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9 August 2010 No Comment

Pigeon John – Clueless (Syntax Records)

Pigeon John, an artist off the Syntax Label offers us a refreshing approach to hip hop.  I’ve been listening to this for the past 4 weeks that I even forgot to review it.  My bad, but let’s get right into it.

The album starts off with a ragga styled chant letting us know that he is clueless.  But don’t take that in a bad way, he’s just talking about what’s going to happen, and that is we don’t really know.  Go with the flow, see where the wind takes us.  I think you get the picture.   The second track, “Cheerleaders”, utilizes a toned down bass driven loop to drive the track as Pigeon John flows reminiscent of how LONS used to.  It’s a fun track.

On the “Cowboy Song” I dig the bass and the nice guitar work.  This is a smooth track with a percussion being used as a snare.  What I like about Pigeon John is that he talks to you as a listener.  He keeps you hooked because you are anticipating each line as it comes.

On “The Chase” it starts out with this looped opera piece and jumps into a hypnotic beat.  The chorus is damn catchy and just makes you want to check this artist perform live.  I imagine his performances to be filled with energy and crowd participation.

One of the nicest tracks on here, you know the kind that makes the hair on your arms stand up is “Passion” featuring Tapwater.  The beat is lovely, utilizing 2 simple guitar chords and a nice break beat.  The chorus is catchy and the deliveries are on point.  I like it how the singer get’s ready to sing at around 4 bars before the chorus while dude is still rapping.

Another one that is quite catchy is “6th and Olvarado” featuring Joey The Jerk.  Joey The Jerk got a voice similar to Shock G (well in this song anyway).  On “Payroll Professionals” you are treated a boom bap type beat with a lovely constructed chorus utilizing some nice cutting.  

However the one I’m listening to quite often is “Move On”.  This one has a slice dice snare and the rhyming on here borders on the fun side.  Now if there is a track that is gonna shake asses it’s “The HeartBeat”.  This is an addictive track.

This is quirky hip hop.  Quirky in a good way.  There are no mad facing type shit going on here.  Well you see the artist is a Christian and this comes through in his music.  At times the album is humorous and fun to listen to.  Pigeon John is about being creative and different and he really proved that with this album.

Lightheaded – Pure Thoughts (Day By Day)

Braille had heard Muneshine’s beats and liked what he heard so they decided to work on a project together.  Then Braille hooked up with Ohmega Watts and Othello and asked them to work on this project too.  So now you have 3 emcees eagerly awaiting Muneshine to lace them with beats and once that happened, this is when created the group Lightheaded.  Well at least that’s how I know it.  Anyway, so now that you know who they are let’s get into the review.

The first track “Lightheaded Anthem” has a happy vibe to it.  It’s so happy it would make gangsta’s skip like 3 year olds to their enemies.  But that’s where the fun ends because the rest of the album either get’s serious or funky.  What I liked on this album was “Street Corners” which is laced with harp sounding samples.  This is a very well produced track. 

I liked the sample placements of “That’s How It Is”.  It is matched correctly to fit the beat and has this dirty gritty sound to it.  Now one of my favourite tracks on here is “Selfless”.  First if you are a purist I want you to listen to the first 20 seconds of this track over and over again.  Do you hear how seriously this guy takes his beats?   This is what I like, how you can hear different things here and there.  What I also liked on this track is that the dj is on here.  That sound is so authentic that I’d like to hear more artists do cutting for the hooks.

Now the headnodder on here is “Poetry In Motion” which have suttle keys but move u to near whiplash.  The last one on here that will put hair on your chest is the superbly produced “Outro”

Overall this is an above average release that I wouldn’t mind getting a few 12″s on vinyl.  Very different from what Day By Day normally releases but a breath of different air.

Bones Thug and Harmoney – Thug World Order (Sony)

Bone made their debut with Creepin on ah come up some years ago with the help of the late great Eazy -E. They then followed that album ETERNAL which brought us the number 1 smash IST OF THE MONTH. Since then a lot has changed in the rap game.And so did the members of Bone. Bizzy Bone was close to becoming an alcoholic, and Layzie Bone
was involved in a shooting. Krayzie Bone released two solo discs in between. His debut solo was the best out f the two.

This here disc starts of very corny, yes indeed. I think that the whole “lil drummer boy” theme is palyed out, as displayed on the T.W.O. INTRO.

BONE, BONE, BONE is a track that is definitely stuck somewhere in the late 90’s, as the beats and that quirky piano is just weird. Man I thought Bone would’ve moved on by now.

The too radio, HOME is a blatant attempt from Bone to get on radio, again. The first single, GET UP & GET OUT is ok. It features Destiny Child wannabe’s 3LW.

DJ Uneek did the majority of the tracks on here, so I feel that was not such a wise idea to do that. One producer’s style might just hamper your lame ass career anyway. Don’t’ get me wrong I dig Bone but after you listen to this cd you will change your mind.

I feel maybe Krayzie Bone might be the only one out of Bone that will have any more success as a solo artist. A very poor offering from the foursome out of Cleveland.

Luke Geraty – The Before I Sold Out EP (Syntax Records)

People are always complaining that there are wack albums coming out and I suppose if you listen to the radio all the time that’s true.  But I get tons of fresh albums being delivered to my postbox and if people could just dig deep enough they could also get some of this.

Luke Geraty is from the Syntax Records stable.  It is a Christian rap label on the West Coast that have constantly been releasing pretty good albums for the past few years.

The intro to this album starts off as a deejay track, this get’s you pumped up for the album.  Mark 1 and Kugar did the scratching on here and it was lekker.  Towards the end of this intro Luke busts a verse to complete this musical rootie.  I actually wonder if Luke is named after the book of Luke in the Bible?  Oh well the only way to find out is to ask him in an interview.

Anyway, the second track “Drowning In My Dreams” got that Deepspace 5 element in it.  Not sure if the producer John Huss is related to them but I’m bad with matching names to groups so please forgive me if he is/is not.

I love the track “Crayons”.  I must ask Flick who he sampled on this one.  This is not exactly the kind of track you would play at a club, but more of something you would listen to while driving through the Karoo searching for a decent looking woman.  I dig the track “Success” which is a serious track that deserves your ears.  There are some serious social commentary on here where Luke and E Gatti talk about what success is, and what does it cost to the third world or working class.  (that’s my interpretation anyway).

This EP is, well not really an EP.  It’s closer to an album with 11 tracks.  Listening to this from beginning to end is an enjoyable experience and comes packed with really hard beats that will probably tear your woofers apart if you let it.  A solid effort.

Uprok Mixtape Volume 1 (Uprok Records)

Uprok Records, one of the few underground hip hop labels to delivery authenticity and regular releases.  This reliable label brought us artists like Mars Ill, Sev Statik, Tunnel Rats and Deepspace 5.  They have a string of very dope albums that are useful for any deejay who happens to get their hands on their vinyl releases.

