangstarr album. They just go from strength to strength. Superior production and tight verses from Guru makes this one of the best tracks on here.

Rabbit Run – Eminem

What more can I say. Em spills his guts on this song.

Overall a good album and comes recommended for any hip hop head. Get it now.

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