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9 August 2010 No Comment

2FAST 2FURIOUS – The Soundtrack (Def Jam South/UMG/Universal)

So Vin Diesel is not in 2FAST 2FURIOUS, so what the hell! I got to see the movie and it does not need him! With all the regular fast cars all over the show it’s all car freaks need to get the adrenaline juices flowing. Ludacris makes his major movie debut in here and also pops up on the soundtrack. The soundtrack to the first one was aight, but it had a more Hip-Rock sound to cater for everybody. On this one it’s strictly deep dirty down south beats and rhymes that will make you love the south even more.

With R.KELLY, TYRESE, FAT JOE, KARDINAL OFFISHALL, DEAD PREZ and more filling up this high powered soundtrack that make this is a definite must have.

Carlos Hernandez hooks up the mobbish REPRESENT for TRICK DADDY. A very deep track, man I needed a smoke of ‘dagga’ (weed) after I heard this track. The horn rif that rides through the track is on hit. The keyboard work on here is of top notch quality.

Shondrae the dude that was responsible for the first Ludacris album is responsible for the gutter SLUM. which
has I-20, Shawnna and Tity Boi mobbing over a crunk fest of a track. PICK UP THE PHONE is a typical R.KELLY
cut with TYRESE, LUDACRIS and R.KELLY. This track is in the same vein as FIESTA. It’s bumpin’ mayn.

The mesmerizing HANDS IN THE AIR by 8BALL is a favourite among all the staffers at this site. Hooked up by Big Du it is reminiscent of the production sounds of SPAGE AGE 4 EVA. A must listen. Newcomer Chingy hits you with the bramboscious GETTIN’ IT. He got a solo disc out now which should be worth checking out. He sounds very much like PIMP C. Mmmm I don’t think I can handle a PIMP C clone, PIMP C is my dog, see you when you get out.

DEAD PREZ who hits the soundtrack with the Stic.man produced HELL YEAH. Is an aight contribution to this soundtrack. JIN from the Ruff Ryders clique submits his rhymes on the average PEEL OFF.

LIL’ FLIP’s ROLLIN’ ON 20’S is the anthem we have been waiting for. It’s just too damn tite mayn! Hooked up by Sucka Free stalwart Anthony Sears. LUDACRIS – ACT A FOOL which is produced by unknown Keith McMasters is a bumpin’ cut which reminds me a bit of KLC’s production. I dig this cut. 

In closing I have to say that this is very well balanced soundtrack, no bad cuts on here.

Joe Budden – Joe Budden (On Top/Def Jam/Universal)

Who the fuck is Joe Budden, I’m sure (censored) doesn’t know who is Mr. Budden. Where is his site anyway? This 22 year old Harlem born, Jersey raised father of one definitely does not give a flyin fuck if (censored) is gonna do another site or not. Joseph Budden’s stage name used to be Mouse, cos when he got upset his voice would have a little squeak to it. 

His club anthem FOCUS is the perfect anthem to play in clubs and strip clubs like Teazers. Produced by White Boy it’s a very bare bones track that has all the ingredients to make wannabe models shake their ass like they ain’t got no shame. FOCUS made it’s debut on one of DJ Clue’s world famous mixtapes and blew the fuck up!

The other anthem is the Just Blaze produced PUMP IT UP, which also features all over the 2FAST 2FURIOUS movie. Nothing wrong here with this track. Joe is a recovering angel-dust smoker and his struggles with the dust has made him strong as an MC, I wonder if (censored) smoked angel dust would he make a better site?

U AIN’T GOTTA GO HOME sounds very down south-ish. It even has DJ Clue all over the beat. I like this one herre. It has a bit of a Timbaland influence to it. Busta Rhymes pops in for a verse on the bouncey FIRE. Justin Smith aka Just Blaze hooked up this beat on his trusty Akai MPC 3000. Average.

Fellow Def affiliates 112 lends their vocals to the infectious MA MA MA. This is perfect to bump in the X5 with them boozaka tubes. CALM DOWN is a cool ass track with Joe rappin’ bout his life as a youngster. I think this one is dedicated to his mom or something. 

The rowdy GIVE ME A REASON has the ROC written all over the beat, maybe it’s because it has Just Blaze again on the beat. A damn busy track I think they are tryin to get another club hit here, this is one for single radio play, with no payola! I dig this, “…your maybeline raps that you make up nigga…”. “… cos I Omar epps/ who got the juice now? …”

Before I go check out the humourous PORNO STAR, not for minors.

I would say that this is not a bad debut for Mr. Buddens.

KEITH MURRAY – He’s Keith Murray (Def Squad/Def Jam/Universal)

Keith Murray is back! Biznack! But with less deep and complex words, on here Keith is concentrating on delivering more humour and insightful rhymes than a audio version of Webster’s Dictionary. Some people might be disappointed that Mr. Murray is not abusing and murdering the English language. After spending some time (3 years) in jail for ‘donnering’ (beating) a dude with a chair, Keith made like Mandela and forgave his jailers. 

Enough talk, let’s get in:

THE CARNAGE is one of the most haunting tracks I have heard in weeks. It features Bad Boy Joe Hooker on the hook(er). This track should be played whilst you take your favourite drug of choice. It’s hella trippy. OH MY GOODNESS has got a Rockwilder sound to it, wonder what happened to him anyway. Anyway this ditty is hooked up by Quran Goodman, a bounce fest here. I think that Quran might be formerly of the kid gangster rap group Da Youngstas. Hey I might be wrong. 

YEAH YEAH U KNOW IT produced by F.O.B Entertainment’s best, Just Blaze, is mesmerizing. It features Erick Sermon and Redman ripping the cut to pieces. CANDI BAR is ‘parmalat’ butter baby. It is about Mr. Murray’s affection for a girl, and the way he constructs his rhymes to describe this beaut of a woman is damn good. I’m sure you heard this track on radio already.

CHRISTINA is a dedication to his younger 15 year old sister that passed away. Jamie Foxx features on the album doing the interludes/skits. I like the Bill Clinton skit on B.C. Something similar to what Eddie Griffin did for Dr Dre and Cedric the entertainer did for Nelly. 

SUCKA FREE is vintage Erick Sermon production, very nice. This one got the bump in the frump for yo trunk.
SAY WHAATT has got Keith and Redman jousting over a crunk ditty produced by Jazz Pha, it has very old school
feel to the lyrics, reminds me of an old school LL COOL J. Tone & Poke hooks up the FIESTA sounding DA BA DUNK SONG. This one is for the radio and stripclubs.

Busta Rhymes and Kell Vicious graces this album on the parkade (see butter) ON SMASH. A club and mixtape banger fa sho! SAY GOODNITE has Pete Rock co-producing with Erick Sermon this track, it’s aight!

In closing this is a well rounded album, an album worth copping. 

“…and I’m very hardcore, I live out my metaphors/so don’t ask me what happened/go ask that niggas jaw …”

40 Love – I Got Issues (Entrepopeople Records)

If I was an A&R executive for a major label I would sign 40 Love without a question. 