As far as I know this is the label’s first mixtape and the honor for this debut is given to DJ Allstar.  It is executive produced by Josh who’s other job is to make sure that the artists on Uprok are happy.

This is a 25 track mixtape that has been mixed in a fairly consistent manner.  The deejay keeps you onto the mix as he gently mixes in each song.  This is a mid-tempo paced mixtape which means none of the tracks have been pitched up.  This is probably the only minor problem on this release because it’s kind of dope when the deejay speeds things up just a little bit to get people/heads moving.

Now the choice of tracks on this mix is dope.  They got tracks on here that are bordering on classic.  For example I cannot help but break into a cold sweat when I hear “Those Who Do” by Tunnel Rats. That is one hellavu tight song!  He also brags with Sev Statik’s new banger “MIC”.  Dope ish man!

This mixtape at best shows the strong production that Uprok offers in terms of their releases.  This could easily translate into an Uprok promo for those seeking to familiar themselves with this hot label.

Bill Yuns – What’s My Name? (Yun Stand Me Records)

Bill Yuns, an artist from the North West wants you to know his name.  The single “What’s My Name?” is a phrase often heard in hip hop however Bill manages to bring out a funky and catchy track that will keep you hooked like a fish.

Since I’ve been playing this single I cannot get the chorus out my head.  It’s just one of those tracks.  This one was both produced by Bill himself and Hypnotik.  The keyboards on here are squeeky and compliment the mood of this song.  I imagine that this will do well in a club or just rolling down the road.

However it’s the remix by J1 that caught my ear.  J1 did a good job on production and his keyboard work is filled with interesting twists and twirls.  The track changes as the song progresses and makes for a good listen.  This is a bouncy track that had itself on repeat play throughout the day.

I figure that Bill is a marketable character and that Eastside did good on signing dude.  If this is any indication of how his album is going to sound like then I’m looking forward to it.
Bill Yuns – Bread Meat (Eastside and Yun Stand Me Records) Now here’s a track that’s gonna feature on the North Coast Rain compilation which is gonna be dropped by Eastside Records.  Just on a side note if you had to check who’s gonna feature on there it will make you say “Damnnnn!”.  It’s something I am looking forward to.  So to keep us happy until that drops they sent a track which is gonna be on there.

Bill Yuns first made us nod in approval with the track “What’s My Name?” and now he’s offering us some “Bread Meat” to eat.  I didn’t see no production credits on this one so I can’t say who did it but it’s good I tell you.  This your typical Northwest sound which we’ve become so accustomed to.  This is more of a serious track where Bill explains how serious he takes this shit because he got mouths to feed.  The beat is bouncy and the hook in the chorus is similiar to what Nate Dogg would do.  It’s hella catchy.

“Playa I make this money, this money don’t make me”

Can’t wait for the compilation.  Bring it on!

J Trey – The Time Has Come (A9 Records and EastSide Records)

What do you get when you take a pot, mix it up with rock, blues, R&B and rap?  J-Trey that’s who?  This group comes from the state of Iowa and just looking through their biography you cannot help but be impressed by who has already approached them for a possible deal.  I’m speaking about Arista and Atlantic.  However they decided to take the independent route by signing to A+9 Records in Bakersfield California.  Now when EastSide Records got a deal with Bayside Distribution J-Trey decided to get Eastside Records to distribute this cd.

J-Trey consists of members Skylar Johnson, JT and Jay B.  Now when you listen to this album you will notice that it is very different to what you normally hear these days.  It is even very different to what EastSide has been releasing.

Now some of the tracks on here have mass appeal.  For instance “Forever Roll”, produced by AngelCity2 is a radio friendly track that has national hit potential.  Another one that can break through the underground/commercial border is “Some Will Come” which is an R&B track that drifts over a bouncy track but done is a very different but good way.  Of course I can’t not mention J-Trey’s rendition of Dobie Gray’s “Drift Away”.  The track has a bar environment feel to it, it’d be cool to listen to this while you drinking a Milk Stout in an Irish pub.  I also digged “At Times” which is a soulful track that reminds me a lot of 70’s Motown.  They also make good use of popular tracks like Plum’s “Damaged” by looping the beat and using the entire chorus of that track in “All The Things”.

One of the hottest tracks on here is “Welcome To The I” featuring Bullet.  This one is produced by Big Ice and Oral Bee who are from Norway by the way.  This is a hot track.  The keyboard work on here is beautiful and works well with Bullet’s good hooks.  I like the keyboard stabs in the verses and overall this track will have you jumping out your seat.

Another one that shakes asses from here to Albuquerque is “Feeling You” featuring Kameil Madison and if this one doesn’t get picked up by radio I’d be shaking the deejay through the box saying something like, “What is wrong with you!”.

Overall this is the kind of album that can prove to be special over time.  I also imagine that in order to experience J-Trey you need to see them live.  They just come across as strong live performers.  I myself would enjoy their music in a pub while I’m getting drunk on Tafel Lager from Namibia.  A well rounded release that would appeal to a wide range of people.

Scarface – Balls and My Word (Rap a Lot)

When I played this album to my homeboy Oopy G he asked me when is Scarface going to retire from this rap game.
I didn’t answer him, so I think I’ll do that now….Oopsta…perish the thought!

Houston veteran Brad Jordan aka Mr Scarface is the oxygen tank this rap game needs to survive.  This brother never
ceases to amaze.  He’s grown both as an artist and a businessman.  Upon listening to this album I suddenly sensed a bit
of nostalgia.  The opening skit, "Balls and my word", utilises the dialogue from the movie Scarface.  I mean Al Pacino was
brilliant, but Brad Jordan re-wrote the script.  "Recognise", the opening cut, face lets us know why it feels good to be a gangsta as only he can.  A gumbo funk track that gets the cranium rattling, this is a gangsta 101 lesson.  "On my grind" featuring Z-ro, draws your attention like Jennifer Garnier naked (see daredevil with Ben Affleck).  "Bitch nigga"  feutures Bun B of Ugk, Z-ro and Dirt Bomb.  A posse cut that captures that whole 5th ward essence.  "Only Your Mother", (Oopsta G’s favourite cut), sees Face employ the talents of Devin the Dude and Tela.  And please ..don’t take that word talent lightly on this one!!!!

7 Aurelius, the former Rap-A-Lot in-house producer, works his magic on "Spend The Night".  Mr Jordan breaks down the ups and downs of geto love.  My favourite, "Fuckin With Face", sees a solid production getting complimented by a vocal delivery that some mc’s can only dream of!!!!!  "Invincible" doesn’t really work for Scarface. An experimental track that doesn’t really suite his style.  This track (out of 14), honestly, is probably the only let down on this album.  "Stuck At The Standstill", Face collabo’s with N.O. Joe to represent that grimy down south sound.