This album is extraordinary. Not so much so because it’s different but because 40 Love is talented! I believe we all have the ability to do things differently but to do it and have talent is something else. The first song that had me moving my shoulders from side to side is “The Rant”. Now I’ve heard this track already because they sent a single to me last year and everynow and again it plays in my mind when I least expect it. Listening to it again confirms my conviction that this is one track that just doesn’t go stale. 

But hey man, he get’s down on “Demons (Alcohol)”. I gather that 40 Love likes to drink a lot and this is a song all about drinking the alcohol. But it’s done in such a bluesy way with a twist of funk. What a breath of fresh air to hear some versatility on a record. Dude can rap and sing too. The way the song was constructed surely shows that they take their shit seriously. To explain what this track may sound like without having your own copy imagine Shock G from Digital Underground drunk.

“Hemini” has a p-funk type of influence in it. It’s very bouncy and 40 Love got that funk. But quickly skip to “Conversations” which is a tight track. It’s all about dealing with the day to day shit but having that overhead mentality of wanting to succeed.

My song of the month, no make it my monthly anthem, it’s gotta be “I Got Issues”. This track is on fire! 5 Stars, 5 Mics! Everybody from the whole AG crew to my momma is getting down to this track. Best you recognize and get your ass a copy. The singing works so well, it’s like the way this track was made, the rapping, the singing, the production, everything fitted like a glove. This is the kind of track that will give you that extra oomph to get up in the morning and face the day.

“Just Another Day” is another one worthy of mention. The hook “Just Another Day” sounds very familiar, in fact I’m sure it must be from a Duran Duran song. If I’m wrong please proceed to pull the chair beneath me so I can hang. Nevertheless this is another one that keeps playing over and over in my head.

I like the piano/keyboard work on “Evil”. I like the production on here coz there’s this eerie whistle running in the background and every now and again you hear somebody saying “evil evil”. The track is addictive. 40 Love keeps you hooked until the track is done.

They get really street with “Drunken Swagger”. This is street mob shit that you play in your car before you going to beatdown a punk. The Cd inlay card doesn’t mention who features on here. It would a been cool to see who features on this album.

What I like about 40 Love is that he is extremely versatile. Case in point is how he flows on “Come Into My World”. It shows that this is an artist who has moved beyond the standard rocking mics over beats. 

While this album certainly has hints of the South here and there this is a universal sounding artist who deserves worldwide coverage. This is not just another album being released amongst the thousands done this year. This really stands out. Probably one of the top 10 independent albums released this year so far.

Jus Family Militia – Mix Tape Volume 1 (Jus Family Records)

Cool Nutz was kind enough to send me two copies of this mix tape. My man Oopy G quickly stole one copy and took it to Mitchell’s Plain and introduced the people of the Eastridge Ghetto to Cool Nutz. Now everyone wants to hear more Cool Nutz. I even had to hide my own copy of this mixtape in my attic coz people are eager to nick this for themselves. You know what, I don’t blame them. Initially I was thinking to myself what is it with the mixtape all of a sudden. Everyone and their mothers and uncles are releasing record label sanctioned mixtapes. This is a brilliant way to promote a label and, in this case it’s a free mixtape! Now Cool Nutz is the hottest commodity on the West Coast. It’s obvious that Cool Nutz is taking shit into his own hands and making a success out of his label. Just check out his website to see the trunk load of albums released. He works with heavy weights like E40, Torrey Ward and Bosko. Don’t sleep on this. Just watch, in a few years time (or sooner), provided that hard work continues, he will be one of the biggest and people will point to me and say, you know what Milk D, you like the rap industry nastradamus. 

Cool Nutz hosts this cd together with DJ Chill. Now he always had the ability to project his personality through his verses but you get to hear him in a different way as he narrates and introduces tracks throughout the cd.

Immediately everybody tells me that the hottest track on here is “Whatcha Got” by Bosko. Bosko is damn talented. This track has the potential to be an international hit. I must admit though that it’s very commercial sounding and would probably get played to death on MTV but nevertheless this is the track that everyone is talking about. As Cool Nutz said in the intro, Bosko doesn’t have those platinum plaques on his wall for nothing.

There’s a DBA (Cool Nutz/Poppa LQ/Bosko) track on here titled “Walk to This” which appears to be an attempt to get the major cities to ‘walk to this’. Sorta like a shout out to all the cities.  The beat is bouncy and with it’s clap snare and vocoders. This one will move you.

E40 and Jayo Felony get down to a Bosko beat. Damn man listen to that production! Jayo and E40 on the same track is like a blessing. That’s all I can say.

One of those tracks that you’d be forgiven for singing along to as you pass the pipe around is “Collar Poppin” by Brother Luv from the album “Life is Luv”. The bass will produce a visual audio bubble as the ganja kicks in. And yes we are speaking from experience.

My favourite track on here has got to be, shit I don’t know the name of this track. The chorus goes something like this, “Life’s about money, power, stability and wealth, pack that tool coz I value my health, 10 000 for my verse, I’m a get it one day…”. By the way Cool Nutz get’s really excited as he shouts “Fire!” in the intro. Makes me laugh every time I hear it. Cool Nutz kicks those verses like no other. He pronounces his words so clearly that it makes you appreciate this rapper even more. The beat just makes me shake my head. I can’t wait for the album “I Hate Cool Nutz”.  I think it’s dropping in September.

A track by Cryciz is another one that made me look up and take notice. You also get classics on here like “My Heata” by Maniak Loc. Plus you get a bunch of tracks from people like Mr D.O.G., Yuk Mouth, D-Shot, Richie Rich plus many others. 

This is West Coast/North West rap and it sticks to the production formula’s of those regions.  I must say that I’m impressed with this mixtape and will be listening to this for months to come. Good quality hip hop that will compliment your Saturday afternoon drinking sessions so hunt down some Jus Family releases.  Also check out the classic and very slept on album “Verbal Porn”.  And later on there’s another album he’s dropping together with a group he’s part of called the Goon Squad.  While this is a free mixtape don’t expect to find this easily.  Check out the Jus Family site for more info.

P.O.M.E. – Products Of My Environment (City Boy Records)

I think these guys are either from Oakland. Either way without knowing this you will most definitely associate their sound with what’s coming out those areas. From the productions to the rapping styles they keep it regional with a westcoast/bay sound. 

The first track on here, “City Boys” sets the mood right for the album. I’m reminded of C-Bo in this track. P.O.M.E. rap about your usual inner city issues e.g. violence, drugs, guns. The city boys rap about their pretty toys which they use to handle their situations. This beat is produced by Antron and he does a good job of creating that typical west coast sound. The group holds it down nicely in the mic and they keep you hooked until the end of the track.

The next one here that I liked was “Do What U Do”. The production is funky and I like the sparse vocal sample going throughout it. The bassline also helps to ride the song. The hook is a bit cliché but the rhyming parts are done well. I can see myself playing this while driving down Clifton beach road to see the hot ladies rollerblading.

The production on “Platinum Digga” is different and heavy. The echo effects on what sounds like a thinned out bass immediately grabs your attention. It features verses from D. Wyze, Crooked I and Thumper. By the way they say in here se was inspthat the riff they uired by Brother Johnson’s Letter # 23. Crooked I, who practically killed the microphone and left Sway and King Tech breathless laces this track with a solid verses. The other emcees also hold their own weight here. Now these rappers might not get complicated with multies and fancy deliveries, they just kick it real.