"Balls and My Word…." will definitely go down in my books as a classic.  Not only because it’s a solid, whole hearted effort, but because Scarface has shown us that talent, dedication and hard work definitely pays off.  A highly recommended album for the serious rap fan!!!!!

Various Artists – Hip Hop Rasizm Stop Vol 2 (MGK Records)

You gotta give Gorzki respect.  He put together this double cd (something which I’m trying to do myself) and it must have been hard work.  To get a bunch of artists from Poland, Germany, Czech and a few other countries to drop a compilation that has a message of anti-racism.  This is not the first time he has done it though, because last year he released volume one.

Now there is basically no difference between hip hop coming from those regions and any other region.  It’s only the language difference yet you can still feel the emcee even though you cannot understand him/her.  Bloody hell there are a lot of tracks on here.  We are talking about 34 tracks and get this, it’s also an enhanced cd with 2 music videos (which I enjoyed by the way).

It would be cumbersome to go through every track on here, and this is mostly because of the language difference.  I don’t know the content of the lyrics.  I could probably only comment on the production and flows yet with 34 tracks there just wouldn’t be enough space on this page.  This compilation offers an acceptable quota of straight emcee, dj and R&B tracks.  Yet this is a bonafide 100% hip hop compilation, with even the occasional R&B track bordering more on a purist hip hop sound rather than sounding like the stuff we hear on the radio.

The producers on this album, bring the heat.  Some of the beats are dark (probably to compliment the black cloudy landscape of Eastern Europe) and some of the beats are up tempo.  Their use of samples are properly placed and there is a degree of experimentation that most producers haven’t gone to yet.  

What I fear though is, is that most people wouldn’t get a chance to listen to this.  It’s imperative that we as supporters, activists etc to go out there and seek stuff from all corners of the world because we might just be missing out on some really good material.  I was impressed with this album.  

Track Listing:

1.  IKE (Slamz Crew) – Wstepniak
2.  MC Flavour – Real Hip Hop
3.  Gorzki & DNA – Duze Miasto
4.  3Ster – Rap Ist?
5.  Rhymes Street Squad – Chapes?
6.  Intoksynator – Wielkie Hity (Remix)
7.  Yejide Akinlana – Earth Tones
8.  Firma – Pale (Remix)
9.  Ferris MC – Flash For Ferris MC
10. WWD – Sztandar Korporacji
11. Konsulat & Sutdio Beatz – Jak Wam Kaze
12. Little Egypt – You Don’t Want To Be A Target
13. Brixx Elliot & Bina – O.K.
14. Kwadratura Kola – Sila Woli
15. Diaspora – Fuck Rsizmus!
16. Kapli & Semi – Cos Podobno Kiedys
17. DHO – Ja Ten Zly
18. Mikey Kim – 2002 and Past 6 Years
19.  Pro Domo Sua – Kazdego Ranka
20.  Te-ka – Perfekcyjny Swiat
21.  De Fuck To – Uz Vim (feat Magee)
22.  Chiopaki z Szarego Tlumu – A Moze
23.  Afirmacja feat Marta – Zycie Jak Sen
24.  Evah – Rozczarowanie
25.  Zadlo – Nic Tanim Kosztem
26.  Club Dogo – Givin Up
27.  Mc Schmekla
28.  PNA – Feministyczny
29.  DJ Stylewarz – 2002 feat Flowinlmm0, Ma, DJ Supreme and Toni L
30.  Argon – Szanuj Blizniego
31.  Kamraci Brac – Patrzysz
32.  8 Ram – Kto Sie Wozi
33.  Nauka Jazdy – Nie Ma Zle
34.  Ike (Slamz Crew) – Kinec Czesci Drugiej

Peace 586 – Generations (Uprok Records)

Hardcore rap,Gangsta rap, Reality rap, Conscious rap, Commercial rap…these are just sum of the sub-genres hip hop has given birth to over the years. Peace 586 doesn’t fall into any of the afore mentioned genres, no this one we’ll label as Christian rap. yep! Christian rap!!! As I’ve never really listened to or reviewed hip hop of this nature, I had to give it a good listen before I shared my views with you. So here go’s…..

The first track kicks off with a well assembled production along the lines of DJ Hi-tek. Peace 586 starts off by informing the listener he’s been doing this for years. Nice flow over this mellow track. “Love’s Still There” features a soul brother by the name of Jon Gibson. This track sees 586 “confessing” his love for the almighty, thanking God for bringing him this far.

“Respect” featuring Dynamic Twins, is all about paying dues in order to achieve success!!! word. One of my favourites “Progress” holds down a tight production that can definately stand out amongst hip hop’s hottest producers. “Hard Ballin” is one for the mc’s!! Don’t get fooled by the title, this is “Hard ballin” the righteous way!! A neck snappin’ production that got my cd player on repeat. “Mourning For the Art” and “Here for Years” will inspire any up and coming mc.

Listening to this album was quite refreshing. No trigga happy, dope smokin’, versace wearin, egotistical mc’ing on this one. This is the type of inspiration we all need once in a while. Although Peace 586’s flow might be a bit outdated, he definately makes it up with his positive attitude on this album. All 13 tracks on this album are well crafted productions, especially when you consider the fact that it’s not a multi million dollar project. This album will
definitely be added to my collection. long live Christian rap…..

Scratch Attack – Volume 2 (Hip Hop Slam)

This cd made me appreciate the smell of vinyl all over again. My main man Billy Jam, that legendary dude who rules pirate fucking radio in the Bay Area sent me this beautiful cd containing tracks that will incite clitoral hardons on a 80 year old Floridian pensioner. 

This album is for deejays only, or for people who are serious about turntablism. Don’t expect to buy this cd and play it while you vacumm your room. For those who don’t have turntables you will have to contend with doing air-scratches along with the songs. This cd displays techniques for those who are serious about using a turntable as an instrument. Here’s a quick track listing:

1. Battle Record Back – Bas 1 & DJ Platurn
2. Turbo Paw Platoon – DJ QBert
3. Daily Nightmare – Alien Army
4. Munkifunk – DJ Pone
5. FilipinoFist.com – DJ Jester & The Gellm
6. To All The DJ’s – Bas 1
7. It’s Teeko – DJ Tico and H.O.P.
8. Jazz – Double Dee and Steinksi
9. Live at the Vulcan – Deandroid & Celskiii
10. You Read Rolling Stone – Skit
11. Destroy – Alien Army
12. I.D. – Billy Jam and Bas 1
13. Last Night I Ruled The World – DJ Happee
14. Your Typical Skratch Track – DJ Spair
15. DJ Shout Outs – Bas 1
16. First Half – D-Styles, DJ Pone and Snayk Eyez
17. Fr-fre-fre-fressshhhhh – DJ Quest and Live Human
18. Styles To Kiss – DJ Haste
19. Turntable Menace – DJ Marvel

Plus 6 bonus tracks of various snippets/interviews from the radio show.

The stuff on here is like really professional shit, so much so that if you just a casual vinyl spinner you’d feel ashamed owning a pair of turntables. Everything on here is brilliant. Get it now.

Brotha Lynch Hung – Loaded (Siccmade Muzik)

Siccmade House 

First Degree The D.E. pops in to give the intro. He’s talking about Siccmade, the smell of pussy, liquor and weed, that’s how he introduces the album, okay!

My Soul to Keep feat Kokane 

Okay so here there’s some talking in the beginning, and then this funky p-funk very slow type beat kicks in. There’s some pimp style singing as well. It’s take a while but Brotha Lynch Hung eventually comes in to kick his verse. Not a very good track, nothing special.

Die 1 By 1 

This is more like it, the creepiness that is. Murder everything in sight. I figure they be using tracks like this to do drive by’s. And these are not studio gangster’s either. The beat is creepy, and as usual Brotha Lynch Hung is talking about burying people, and about raping woman (not very nice). Just for the record I personally don’t agree with the lyrics on here. This is one sick man.

One a Da Las Sicc Niggaz 

Here you hear babies crying, he’s talking about taking the child away from his mother coz he wants him to live with Brotha Lynch Hung. The beat is sick, a little hint of Dead Presidents I hear? This is a tight track! The bass on here is so evil it’s midevil. 

Situation feat E-40, Twamp Dog and First Degree 

If you ever wanted to piss off the preacher then play this in church. Again in this he’s talking about killing people and not being able to hug his mother because she will smell the rotting of the dead body which is in his car. Well that’s how it sounds when I listen to this track. Everybody on here has sick flows but it’s the subject matter that disturbs me. 

Heataz feat First Degree, Polo Da Trigga Man, P-Folks 

Jesus, the reason why you keep listening to this is because it’s like watching a horror movie. You may not agree with what’s happening on the screen but you just have to watch because the movie is good. That’s why Brotha Lynch Hung is a legend. He has the ability to tell his stories in so much detail, he talks about how things smell, how people react while he’s murdering them. Things like that. This track was meant for the ride. The bass’s volume is way up there on purpose for people to bump loud.

Did it and Did It feat Phonk Beta and D-Dub 

Nice keyboard work, but it’s too slow. Not really liking this track.

Went Way feat Tallcann 

No, I don’t like this song.

Thaz What I Said feat Loki and D-Dub 

Love this one. Production is beautiful, your typical Sac Town sound. Again, he get’s really sick on here, talking about leaving a horse head in your bed then sleeping with your wife. Who know’s if this guy is speaking from real experiences but to be on the safe side I wouldn’t start shit with him. One of the strongest tracks on the album.

Feel My Nature Rize feat Swartzaniggaz 

I hear bees in the background. Keyboard work is retarded. An average track.

One Mo Pound feat D-Dub 

The beat on this one is crap. Don’t like this song at all!

On My Brief Case feat Zagg and Phonk Beta 

This is quite a strong track. Lyrically Brotha Lynch Hung comes off very strong. A catchy track. 

Secondz A Way feat. Ice T and First Degree 

The beat on here is mobbed out, deep bass and a percussion style snare. The singing in the chorus is a bit flakey. But the track is still strong. I love the flows on here, very precise type lyrics, with a lot of detail in the content. Ice T sounds different on this track, but he comes off like he did on OG.

Bonus Tracks

Just some snippets for the next album.

Hey what can I say? This is something only open minded people should listen to. Horrocore, gangsta, well it’s like a mixture. For a good experience, first watch Texas Chainsaw Massacre, then go to your room put the light off and close your eyes. Hey don’t try this at home! But you get the picture. I liked many of the beats on here so don’t think I’m twisted just coz I dig this album. But what disturbs me is the subject matter. For somebody like me I can listen to this with an open mind and regard it as the same as watching a horror flick. But you will never find me agreeing with what is being said on this album. Who knows what the intentions are of this artist to paint such violent pictures. This is not for the faint hearted. This is a lifestyle worth avoiding at all costs, maybe if you listen to this album it will convince you that a lifestyle like the one he portrays is the wrong one.

Original Soundtrack – Cradle 2 The Grave (Universal)

Dark man X and high flying martial artist Jet Li star in this action flick. Although I havn’t seen the movie, the soundtrack contains a high powered compilation of hip hop’s biggest names.

The album kicks off with a pumped up DMX track called “X gon’ give it to ya”. Produced by Shatek, X delivers his usual aggression which DMX fans will appreciate. “Go to sleep” features Eminem, DMX and Obie Trice. This Eminem produced cut sees a trigger happy Marshall Mathers unleash a vicious rhyme aimed at god knows who (Benzino…maybe). A string filled drum track with gun shots all over the place!!! DMX steals the show on this one. “Follow me gangster” features hip hop’s newest bad boy 50 cent and the G unit. A nice catchy sample layered over a flow-able drum track.

Another street tale about 50’s gun collection that should probably be the movie’s main theme. The Tony Pizzaro produced “Stompdashitoutu” sees a dangerous collabo between Capone-n-Noreaga and in-ya-face M.O.P. This is street shit at it’s best. Besides an elite few, nobody can bring it harder than M.O.P.!!!! and man do they bring it! “My life(cradle to the grave)”, Foxy Brown drops a heart warming rhyme over a sample from one of my favourite 80’s r&b outfits Surface. Foxy get’s deep lyrically on this track and it works well for her. Drag On, the Ruff Ryders representative, drops by with a club banger called “Fireman”. This track carries a drum n bass feel containing the Temptations classic “Papa was a rolling stone” sample. Weird but….wonderful. New mc on the block Joe Budden, comes off smartly on “Drop drop”. With a flow one can easily compare to that of Black Rob, Joe Budden offers a witty rhyme over a busy production. DMX contributes yet again on “Right/wrong”, produced by DJ Envy. Sounds like homie employed a whole orchestra for this one. The result, nevertheless, is dynamite!!! 

“it’s gon’ be what it’s gon’ be” performed by Jinx & Loose is definately one to peep. Courtesy of DMX’s Bloodline records, this duo bring the ruckus, Tony Soprano style!!! Real street shit that should get yo gra’mas head bobbin’.
other notable contributions from Baby (won’t be coming back), Fat Joe (c2g) and Big Stan (hand that rocks the cradle) also appear on this soundtrack. A nice mixture of beats and rhymes to pop into the frontloader, hi-fi or discman.