I liked the laid back beat on “If U A Baller” where they use Roy Ayer’s “King George” riff. The extra thick production on “P.O.M.E.” which uses the riff from D-Nice’s “They Call Me D-Nice” is a song that reminds me so much of the early 90’s Bay rap scene. Think of people like Ray Luv or Young Lay when I say that. They chose this one as a radio version and that was a good choice.

What first sounds like an average track turns out to be a ultra heavy fat track. I’m talking about “Don’t Give A Fuck”. It’s the bassline that makes this track so solid. They took ownership of this beat and flowed hella tight. My head is nodding like a pendulum as I listen to this.

“Time To Smoke” is another one that has some nice keys, pads, lines, whatever you call them. Again it’s the basslines that make these tracks so fat (from Rick James “Bustin Out”). It features Caprice.

I like this cd. It might not be for everybody, especially those who like the underground/east coast sound. This is straight driving music. Well packaged, quality of tracks are well maintained throughout the cd and solid verses.  Peep their website for sound files.

DL Incognito – Spit Forever 2 (NPHH/Wolftown Recordings)

This is one 12″ vinyl you gotta get your hands on. DL Incognito is from that cold ass country Canada. But don’t get it twisted, this 12″ is hot.

Interestingly this one is licensed by Wolftown Recordings from UK, the same label that brought you Wolftown Committee, Late, Tricksta and a host of others. Apparently they will be signing a string of Canadian artists. Moving places?

Anyway, back to this 12″, DL Incognito shocked me with these two powerful tracks. The first one “Spit Forever 2” which is a remake of “Spit Forever”. They say this is probably one of the best hip hop tracks to ever come out of Canada. Well I haven’t heard enough Canadian rap to back that up but if I had to thumb suck I would agree. DL Incognito flips lyrically incredibly and shows his ability with agility. He flows so easily over the beats you have no choice but to appreciate his rhymes. Another nice treat is the guest appearance from female emcee Tara Chase who kicks it lovely. She’s worked with Kardinal Offishall and Choclair to name a few. I’d like to hear more from her. Another nice thing about this track is that they do some sick cutting/skratching in the chorus. Tight track!

The second track “There’s Something” is highly infectious. The hook by Christine Larocque is addictive. This compliments the ass shaking beat. DL Incognito does a pause-type-rhyme on this beat. They say this is solid, authentic and pure. I agree. 

Two powerful tracks from this dude called DL Incognito begs me to ask this question: When will I get the album? Check it out.

Playboy W – Tha Cold Part (Lap Dance Cee Deez)

“Tha Cold Part” is a cd that was released nationwide in the States on July 29th. That’s my birthday by the way. Now I don’t know much about Playboy W but we should find out more when we interview him in the next coming weeks. He must obviously have some clout especially if you look at some of the high profile names who feature on this album. People from Snoop Dogg to E40 just to name a few. Enough of the introllozi, let’s get into the critique.

The first track that get’s you into the swing of things is “Tha Cold Part” which, get this, is produced by K-Lou and features verses from B-Legit, Ray Luv. The track is actually nice and bouncy and the hook in the chorus, sung by Mikelle is done well like my grandfather’s steak and helps make this track a favourite at the AG headquarters.

“Executives” is the track that is dubbed as the radio promo. It features Snoop Dogg, Mac-Dre and Lucky 7. Again, Mikelle shows us how it’s supposed to be done in the chorus. I like the way she sings.  Probably the first time you hear this you will be thinking how can they choose this as a radio single but after repeated listens you will know exactly why. The track grows on you. I wonder how much it costed to get Snoop on this one?

The production on “Who Would You Bring Back” will impress you. K-Lou does it again as he brings what sounds like a hispanic influence. Buddah Mack joins Playboy W and M. Washington sings throughout. This is a tight track and will have you playing this on repeat.

Another one of my favourites is “Spend That Dough”. Produced by Twompson P and featuring rhymes by Mysterious, Playboy W tells how to spend that money (as if you didn’t know).

Another dope one is “Living The Life” featuring E-40, Buddah Mack with vocals by Mikelle. K-Lou produces this one. These people have dope choruses. E-40 has a tight verse on here.

Overall this is a good album but Playboy W only appears to shine only when he’s got guest appearances. The quality of the production and the guest appearances on here make this a worthy album to check out however some might be put off by the overtly pimpish flows of Playboy W.  Some didn’t like his flow (lack of) and others did.  You choose.

Tribeca – Charlie Hustle b/w Throw Heat (Major League)

From the moment I cracked this vinyl open and slapped it on my turntable like I’m turning an egg I was immediately drawn in by the chopped up Coldplay sample. This one (Charlie Hustle) was produced by Tribeca (I didn’t know that he was producing for his own album) and he did a damn fine job of it too. The chopped up sample rides through the track as the drums and bassline work together to give the song foundation. No one can doubt Tribeca’s flows and catchy hooks. His voice commands you to nod in approval as he flows with a likeable personality which is seriously lacking in the mundane hip hop landscape. Hey where’s the instrumental? No instrumental? I’d love to put that on at a open mic gig and let emcee’s spit. 

Anyway flip this piece of vinyl over and we step into the next track “Throw Heat” which features Doujah Raze. Again this is produced by Tribeca himself. This track is not as good as “Charlie Hustle” but is solid enough to play back to back with other underground tracks.

Since the first time I heard Tribeca I knew that he had it in him to be real heavy weight contender. This is the “next hot emcee” from New York so don’t sleep on him or his label. Dig the vinyl cover!

Side A 
Charlie Hustle (Pony Express)
Produced by Tribeca

Side B
Throw Heat feat Doujah Raze
Product by Tribeca

Coming soon: Tribeca – The Cold World 12inch and The “W.A.R.” album.

Concentration Camp – Pavement Special Vol. 1 (Independent)

Featuring: Audio Visual, Snazz Tha Dictator, Gini Grindith, Fungus tha Mutated Lung, Tha Archetypes, Tha Hymphatic Thabs, Breeze and Ak1.

The intro is a mellow yet nostalgic experience. Somewhat beautiful a sonic scenery, the perfect beat for a wet dream. Ak1

Then comes the chaos in the form of Gini Grindith and Fungus the Mutated Lung. Sicker than your average psychotic Tara resident, they totally murder Kapn’s beat. They create a whole vocal dimension outlining their supremacy as lyricists in a parallel world. Making you wonder exactly what makes this thing turn. 

Small nuts
I’m too strong 
For sluts to move on 

Then the underground veterans Dick Smegma and Ben Sharpa AKA Audio Visual “Show Me Yours” make their presence felt over a beat that’s reminiscent of world war. They each flex their skill and prove exactly why props are in order.

Bless the lord I learnt a futuristic trick or two from my pops 
namely austerity and less is more.

Just when your thirst is quenched Tha Hymphatic Thabs Modus Ponence enters and panel beats you a new perception of a hard working emcee. Smart wordplay, witty punchlines and originality. Kapn sets him out a church organ and mutates it to create another dope joint.

I exhausted hours
Of my social life
As a yophelite
Lost since I was
All about the mojo like
Austin Powers

Enter the world of Ben Sharpa Why B Tryin . A dope emcee/beatmaker who once tried till his paradigm shifted to doing. Crazy beat nothing average. His rhymes are tight and the delivery is broken adding to the demented sound.

Drown your little white lies like
Coastal towns at high tide

Then return Gini Grindith and Fungus the Mutated Lung .When anarchy comes on an anarchic mission to destroy routine delivery and create a dark dimension that’ll terrify Freddie and Jason. Kapn once again makes his presence felt with his horrific production.

So where you find Gini Grindith
Crouching in the corner of a possessed gritty village

To cool off the already boiled mind Ak1 introduces Ibis. Sounds like a vulture stuck inside a jazzhop club with ghosts on the instruments. Making a new sound. Nothing normal here.

The bump, by far the simplest beat but Dick Smegma AKA Krooked the Warmonger flexes more of his lyrical skill with his comedic styling. Once again proves why he is one of the most slept on in Jozi.

Your not a headbanger
You wack as fuck
Using a sledge hammer
To crack a nut

Another Jozi veteran Snazz tha Dictator – The works seals his status as one of the illest in J-Sect. Kapn creates the perfect platform. A stuttering drum and a funky bassline this for the head bangerz.

Too bad you fags
Glad wrapped your mentals
Got served like Venus
From my central

Archetypes Verbal Lucifer. Blaze their spot with a casual yet murderous style. Different flows and psychotic styles. Kapn’s beat once again paints the basis of the canvas with recurring French vocals and a demonic sax. Fresh.

The shit I’m on
Put leopards on
Ghengis khan
Way beyond non form

Gini Grindith AKA Algernon Industry Funk this track is too experimental. Make’s you wonder what he’s smoking. The beat is also abnormal but you could spot its beginnings. 
In thin air
I contort with a 
catch phrase

Breeze of Groundwork’s Higher Learning spits a conscious line. A breath of fresh air in the middle of demented farts. I felt the concept of this track, made me wanna write. Kapn manages to balance his experimental self with his chilled side. Beautiful beat. By far my favorite track

For some learn the hard way
I learnt
There’s no easy way
And if you work hard
Crime can pay
I learnt don’t do/
When you just do
But don’t do just
No guts no glory like
That story from rags to riches
Behind every fortune lies dirty secrets
And money can buy your desire like
Michael from the Jackson’s
Nose how it goes
when your playing with fire
you get burnt I learnt

Audio Visual enter again this time with Snazz the dictator Epitaph and chisel another thought into your mind and retain their titles as hard working vets.

Soon as I hit the spot
You probably wont hear the end of it
Like ellipses dots

Then Satan spits over the beat for the intro on the outro by AK 1.

Drinking Jim Jones potion
Plus rubbing it like sun tan lotion

I Give this 4 backpacks outta 5.

My problem with it is the sound quality isn’t loud enough And there weren’t enough emcees and concepts, just the typical self praising, nothing wrong with it, I just felt that a lot could have been done besides the usual ‘I’m nice like’ flows. 

But all in all a brilliant album from the Concentration Camp. I am definitely going to check out the next installment.

Playboy W – The 11th Hour (Lap Dance Cee Deez)

This is an older album from Playboy W released last year. He’s got a new one out now called “Tha Cold Part”. Anyway let’s check this one out.

The first track “The 11th Hour” is produced by DJ Dize. The beat is tight and has a mob type twist to it. I like this track and it’s a good way to start off the album. It has an early 90’s feel to it, sorta like the stuff that Ice T would have done. Let’s see if he can keep it up.

Yes indeed the second track on here “Money Talks” is fat, the beat is bass heavy. Once again DJ Dize does the beat. Playboy W interacts well with the beat. You gotta get used to his style though.

I wasn’t feeling “That Ain’t Nothing” so let’s skip to the next track. Damn man, the beat on “I Wuz” is mobbish and DJ Dize really put that moog to work. You gotta ride to this. Immediately you start nodding your head as the track starts. Playboy W sounds more confident on this one. This is a solid track.

“Secret Fantasies” features Mac Dre, Egnite and R.O.E. and is a weak track but the solo version on track 8 has a tighter beat. I would’ve liked Mac Dre, Egnite and R.O.E. to join Playboy W on the beat used for the solo. 

This album was not that solid and but Playboy has shown a huge improvement with his latest album “Tha Cold Part” in little over a year. The majority of this album was average. So rather peep “Tha Cold Part” for a better experience.

Neptunes – Present Clones (Arista)

By now the duo of Chad Hugo and Pharrel Williams, better known to the masses as super producers the Neptunes,needs no introduction. Their catchy beats are hard to ignore especially since they’ve single handedly ruled the billboard charts for almost two years.

From N.o.r.e. to Jigga to Puffy to pop tarts Britney and Justin,these hit machines can’t seem to run out of steam. However,one has to wonder if their planet might be drifting out of our solar system.

On this album, the tunes don’t grab you like one would expect. The opening cut featuring Busta Rhymes “Light Your Ass Up”, Busta flips the script over a electronically charged drum pattern. Various sounds and tweaked instruments pop up every four bars or so. The result is not that powerful.

“Blaze of Glory” sees Pharrel collabo’s with Clipse & Ab Liva. This sounds like cipha material as each mc steps to the mic and drops what could pass as a freestyle. A busy production with keyboard stabs that runs throughout the three minute plus joint. I-20 teams up with Ludacris on “It Wasn’t Us”. You can always count on Ludacris to light things up. That’s exactly what he does on this Timbaland rip off. Damn man ,it’s so blatant. Nothing wrong with the production,but one listen and you’ll bet your lotto money that timbaland was the architect. Nuff said…..

“Frontin”, should be well known to radioheads by now. Pharrel with his Curtis Mayfield sounding vocals teams up with Jigga to jack the airwaves for a few months or so. This track is definately slammin’. This track is Neptunes goin’ all out when it comes to bangin’ out the hits. “Good Girl” is an r&b laced track with a girl by the name of vanessa marquez. Sounds like Janet J in her teens. Topp dogg Snoop Dogg swings by on “It Blows My Mind”. Snoop Dogg fans will appreciate big Snoop on this one. Spaced out production with Pharrell spicing up the chorus. “Put Em Up” features Pharrel and N.o.r.e. trading versus like they’ve been doin’ it for years. Once again the production is reminiscent of a Timbaland creation (see big pimpin).

“Popular Thug” sees Nas team up with Kelis over one of the few highlights on this album. Groovin’ drum track with simple keyboard work that makes this track work like a nine to five. Nelly, Jadakiss are a few more mentions that appear on this average sounding album.

I think these brothers should take a break from the boards for a while and re-gather their thoughts. This is definately not the best the ‘tunes have to offer and it almost sounds as if they’re overworked. I know my fast forward button on my cd player definately is after having toskip through most of this album.