Cee Rock – Bringin Da Yowzah (Turmic Records)

With one foot in Sweden and the other in the States (Queens NY) Cee Rock has come out as an emcee that deserves to be heard. The entire album was produced by DJ Erase except for the last track which was produced by DJ Farfar

The first track “Kill the Killin” solidifies Cee Rock as an emcee who has years of experience under his belt. His flow is perfect and it compliments his stable voice. I’m not sure if I’m the first one who notices this but he has a hint of B.I.G. in him. 

By far the track that makes the hair on the back of my neck stand on end is “Anderson Iz Nice”. Let me tell you why. Firstly the beat is driving by the nicely laid out bassline and tip toeing on top of that is a simple piano loop. In the chorus there’s some nice vocal scratching. In addition to all of this Cee Rock rocks this beat like it aint nothing. Also in certain parts of the track you get this ill double kick. This track is so strong.

On the 3rd track you got Promoe (Loop Troop) joining Cee Rock in the studio. This track is just retarded. The track “Yowzah” has that very early 90’s flavour. A nice track with a tightly laid out chorus. One of my favourites on here is “No One Has It Yet”. Just the way he flows, for instance he ends off every word with precision. 

Cee Rock aka The Fury is an emcee who is going to go very far. It’s just for more people to take a chance and check out the album. You won’t be disappointed. Recommended by AfricasGateway.

O.U.O. – Of Unknown Origin (Independent)

Do you remember a group by the name of Zimbabwe Legit who had dropped some heat on Hollywood Basic a couple of years ago?  Well the name of their new group is O.U.O, Of Unknown Origin, and this is taken from the full length due in May 1st 2003.  Until now they have been lurking on the underground and now they are looking to bring it out here.

Normally it’s pretty difficult to gauge the competency of a crew with just 4 tracks however O.U.O. have spread their butter evenly over this bread so that you can easily swallow each corner.  

“Look Good” is the first nice one, a smooth track with a subtle humming bass that rides throughout the track  The track is very catchy and if you like atmosphere’s similar to the Roots then you’ll dig this. 

“Dotted Lines” is the cream of the crop on this one.  The production saves it as it draws a dirty vinyl nostalgia sound over the nicely cut up sample.  They even give daps to South Africa.  The deliveries on here are very nice and will have you nod in approval.

I hope that they can take off from where they left off from the Hollywood Basic days.  Overall a good sample of what’s to come and I expect to review the full album soon.

Bullet Presents – NorthCoast Rain (Eastside Records)

Eastside is at it again with a compilation (when will they stop!) featuring some of the hottest artists from the North West region of the USA (please don’t stop!). The album is a combination of Hip Hop and R&B and manages to keep that ‘street’ feel to it without loosing credibility with it’s radio friendly tracks. Bullet can be considered a pioneer in that region. He is currently putting the finishing touches to his latest album “Dedication and Desire” but in the meantime while we wait he has presented this lovely dish for us. Let’s get into this shit right here.

1. North Coast Rain (Bullet)

This is just an intro with Bullet talking, you can hear rain and thunder in the background, sounds very much like a Nedbank advert (only South African’s will catch that). After listening to this I gather that it rains there often. 

2. Hottest Shit (FunkDaddy & Livio)

Hey look who makes an appearance on here! This is a summer track that would suit that saturday afternoon just fine (does the sun shine in the Northwest?), you know the kind where you are in that club and the sweat is rolling from your face and the heads are nodding at the bar. The chorus is catchy too. 

3. If You Know Like I Know (Todd G & Bosko)

This is your typical West Coast type track, you see Bosko is on here, he has that certain sound (read DBA/Cool Nutz) and his production has this trademark to it. The vocoder singing in here is done properly (not like the many wannabees who do it because it was a trend) and adds a nice touch to the track. Nice to listen to when riding along the Sea Point beach. I can hear this on radio.

4. Uncapable (Bullet & Jazz)

As this track starts my lips are protruding towards my monitor and I’m saying “oooooohh!”. Just those damn keyboards man! A nice slow listening track as Bullet adds a lot of substance on here, you see while other rappers would rap just utter bullshit he at least got a story to tell. He’s talking about being uncapable of loving somebody, but rather loving music. He adds a lot of honesty by talking about people having the assumption that they live these large lives, but they don’t know the daily struggle. You can hear clearly that he has grown a lot as an artist. You can tell that just by listening to this. A serious contender I tell you!

5. In Your Life (Myele)

This is a poppy type track, with a dash of R&B and doo wop (not the deejay) feel. Nicely structured track. Nice when you wanna just grab a girl from the side and get down. The girls love this track.

6. What Went Wrong? (Skuntdunnana & 151)

The production on here is nice, especially the intro (makes the hair stand on end). Got a East coast feel to it. The use of the vocal sample works well with the chorus. The rhyming is tight but there is is like a 2 % of something missing on here. Can’t put my finger on it.

7. Straight M.O.B. (Assassin & Bullet)

Now this is what I’m talking about. This is one of favourites on here. This track has all the ingredients of what I would consider a good track. You see there are just some things you don’t understand about the Bay/NW. It’s a different sound man! If you don’t understand what that mob sound is, then you won’t understand! There’s no use explaining to you. Solid verses all around.

8. That’s My Dream (Sarkastik)

This guy’s name is all over the net but I’m not sure if I’ve ever heard his music (might have heard him on a couple of guest appearances). Anyway where was I, oh yeah, shit I’m glad I got a chance to listen to this. To me this rapper is an asset to the NW. This song actually made me laugh. It was like listening to a stand up comedian taking pot shots at himself (or is he dissing other rappers out there?). I mean one of lines is “I performed last week and all 3 people showed up”. This dude is good writer (somebody send me a full album!). 

9. First Sight (Unexpected Arrival)

An unexpected arrival from err, umm, well Unexpected Arrival. This got a spanish/mexican feel to it. A bouncy song with some nice acoustic guitar work. The rapping is on here is not hard, but a kind of relaxed type style. 

10. Too Much (Dividenz, Bullet and Jazz)

The production on here got a Neptunes feel to it. Very commercial sounding track, it took me a couple of listens to get into it. It’s got a dirty south feel to it. This can easily make itself home over the NW border towards the south.

11. Stugglin Artist (Bill Yuns)

The beat on here is slow, kind of like an r&b feel to it, and there’s some soulful singing on here and Bill Yun’s flow on here is fast. 

12. That’s Gangsta (Big Ice & Oral Bee)

This duo is from Norway (no, you read that right, from the Nordic!). These guys have produced a truck load of beats for many artists on the West coast (they’ve worked with legends!). The production is top notch, perfect keyboard work and enough twists to keep this track interesting. The beat is bouncy and is perfect for the ride. The chorus is the kind you sing-a-long to and you’d never tell they from Norway, sound like they from the West Coast. They got this album out which will be reviewed on this site shortly (depending on the speed of the South African postal services).