J-Zone – Sick Of Bein Rich (Old Maid Ent)

First of I’d like to say that never in my life since the release of Pete Rock and CL Smooth’s the Main Ingredient album have I ever anticipated an album in the way that I did when I heard of “Sick Of Bein Rich“.  “Pimps Don’t Pay Taxes” had me dripping laughter and kudos for J-zone straight out of my skin pores and I’m glad zone didn’t change his formula on this new album. Can you imagine Zone dropping rhymes about poetry and seeking eternal happiness. That’s Necro and Black-Eyed Peas talking about world peace. J-zone has out done himself once again with his use of vocal samples and the most original and fresh samples on his beats, then he just had to lace it off with the most brilliantly crafted concepts and a surplus of the freshest guest appearances. Would I be too generous or be a “dick rider” by giving this album 5/5.nope. Only a bum would say that! Let me explain why!

The album commences with an intro that has got to be the funniest skit on the album, but I will not divulge into the skits cause I don’t want to fuck up experience for the listener. The track “Commandments” is a brief summary on the rules to be followed as to the different songs on the album, basically a summary of the album. J-zone then throws a dick into the face of all the back packers on the track “Fuck You Pay Me” don’t expect zone to spit battle rhymes, that’s why he employed the services of the hazardous Copywrite of Eastern Conference Records to lace “Prima Donna“.

My favorite cut on the album has to be “Gimme Gimme Gimme” with Masta Ace. I grew up on Masta Ace and to hear him on Zone’s beat was like ice cream with Jessica Alba in the park. Zone puts down the mic on this and Ace drops some knowledge on how not to let bitches rob you. Another stand out track is “Too Many Babies” with Dick $tallion.. Another funny one. “Bling Around The Collar” is ridiculous with its vocal sample beat, the only low about this album is the track “Ho Kung Fu” and that’s because I already over played the song before the album came out, if you haven’t heard it yet then you’ll agree when I say its hot.

If I say anymore I’ll just leak the whole fun out, so go and cop this shit, your ass will be singing Yankee Doodle doo for ages after this. No album this year has got me this psyched, this shit is bananas I here solemnly swear to support every release on old maid entertainment. Just can’t wait for Al-Shid to drop some shit, check out www.zonesite.net for more info on old maid releases.

PLEASE do not e-mail me asking for copies of the album, just cause I didn’t pay for it don’t mean you don’t.

Necro Presents Brutality Part 1 (Psycho Logical Records)

How brutal and sick can they make music? Well for an example just pop this cd in. After listening to any of his albums or watching his porno DVD you might be asking yourself if this is all an act or if it’s real. I have no doubt in my mind that this is as real as Eastern European woman being trafficked for prostitution. 

Necro is an artist who is equally brilliant as a producer and emcee. He really pushes it to the limit with his often bizarre and sadistic nature making one wonder if he isn’t the son of Satan.  As a producer Necro is brilliant at translating the same sick feeling you get from watching movies like Cannibal Holocaust to the beat. On the first track “I’m Your Idol” Necro states “F**k backpackers” as he “shoves the blade in your back” and that he has to kill somebody because no matter how hard he tries to be good nobody will let him.  Necro get’s really vicious on this song:

just because you dead doesn’t’ mean you fully dead
I rather kill you in the afterlife instead
you aint getting no peace, but rest in peace
pieces, one thousand parts at least
the maggots in hell will feast, 
you be deceased at least 
three times before the pain begins to decrease

It’s dark, it’s grimy and full of gloom and depending on your mind state you either feel like the villain or the victim. 

Ill Bill really flips his tongue with his guided-missile-like lyrics over the banging and jagged saw baseline in “Reign In Blood”. I think that Ill Bill is one of the most slept on rappers right now. I think I heard him flip this verse on the Wake Up Show. 

One of those songs that I was really feeling was “Swordfish” by ILL Bill. The verses that ILL Bill spits on here keep you hooked until the end of the track. The way he flows together with the way he tells his story makes this track outstanding. 

“White Slavery” is a track that really sticks out like a sore thumb, and if you’ve seen the video, you’ll no doubt agree. The video certainly does shock, especially where he uses a naked woman as a table and then kicks her to the floor when she can’t keep still because he can’t eat properly. The production is scary and once you’ve seen the video you will hear this song in a whole new way.   The track talks about kidnapping woman and using them as slaves.  They talk about getting them to do sexually disgusting things, watersports, cannibalism.

I’m enslaving woman from Ukraine, they don’t understand English
but they understand pain, that’s the language of anguish


and when you destroyed like woman from Latvia
you’ll be sold to the muslim part of Bosnia by the Mafia

As much as you’d not like it to be, this is actually what happens in Europe.  This is such a dope track but the subject matter can make you feel uncomfortable.

“Our Life” by ILL Bill feat Necro uses a wicked piano loop and the drum programming is retarded. Necro really get’s fierce as he becomes one with the beat:

I used to wash how my pops treated girls, and beef with the world
he had a bone to pick, that’s my dome is sick
it rubbed off on me
coz the apple don’t fall far from the tree G
you cats keep you distance
coz you scared I might flip in an instant
when I was filled with innocence, I was still committing sins
half of your cats are sweet like cinnamon
I shove a knife in your grin
I roll with convicts and stick up kids
that’ll rob you for 6 bucks b**tch
we flip right before you expect it
coz we were neglected as children now we hectic 

Hearing both Necro and ILL Bill on this track really go at it with those verses make this one striking song.

There are other tight tracks on here like Goretex’s “The Big Sleep” and “Scumbags” feat Necro, Mr Hyde and Necro’s “Street Veteran” plus Necro and ILL Bill’s “Frank Zito”

The production on this album is hard and raw. At times the verses can come across as vile and cruel.  However the verses they flip coupled with the aggressive and sadistic production make it hard to ignore.  I suppose if you played this during the day the clouds will turn dark and the sun will disappear. The majority of the songs on here are above average. Once you hear this album you will never forget it.  RECOMMENDED.

Shabazz the Disciple – The Book of Shabazz (Battle Axe Records)

Comebacks would normally be welcomed by failure but not in the case of Shabazz. Well it’s not really a comeback, but you know, it’s just that we’ve been waiting so long for him to put out a full length. Many of the stuff below has been released before but has always been difficult to get hold of. Let’s go through some of the tracks to see why you should get this album now.

1 The Opening ft. Young Anutt (Intro)
2 Righteous Chamba (Skit) 
3 Red Hook Day 

Shabazz reminisces on this one, talking about how he started out in this game, even mentioning the fact that his mother did his first music video. The second verse sees the inclusion of some memorable hip hop vocal samples which weave together with his stories. The production from Mista Jam on here is uplifting and fits perfectly well with the story he’s relaying here. I found this song touching.

“I love the Wu Tang forver coz the RZA discovered me!”

4 1st Annual Bootleg Awards (skit)
5 Hip Pop 

This one is produced by DJ Skinny and mixed by Marley Marl. It has a very Wu Tangish feel to it. On this one Shabazz tells such a lot of truths on here about the industry that you will find yourself nodding and giving him an army salute to show your approval. 

“These labels will have you wearing high heels and a bra
cut the roots to your tree and watch your empire fall
now hip hop is a tree and trees live by their roots
all the roots live underground..”

Thank God we still have real hip hop activists like Shabazz still releasing records today. 

6 Oasis 

On this one Shabazz reminisces again about the past over this DJ Irfane production. Not as strong as the two previous tracks.

7 Surrender (Thieves in the Night Part 2) 

Shabazz takes over to produce this one. The sample on here sounds like it’s from a western movie. This is a very strong track. It will keep your finger away from the cd pause button like two magnets facing each other (except the repeat button). The song deals with robbing on the streets – due to hunger. Highly enjoyable.


BKBS stands for Brooklyn Bullshit. DJ Irfane produces a dirty jazzy backdrop while spirits from behind firmly hold your temples and command you to nod. Another strong track.

9 Son Rise (Interlude)
10 Cremate Em 

I’m sucked in by the production. The Prunes produce this one. What an appropriate name, I imagine their faces to be wrinkled up like a prune when producing morbid tracks like this. This song is dark and Shabazz kills, sorry, cremates this track with his experienced flow. An appropriate soundtrack for walking through dark alleys with your hoodies on.

11 Crime Saga 

Hey I’ve heard this one before. Oh now I remember, Big Dre always plays this on the Headwarmer’s Show. Again, let me repeat, a very strong track. I’m happy I have it on CD now.

12 Passover (Skit) 
13 Street Paraboles ft. Lord Jamar 

I’m getting images of the Ben Hur movie as I listen to the beginning of this. Lord Jamar get’s dirty with this epic sounding production. The exhilarating looped/chopped sample makes one sweat. Both Shabazz and Lord Jamar attempt the exorcise the demons from the ghetto using religious imagery in the words. 

14 Thieves In the Night ft. Lil Dap & Killah Priest 

Produced by Q-Unique. The production grabs me. It makes me wanna start a barmy army. Again as with track 7 they talking about committing armed robberies. 

“committing armed robberies – trying to our best to lift fat, f**k poverty”.

15 Organized Rime Pt. 2 

Lord Jamar also produces this one. Not bad but too standard, especially the hook.

16 Blasphemy 

Very warm assembly coming from DJ Friction. The hook will grow on you. Not a bad track. Very catchy.

17 Ghetto Apostles ft. Freestyle & Poetic 

Baby J builds a good audio edifice to provide a perfect roadway for the emcees to spit on here. What a fat beat! The rhyming is first rate. Play this over and over again.

18 The Lamb’s Blood 

Nog een van Baby J. Let me repeat due to my weak Afrikaans. Another one from Baby J on the beats. An admirable beat. I’ve run out of superlatives to big this up. 

19 War Triology (POW) ft. Freestyle 
20 War Trilogy (MIA) 
21 War Trilogy (Ambush) ft. Freestyle 

Overall this is an exceptional record. It get’s the highest rating this month, 5 out of 5. Highly recommended!
Self Sufficients – On The Rise EP (Independent)
Self Sufficients are Epidemix and Conflix, both from Canada with DJ Pensive doing the production. You might have heard this crew get busy with the South African producer Nyambz and the crews Fropick and Haunted Fort. Let’s see how they do.

Four Bars a Piece

The beats on here carry an authentic sound as they utilize heavy sampling. Just the way we like it. I like the placement of the brass stabs. The hooks in the chorus are nothing original yet they make up for it with their experienced flows. 

On The Rise

This is better. I like the way this one was produced. A lot of subtle changes uplifts the track at different places. Listening to this one is enjoyable from a beat makers perspective. Again the flows are on point – you can easily hear that these guys are not new jacks in the emcee dept. They ride the beats quite nicely. The hook is slanted but fits. But it was the beat on this one that stole the show.

What It Takes (Scratches by Croup)

The busy sample comes off fresh and lays on top of the simple drum pattern. Because of the huge real estate audio space consumed by this sample it completes the track like a brick falling nicely into place on a tetris game. Add the backbone in the form of a deejay to the chorus and you’ve got a winner. I can hear that the rappers were feeling this one as rhymed over it. At times it feels like this song will never end. Well, it’s your brain fooling you, because it doesn’t want it to end. It’s too enjoyable. Probably the strongest track on this EP.

Last Breath

I like the awkwardness of this beat. But overall I wasn’t feeling this track.

Overall I feel this EP to be very strong. I see Self Sufficients as a respectable underground act with a true underground sound.

Sean T – Terrain Boss (Get Gone Records)

For a few months now, word on the streets was that the San Francisco Bay area rap scene has fallen the f**k off! They say that everybody is sounding the same and so on and so on. But only a few artists and producers are exceptions to the game. Sean T is one of them!

His hit TOP NOTCH from D-Shot’s Boss Ballin’ compilation made everyone sit up and look and listen, not Musica. But Sean Thompson has been at it since 1992’s ‘MURDER ONE GANGSTAS’ album by M.O.G. Sean is, the elder statesmen.

Now in late 2003 Sean hits us with his new disc, ‘TERRAIN BOSS’. This is one of the most solid releases I have heard this year. Peep HUNGRY, it reminds me of Just Blaze (R – O – C), but, BIG butt, with a west coast twizle (twist). Sean flows on here like he won’t stop rapping tomorrow. Produced fully by Sean himself this album reminds me of a masterpiece, check the feel good IN THE STREETS feat. Simon & Cise. It’s completely wireless (off the hook, bitch!).

The head bopping PARTY WITH US with Bay Area stalwarts Mac & Ak, makes for a g-string cut! I dig the chorus. MAKIN’ ME HIGH has got a familiar sampled chorus with damn sexy ass flute and a cum dripping flowing Mr. Kee flowing like piss. Sean T rhymes his verse like he be the mayor of the Bay, This track takes me there like Mya and Mase. I like the percussion, it’s so good it makes me horny, damn!

TOE UP which features Mistah F.A.B is like R.Kelly pissing on Michael Jackson while he slaps Prince Charles on the ass, dangerous! I CHOOSE YOU has got Just Blaze written all over it. But that is not bad, as it shows that the west can also rip shit. Soulful shit, this you must play when you propose to your goose (girl/bitch/hoe/slut). This is pure gangsta kak (shit/poo).

GROOVE is a sort of ‘welcome to E.PA (East Palo Alto)’ cut. This is the type of track that makes one wanna go out and kill! Ghazi & Furious help Sean out on this cut!

WE GANGSTAS is also hot like a muthaf**ka! GET YA HANDS UP is also up in there, typical Bay shit.
My wet dream on this album must be WHAT SHOULD I? It’s just beautiful. It reminds me of the days when the Mobshop magazine was running things in the 90’s. Just check the keyboard work on here.

All in all this is a damn fine album! Get it if you can as there isn’t many good rappin’ producers out there today!

Sunspot Jonz – Don’t Let ‘Em Stop You (Battle Axe Records)

Don’t Let ‘Em Stop You has a progressive structure to it, with the tracks in the 1st half of the Lp setting the foundation for the Lp’s climatic finish.

Escape The Past, Broken Wing World, & There She Go (feat. Moka Only), get the album off to a good start but it only seems to find its wings with the Grouch produced track “Unstoppable” which features the Grouch, Luckyiam, Eligh, and Scarub. This is the best track on the album showcasing these legends talent, Sunspot Jonz seems more at home on organic productions rather than the synth driven productions that dominate the majority of the Lp. 