13. Bring It To The Masses (Pete Miser)

I like it how they do this live old skool recording in the intro, now this track borders more on the purist side of the hip hop sound. There’s scatching over a vocal sample and the track has an early 90’s feel to it. A nice track and it adds a bit of variety to this compilation.

14. Against All Odds (Shaolin)

He joined Bullet on “Small Town Living, Big City Game”. They parted ways but are still cool with each other. This is a laid back track and Shaolin got a nice style. The track has a nice feel to it. Suitable for cruising.

15. Street Life (Arjay)

The bassline on here is fat. I think we now come to the part of the cd where the panties drop. This R&B track is for the lovebirds out there. A nice track.

16. Safe 2 Say (Cool Nutz)

Uhh Cool Nutz. Jus Fam. East Side. West Coast. Yeah. Uhh. Oh did I forget, I’m writing a review. You see I can attest to the fact that Cool Nutz is one of the hottest commodities out here right now. You know when people blow up, e.g. David Banner, well the same is going to happen with Cool Nutz. Just wait and see. I don’t the know the credits and I can tell you that Cool Nutz produced this (if I’m wrong I’ll have no choice but to hang myself). Cool Nutz got a tight flow and the beat is banging. There’s no weak shit on here.

17. Nothing In Life (White Boy Will, Bullet & Arjay)

I love it how there is so much variety on this cd. There’s something on here for everybody. Bullet kicks the first verse and keeps you hooked as he flows over this bass heavy track. The singing is tight and fits in well with the overall atmosphere of the track. White Boy Will is second on here. Arjay is singing in the chorus. This is the first time I’m hearing White Boy Will rap and I’m thinking, why not put an album out? That would interesting to check out. Overall a nice laid back track with a sort of a mid tempo to it.

18. Uh Huh (Stoned Kings)

I’m looking forward to review Stoned Kings album. They got a nice style, got a bit of a south twang to their accents. Nice beat, it’s got this hard bass, produced by Big Rasc. You know if you play this in a car with a fat sound system all you will hear is the bass. I like it like that. What you want is to stop at the traffic lights and watch the people’s windows in the cars next to you rattle. A dope track.

19. Street Lights (Ready of Mad Ro)

Wait, I know this, this is a remake of, let me think quickly, yes, Sting! An interesting track.

20. Dangerous (Kay Kay, Arjay, Jazz)

The only way to describe this track is to use the word crunk. You know, the kind that make the whole club jump up and down. Strings galore and rah rah hooks. Please let the first lady drop an album soon!

21. When I Get Home (Hypnotik)

Hypnotik contemplates if people would have forgotten him by the time he comes back from prison. He’s rapping about trying to stay focused while being locked down and he’s just thinking about coming home. Not the kind of shit anybody would want to go through. The kind of track that can just make you sit back and reflect on how lucky you are for being on the outside. 

Overall I must say that this compilation was put together very well. Many times compilations are filled with album throwaways. But this was not the case here. The selection of tracks on here was good and most importantly there was a lot of variety on here. The amount of good tracks on here also make it an interesting album to acquire. There is something for everybody on here. Eastside Records is becoming a very strong contender in the rap game, and I’m not talking regionally, I’m talking nationally here (read: USA). Just shows you what hard work can do. They are here to say, believe that!

Keltic Tribe – Albino Gorillaz (Buy Mai Records)

Coming all the way from San Francisco, Keltic Tribe (Mighty The Saint, Jimmy Da Butcher and Slops Conley) are 3 caucasion rappers who are bringing the street heat. This is their second album and as I type this they are putting the finishing touches to their third album. 

These guys have most def got the San Fran sound (but with a twist of their own) and if you are a fan of  Bay rap then you will dig this.

So the intro to this album starts off nice and slow. The rapping on here is raw and spit fire and at one point I thought I was listening to an Xzibit album (one of the rappers has the same gruffness he has). Anyway so the second track on here “Eye Balling” has this mobbed out production. Do not waste this track. You need to play this as loud as you can in your car and drive as slow as you can while you cruise along your neighbourhood. It’s that hot. The keyboard/moog work on here is amazing, it just hypes you up, makes you feel good. This one is produced by Eric Lee and I give him 2 thumbs up. An addictive track where they talk about typical street stuff.

A personal favourite of mine is “Long Road”. The base line on there will command your head to nod. The rapping on here is personal where they talk about how hard it was for them growing up. I had this particular track on repeat because I’m sure that many of us who had similar upbringings could relate to the stories that they spoke on in this track. I was thinking to myself “yes I can relate to that!”. The hook in the chorus is also tight!

One of the tracks that really stand out is the ass shaking “1980’s” which is a song dedicated to the 80’s and how it was in those days. This is fun song and is extremely bouncy, in fact it’s not often that you hear stuff sounding like this coming from the Bay. Another one that I was diggin was “On Borrowed Time”

This album is authentic street shit. The album features guest appearances from people like Big Mack, Levitti, San Quinn and Mr Kee. Keltic Tribe are to be taken serious and I’m waiting in anticipation for their next release.

Aloe Blacc – EP (IPO WAX)

When this album was dropped on my lap I had no choice but the throw my girlfriend off me because here was something that looked interesting. I run over to my cd player and pop it in and light a Rothmans Mild cigarette, throw my shoes off and put the volume up full blast.

What’s the first thing that happens? Shit, I’m telling you I was not wrong. I can sniff good shit just by touching a cd I tell you! The first track “Get Blacc” has a horn infested production. Somehow it sounds like Deep Purple smoked crack. The beat is so addictive. Brighten your monitor screen and let me tell you why. Firstly instead of using a simple hi hat to drive the track he uses these sick percussion bells, I don’t know how to explain it to you but it’s more like a shaker with tons of small bells on it. Now instead of a loud snare he uses a subtle percussion tap. He got some tight flows as well. He sounds raw, and talks about taking it back to how it was. 

“getting blacker by the second but yo I’m still me
Nobody ever wanna touch nothing that’s filthy
so here shake my hand, let me see if you a man”

The second track “Real Homeys”, the production has a hollow feel to it. But it’s raw, just how I like it. Anyway the hook in this song is nice and catchy. Aloe Blacc got a nice message on this track, talking about real friends and fake friends. A lot of stuff people like you and me can relate to.

One of my faves on here is “Personal Business” which reminds me so much of Planet Asia/Slum Village type shit. The beat is beautiful, it got that nice piano loop with this thick beat utilizing a thin clap as a snare. 

Overall this whole EP can be played from beginning to end and you won’t have to skip a track. Aloe Blacc is both a good rapper and producer. He comes with catchy hooks and his production has this nice warm feel to it. Definitely check this out.
J Rawls – Histories Greatest Battles, Campaigns and Topics (Female Fun) There are times when you need to sit down and listen to music made by people who take music very seriously. This album edges more towards the more purist side of hip hop as beats are used to tell the stories. Though this is not an entirely instrumental album, the majority of the tracks are made to tell their stories just by the atmosphere’s they bring forth leaving the rest to your imagination.