The next choice cut comes in the form of “Dazeold” in which he describes certain events of his life, he does so in a refreshing manner and the beat on here is solid we see this in the clever manner in which he compliments the simple, sombre piano line by cleverly switching up the drum pattern every now and then. 

The only flaw I could find with this Lp are the inclusions of the movie sample interludes and instrumentals which seem to slow down the progressive rhythm of the Lp.

Other Tracks to check out are, “Escape the Past”,” Highlife”, “Broken Wing World”, and “There She Go (feat. Moka Only).” 

Overall “Sunspot Jonz – Don’t Let ‘Em Stop You”, is an impressive showcase of maturity. The direct, eloquent manner in which subjects and topics are attacked make for a pleasurable listening experience!! 


01 – Mission Begins 
02 – Escape The Past 
03 – Broken Wing World 
04 – No Gutz 
05 – Damnu 
06 – Go Back 
07 – There She Go (feat. Moka Only) 
08 – Hello 
09 – Adam 12 
10 – Don’t Let Them Stop You 
11 – Unstoppable (feat. Scarub, Grouch, Eligh, Luckyiam.PSC) 
12 – Stand Up 
13 – Life’s Poetry 
14 – Dazeold 
15 – Time Travel (Beatdie Delite) 
16 – Pick Up The Pieces 
17 – Highlife 
18 – Devils Food 
19 – Untitled Bonus Track

H2O – Amanzimtoti (Outrageous Records)

This year everybody was talking about H20 and finally they release a full length so that we can judge whether it was all hype or for real. This 16 track album was played approximately 20 times to complete this review so let’s check it out.

Hip Hop

A very strong track boasting a haunting bassline. Quite hihats are hidden in the folds of this audio curtain and the flows from H20 are precise. The keyboard samples cleverly help drive the track and the hook in the chorus was well executed. The choice of snare was a good decision and everything on this track was well organised. Overall a very strong track.

Dizzy Character (feat Bozza)

A head nodder that will cause whiplash. Those basslines are too sick. Do not let your woman sit on the club speaker because I guarantee that an orgasm will follow. The hook is a bit boring though. I would have liked to have heard some variation in the keyboard stabs as it’s pretty much repetitive throughout the track. A fat track! 

Enuff is Enuff feat Pebbles

I like the choice of instrumentation (sample) on here. The orchestral hit is a nice touch. The kick is almost inaudible as the bass line takes prevalence. At first the singing in the chorus comes across as a bit “off” but after a couple of listen’s you will catch the rhythm.

African feat Zubz

A nice West African feel to this track. This is the shit I dig. I believe we should be making more tracks like this. I like the ragga/indian singing in the chorus. Yes I am an African. Let’s make this our mantra. A very strong hook!


A soft R&Bish track. Not really my taste but okay for a radio station to play on a Sunday.

All Natural

This is one of those songs that just stick in your head. The hook is mad addictive like Woodstock crack. Overall a very strong track for those chilled out late evenings.

Gish Gish feat Battlekat and Montell

Very commercial sounding track. The guitar adds a different flavor but you can hear that this was made for mass appeal. Not really feeling this one.

Sginci (guitar)

I’m not feeling this track. 

It’s Wonderful

We all know this song. I don’t have to tell you about it. Some hate it and some love it. You choose. 

Sisiza (Love is too much)

Unfortunately I can’t tell you what they are talking about because I did not have the opportunity to learn this language (wish I did and I will one day). The track is not that impressive on the ear. A heavy kwaito influence.

Mr Producer

Production is tight on this one. The bassline will be appreciated by Taxi drivers. The flows are okay but the hook is too boring on this one. 

Mahem hem

A nice one to ride at full blast while you watch the passing urban landscapes. A sobering track.

Wolves feat X-Rate and Battlekat.

An interesting track to listen to for the lyrics mostly. It’s all about backstabbing and jealousy. Something we can all relate to. 

All You Got

Another laid back track, typical of that low tempo sound you find in Gauteng. Another one for that Sunday afternoon.

It’s Wonderful (Remix)
Bafana Base 4 (Remix)

I would say this is a very strong album. Best tracks on here are Hip Hop, Dizzy Character, African and All Natural. But I must say that the dopest track on is Hip Hop. I hope that for their next album they will make more tracks like this. It appears this album was made to appeal to a wide range of people. So there will probably be something on here that you will like and some of the stuff you’ll be skipping.  The album was well put together (tracks follow each other in an easy to listen order) and the mood is both uplifting and relaxed.  Where they come across as soft they often mirror that with a hard track here or there.  Listen to the album if you get a chance to and make up your own mind.  But I would recommend it for the tracks I refer to above.

Sweatshop Union – Natural Progression (Battle Axe Records)

At first they sound like Deep Space 5, or is it Outkast? No, its Jurassic 5, or is it? I still haven’t really figured out who they sound like, but I do know they sound nice.

After listening to nothing but Canibus, Jedi mind Tricks, and Esham the Unholy, for almost a month, I couldn’t help but find their style a little “soft” in the beginning. That didn’t last long though and by the time I reached I Got News, I was hooked. The production is tight and creative, the lyrics are nice and they have a shitload of mad nice wordplay and plenty of punches directed at the Mainstream, eg:

“you can make your money of of your commercial songs, I’ll keep making songs that diss them”

“All that I want is y’all to be honest, to the audience and give what you promised,
Stop telling them that you’re the best, unless you’re the best, no question
Stop making these easy singles, garbage love songs and cheesy jingles.”

There are quite a few songs sending a positive message and they kinda remind of Deep Space 5. They speak out on social issues like drugs, war and pollution. Stolen Memories, The Thing About It and The Question, especially have some punches directed at the American government and its foreign policy.

The opening of The Question provides some food for thought, ” If democracy is what we think it is, Why the hell are we trying to jam it down people’s throats?”

There are very few albums that I can play from beginning to end, without using the skip button (unless I’m stoned, cos then anything sounds good), but this album has been spinning in my cd player since last week and I’m still loving it. my favourite track are I Got News, Stolen Memories and The Thing About It, and these alone are worth buying the cd. 

Fortunately I don’t have to buy it, cos I got it for free, lol.

If it came down choosing between this and the Little Brother album, which I also found mad nice, I think I would have gone with this. That doesn’t mean you cant give me the Little Brother for Christmas, it would be much appreciated. 

Rating out of 10, a very well deserved 8 fat tits. I would have given them 10, but sometimes they’re just a bit too happy and bouncy for me.


1. The Answer
2. Radio Edit
3. Newsflash
4. I Got News
5. Don’t Be Afraid
6. Better Days feat. Moka Only
7. Today
8. Us
9. Truman Show
10. Baho Ang Titi Mo 
11. On The Sly
12. P.O.T.B.
13. Garbage Love Songs & Cheesy Jingles
14. The Way
15. Stolen Memories
16. Any Reason
17. The Thing About It
18. The Question
19. Up From The Ground (Bonus Track)

Star Beav & Erocc’N – Our First Million (RMZ Music LLC)

Star Beav & Erocc’n (prounched E-Rockin) are two cats who can be found performing all over Arizona. They’ve also had their music playlisted on various American and Canadian radio stations, even getting it playlisted as far away as Japan, Austrailia and Italy. This cd features 12 tracks, A-Ron and Mr Swissa Sweet both share the job of providing the beats here. Let’s get into the review.