The entire album is brilliantly put together which enables you to listen to it from start to finish. Once you understand the concept of this album you will enjoy it even more. The top notch rhyming on “Hard Rock” combined with a hypnotic beat declares to you that this is an album for puritans. 

The second song “The Black Brigade Of Cincinnati” is a track that was inspired by the Black Brigade which was a unit of Black soldiers to protect the city of Cincinnati. They were the first men of their race to be employed for military purposes in the North. The production is a laid back jazzy beat with a nice fat snare featuring Fat Jon playing the flute throughout the track. Love this track!

On “Sixty-Three Is The Jubilee” named after an old song from the Civil War era, you get a sneak peak into the beat that Wordsmith uses for “Thank You”. A nice track with a paradise island sounding vibe to it. There’s such a lot of changes in this track and if you are a producer you will appreciate the depth of the production.

The one I’m really feeling is “Welcome to North Africa” which uses traditional African singing throughout the track over African instruments. This one was inspired by the battle which happened in North Africa during World War 2.

There are other tracks that stand out including “A United Front” and “The Polar Palms Of Moscow”.

For the best experience, read the liner notes, then wait until it’s 3am in the morning, put all the lights off, and put this cd on and close your eyes. Enjoy the experience.

Todd G – Bail Money (Eastside Records)

Let me quickly tell you about Todd G. About 12 years ago (he is now 29 years old) he was convicted for Attempted Murder and first degree robbery at age seventeen. He was sentenced to the Oregon Youth Authority and was later released to the streets where he again ended up in the Oregon State Penitentiary. However he always had his eyes on the music business and with this focus it eventually brought him and Eastside together to release his album “Bail Money”. 

1. Everything’s Gonna Be Alright

The first thing you are going to be hooked on is the female singing. It blends perfectly with Nicky “Stick String’s” Belknap’s production. The beat is phat and the drums play quitely with the bassline. The first thing you notice about Todd G when he raps is that he sounds like a pimp, and it comes natural cause he’s talking from experience.

2. Everywhere I Go

Todd G sounds more energetic on this track. Again, Sick String’s does the beat here. Lots of twists and turns, nice to hear production with a lot of tweaks and changes throughout the track. It shows that the producer take’s their work seriously, instead of rushing beats. Solid deliveries from Todd G and the hook is off the hook. 

3. Rush Rush (Featuring Jay Tee, Bullet & Arjay)

Philly Blunt does the beat here, this one has a more west coast style to it. It was interesting to hear the 3 rappers go at it on this song together. I was nodding my head to this one. A track for the club or just riding.

4. If You Know Like I Know (Featuring Bosko)

This is the one that has the potential to become a BIG hit. Also got a west coast sound to it. It has international appeal and would sit comfortably within the Top 40 Rap/R&B charts.

5. Let’s Get The Money Baby (featuring Step G and Mac C)

This one produced by Bay Dre. Beat is very down southish. Sounds too much like many other songs out there.

6. These Ladies

This is nice. Good production and good solid verses. The beat grows on you, it’s got a lot of warmth to it. I like the chorus. A strong track.

7. One Love (featuring Bullet, Arjay and Vocab)

A laid back track. Production is interesting (by Todd G), different sounds all over the place, it’s mobbed out with singing in the chorus. It’s got a fat snare / clap combination. Not sure about this track.

8. D.U.I. (Interlude)

He get’s arrested on this one. Just an interlude.

9. Verbally Abusive 

Love the production on here. Mo Betta handles the beat on here. Sounds very much like something you’d hear on a Scarface album. Fat ass bass. A song for the pimps. Todd G talks about being verbally abusive. Todd G comes off very nasty on this one. Love this one!

10. This is Portland (featuring Bullet and Jazz)

Nice and fast, get’s the blood pumping, helps you get ready to out and kick some ass. Bullet kicks a fat hard verse on here.

11. Todd G Got Her (featuring Bay Dre)

Now this is what I’m talking about. Like this track very much. Production is A1 grade. 
Todd G flows nicely over this one. Bay Dre sings in the chorus? It works well. Everything works out perfectly on this track.

12. The Life Of A Fake Rapper (featuring Bullet)

Bullet is dope, he got a personality on the mic. He got a voice that will grab your attention. I like it how Bullet and Todd G interact on this song. Nice beat from Sick Strings. Even though this is a funny song you cannot help but relate to what they are saying, because we know people like the ones they are referring to. 

13. Who Is This? (interlude)

Another interlude

14. Did You Like That (featuring J.E.T and Bay Dre)

Bay Dre produces this one, a head nodder. The rapping on here is suits the beat well. The chorus is catchy. Nice one.

15. Walk On By (featuring Michelle)

The chorus is a rendition of the original “Walk On By” song. The beat is very clubbish. Overall I’m not into this track.

16. Now You Know Why (Bullet and Jazz)

There is something lacking in the production here. The weakest track on here.

17. Life Goes One

I like the beat on this one, and Todd G comes off with some nice flows. 

18. Street Life

I think this one is on the North Coast Rain compilation too? Yes, after all the pimping, it’s time to lay back, get under them covers with that someone special. A VERY good track sung by Arjay.

Overall? This album has a LOT of very STRONG tracks. There were only a few average tracks and one or two tracks I wasn’t feeling. Todd G is a good rapper, he has a different style. He is/was a pimp so expect a lot of pimping on this album. He can display different styles/flows to suit different beats and that shows his versatility. The majority of the production on here was fat. It was good to hear this is one producer I wasn’t familiar with before and that is Sick Strings. A solid release.

Def Cut – Street Level (Mzee Records)

“Basel’s own Hip Hop producer Def Cut is an all-round talent when it comes to producing and is now the most famous from Switzerland. Not many swiss musicians can say that their records are released in Japan, USA or England, not even talking of swiss Hip Hop musicians.

His first album “Return to Burn” was released in summer 2001 in the USA over Bomb Records and his new album “Street Level” came out in December in Japan.

His timeless tracks rotate on the playlist of many international Break Beat Radioshows and through his reputation as a 1st class DJ you can find Def Cut at established Festivals like the Transmusicales in Rennes / France as well as DJ on the “Battle of the Year”. He is also Tour Dj of Switzerland’s finest MC: Spo and spins the records in many Breakbeat Clubs in east europe.

With his new album “Street Level” Def Cut wants to establish himself in the international music & club scene. The maturity of his musical development can be heard on the 2nd album:
Like no other Producer, Def Cut knows how to make ruff rugged Hip Hop Tracks with pumping Funk Breaks & Electro elements on an international quality level.
He was able to display his scratching skillz on the “Return of the DJ” album, which included also big names like Beastie Boys Mixmaster Mike, The Beatjunkies or DJ Z-Trip.”

This album is at most an album for bboys but would work equally well for your typical dance club scene (those who like to keep their ear to the funky breaks/electro scene). This album is extremely funky and I’d advise that you get this on vinyl as it comes out on a double and would suit a deejay more than a casual listener. You can mos def rock a crowd with this. Casual listeners of hip hop will probably not appreciate this as much as someone who understands the old skool.  So without me getting too deep with this review let the music rather speak for itself, this is tight shit so check for it.

Devin The Dude – Just Tryin’ To Live (Rap-a-Lot)

Before I start this off, I just want to say that I hate Rothmans mild! Bring me sum Stuyvesant, now! I can smoke Stuyvesant for 15 minutes, but a Rothmans damn, 7 minutes! What the fuck? The reason for me going on about smokes is cos Dev (Devin the dude) smokes a lot, weed and cig’s. So I felt it fitting by lighting up whilst listening to this here disc.

Devin has come long way, I heard of this southern crooner/rapper back when he was doing his thang with Odd Squad and Facemob. but it was his verses on Scarface’s ‘MY HOMIES‘ that made me sit up and take notice. Dev is has got it all in one. his appearance on Tela’s ‘DRUGS‘ make me wanna skommel (masturbate/wank). Dev is a living legend in the south, PERIOD.

His verse and chorus contributions on ‘Dre 2001‘, the track ‘FUCK YOU‘ is already emblazed on the rap hall of fame of tracks that is classic. Ask yo mama if you don’t know. His solo debut ‘THE DUDE‘ was an underground classic and showcased one witty ass mu’fucka that knows his shit. But now in 2002/3 ‘the dude’ tells us he is just trying to live. If you saw the ‘Up in smoke tour‘ the you would remember Dev coming on stage singing ala sum Isley Bros shit. This 18 track disc here, is a classic mayn.

On the album INTRO Dev comes from outer space (ala ET) landing in a field of greenery leaves and smoked it, pass it to his fellow aliens and they asked him what it was, he replied “weed”… this here track is humorous, fa sho! very witty shit. REEFER & BEER is what makes the next track tight, a relaxing guitar riff running over a tight ‘percussionist’ track stes you for a modd for weed and beer … soulful blues, making beats and getting high that’s what the south and dev is all about.
and of course a four 20 inch rims on that 2004 caddy. ‘make these beats and fucking freaks” (Oopsta g’s anthem)

DOOBIE ASHTRAY got dem twangs an’ shit and a heavy Primo drum track make ‘Doobie ashtray’, a damn new stroke of genuis, of a bitch of a ‘ ma se poes ‘ (mother’s cunt) of a track! over DJ Premier’s laid back production Devin lays down a nice ass flow on rappin’ and singing which does justice to this track.

Adding his west coast gangsta flava on this here disc-ki-doe (disc) ha ha ha. Doc Dre drops a beat and with the help of Xzibit and Nas dropping gems, make for a head boppin’ (funky boppin) track, HO$H nog JFK! (Ek wietie wat is die fokken track se naam nie!) But ol’ Dev holds his own with these rap heavy weights! IT’S A SHAME has Dr Dre doing a formulatic drum and keyboard track which is kind of the bomb cos he does sum shit with flutes and saxes that only he knows how to do. 

YOUR HOE is tight ass fucking orgy of sex tale show Dev will fuck your wife, girl whilst you are being a ‘poes'(cunt) to her. A bouncy beat with an old school sample rounding of this three versed ditty.

If you are into rap from Port Arthur, Corpus Christi and Houston, this disc is for you. Or if you want to some real life stories and some daring humorous stories ’bout wiping his ass with your face towel, then tap into Dev’s wicked sense of humor ’bout sex, sex and sex. And weed, weed and weed. And beer, beer and beer!

Various – The Introduction 10th Anniversary Japan Edition Vol.1 (Mzee)

“MZEE is in its 13th year of service and the label also exists for a decade now …..

While at the beginning of the 90s MZEE mainly supported the build-up and the development of German-speaking Rap, since the turn of the millenium, the objective developed into another direction and now the main goal is to supply the Hip Hop world market with fresh Beats and good Hip Hop instrumental music.”

This album contains over 65 minutes of raw authentic breaks, beats and exclusive tracks. If you buy the vinyl version you get 3 vinyl’s with over 90 minutes of music, that’s an extra 25 minutes of bonus material. 

This is essential for any bboy and the raw energy of the tracks selected will induce any retired bboy to get up and get down. In fact even if you are wheel chair ridden the breaks in here will command your soul to push life into those legs and make the hip hop community think they saw a miracle happen. 

The album is divided into 4 areas, the first is the BBoy breaks series, which is of course for the bboys and bgyrls to get down to. The second part is the DJ tools series, which is practically useless if you have the cd (so cop the vinyl for that), on the cd version it’s just a dj track. The 3rd rock from the sun is the Hip Hop Beats section, which you can use for freestyles etc. Lastly we have the rap releases series, which contains rap releases from the label.

Track listing:





If I was living in Germany I’d buy up their whole catalogue. Definitely peep this!

Strictly Bboy Breaks – Volume 2 (Mzee Records)

Zeb.Roc.Ski & DJ Double D together bring you this all star compilation of more than 45 minute breaks, funk, electro and turntablism. This shit is essential for any bboy crew. 

This volume contains:

“7 rare (mostly never released on CD) and 6 exclusive tracks full of funk, electro and turntabilism! “Strictly B-Boy Breaks Vol 2″ shows a special sort of explosive B-Boy stuff and DJ’s & Producer from England, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and also from Hungary and Australian are responsible for that. Many international known artists like DEF CUT, ZULU DJ, DJ SING, ZEB.ROC.SKI, CUTMASTER GB, BROS ROCK CREW, DJ JUNK, CHARMING BOYS or DJ ROUGHNECK are mixing new sound experiences with the old school Hip Hop flavour.”

01. Zulu DJ : Mixtape Intro 
02. Dr. D.Lorean : Smarty Pants 
03. Adfunk feat. Tha Dump!: Dance Sucka (Powermoves Mix) 
04. Def Cut : Steady Breakin 
05. DJ Sing : Bring it on 
06. Zeb.Roc.Ski. : Keep prepared for the Battle 
07. Cutmaster GB : Welcome to the real real world 
08. Bros Rock Crew : This flight tonight 
09. No Remorze : No Justice 
10. DJ Junk : Break that (Bonus Mix) 
11. Charming Boys : Back to da Funk (Circle Mix) 
12. Dj Roughneck : The Style is Wild 
13. Swift aka The Nasty Mouse : Natural Funk 
14. Outro 

Perfect for deejays, bboy crews, bboy battles or serious fans of break beats. Definitely check 4 this!

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