The first track, “Cowards” starts off with some synths and the bassline will command you to nod your head. The hook in the chorus – although not original – is catchy and plays well with the synths. These guys have no problem in the rapping department as they flow with ease over the track. A decent start to the cd. The lyrics are filled with clichés and is typical of an opening track. 

The intro synths on “Pretty Crip Life” sets a tight mood to this track. Their is a head nod factor here. I was caught by this line “aint got time for gang banging coz I value my life/don’t really want to kill but I had to save my life.” At first you don’t know whether they are living it or trying to avoid it? Guess it’s the paradox of living that gang life and not being able to escape it. 

“I’ll Beat Yo Ass” has a Bay Area sound to it. The hook and the baseline work well. Nice production.

My favourite one on here is “Game Recognize Game”. From the chorus to the production to the flows. Another favourite is “Hip Hop Celebration”. I listen to this album often for these two songs alone. These two stand out as very solid songs but they also signal the peak in the album.
I say peak because even though the album started off average and built to a peak it was downhill from there (with an exception of “Forgive Me” another solid one). If they could have kept the peak level throughout the album this could’ve been one solid album. I would definitely peep this album for “Game Recognize Game” and “Hip Hop Celebration” alone. Star Beav & Erocc’N are good rappers. They have tight flows and I hope they will look at what works and doesn’t and apply it to their next album.

Cashless Society Presents ARM Vol 1 (Unreleased Records)

1. The Meaning

Produced by Draztik

Ready for export! I couldn’t agree more. The rest of the world better watch out.  This track is an intro with them talking and giving shout outs to the different towns/cities in South Africa over a vocal laced chopped break.

2. Accidental Heroes

Produced by Gemini

Hypnotic keyboard stabs and an extended sample drives this one to a retarded audio limp. The Cashless Society cement themselves in South African hip hop history. They are not going anywhere. I’m embarrassed to call myself a producer after listening to this.

3. Hottentot Hop Bantu 1,2

Produced by Draztik

This one sports a simple hook over a simple yet effective beat. The melody is taken care by a rock guitar while Snaz The Dictator, X-Amount and Fat Free add their lyrical toppings to this audio Gatsby. The chorus is basic yet is catchy and will work in live performance situations. The more you listen to this the more you appreciate it. 

4. 8-3-1 (I Love You) feat Maggz

Produced by Gemini

A basic beat with Ronny Jordonish licks. This one will grow on you but when it does you will struggle to peel it off your ear drum. Tight track!

5. Life

Produced by Draztik

Man listen to that beat! Off beat like a dronkie walking down a Woodstock road. Raw and dirty. 

6. Summer Craze

Produced by Draztik

A Just Blaze type of beat. But don’t get it twisted. Listen to the drums. Take note. That’s clever production. No laziness here. Listen to how he changes the melody. It’s so sneaky. I’m getting drunk off this track.

7. Bring It On feat Mizchif, Cuba and Norm Gates

Produced by Draztik

Sick retarded Valkenburg mental production. I’m having machine gun heart attacks. I don’t take drugs but while listening to this I have to make sure there is no needle in my arm. Lock this producer away please. The game is over. He’s too ill. Listen to way they flow over that beat. I would like to learn more about this Norm Gates character.

8. Live @ Jumpin Jack

Beatbox: Gemini

Ag this is okay but not my taste. Just rapping over a beatbox.

9. Taxi Wars

Produced by Gemini

Jarra Jassus. Yesterday!  Crikey Moses!  The beat is too superior. This song is one of the reasons why I’m driving 260km/h on the highway.

10. Mad Shit

Produced by Gemini

I can appreciate the production on here but this song is more for emcees to study. I don’t feel this one. Too noisy for me.

11. Words 4 Real

Produced by Draztik

This one has a nice feel to it. The kind of song you can just drive to while enjoying the scenery.

12. It Aint A Game

Produced by Draztik

Ahh another tight one. Beat is excellent as usual. Verses are faultless as ever. Overall a very full surround sound track if that makes sense.

13. Tizeye

Produced by Gemini

A good soundtrack for cash heists. Gemini goes mental with the piano.

14. Mr Forgetful

Produced by Snaz

Not feeling this one. Skip.

15. Stuck feat Tumi & Masauko

Produced by Masauko

Not a bad beat from Masuako. A very morbid track with a lot of ambient sounds. Not as strong as the other tracks.

Wow what can I say? I can say with confidence that this is probably the best local hip hop album this year (my opinion). This is serious shit. The production and the emceeing on here are of high quality. I have a new appreciation for people like Gemini and Draztik. Almost every song on here is memorable and admirable. I would urge people to buy this album. These guys deserve it. You can hear that these people put a shit load of work into this album. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. 

Executive Producers: Draztik and X-Amount

Luke Geraty – It’s Cold Out Here (Syntax Records)

It’s Cold Out Here feat Bucket rides on a breakbeat but it’s the bassline and keyboards hovering above it that are colder than a container on Cape Town docks during winter. The song itself is an adrenaline rush. Sweat drips from my armpits and the lone ant who walks up the inside of my shirt thinks it’s raining.

Luke Geraty equals depression. Well that’s what I would have thought for the previous track but the next one Last Episode Of Funk is funky. I see afros and long hair dancing on pale green lounge suites. A Beetle is parked outside and my girlfriend blows me a kiss with her glossy lips. This track is fat like the porra who works at Funchal. The chorus turns me into a fanatic as I do “air-scratches”. Thank you for inviting the deejay (who is often left out of hip hop tracks these days).

On Push Your Lighter Up producers will spray drolls for the wicked drum pattern. Luke clears his throat and says “yeah” before he kicks his verse over a sick flute/keyboard sounding sample.

On Burn Down The Bridge I like it how the hook works with the adjustments of the sample.

Brandon’s Folly feat. Pigeon John brags with a drum beat that could only be accomplished by a paraplegic marching band on mescalin. It’s so sick and then this is made even better with a thinned out guitar sample. Once the bassline comes in you cannot deny the dopeness of the beat. The singing in the chorus makes the song complete and fresh. Conjures up images of industrial areas.

I fall to my knees when I hear Crayons feat Moi. It’s that bloody sample man. I like the atmosphere this song creates when you play it. What a unique concept for a song. I listened to this song a couple of times because I appreciated the depth of what Luke was saying.

The vocalisation on Sunset Of Smiles gives the song movement and emotion. Luke touches on topics that are rarely heard on hip hop records these days. An emotional emcee that doesn’t come across as weak.

Lack Of Erasers feat Bucket is one that I can appreciate from a production point of view but I didn’t really feel it. Got a Def Jux sound to it.

I wasn’t feeling Satan’s Little Angel feat Aqwamann either. Gas Station Love has tight production but I didn’t like the overall result of the track as well.

Okay after 3 so so tracks we are compensated with another fresh one. A Day In The Life Of… has mad production, spaced out that can only be appreciated late night at full blast in a car. 

Pandemonium feat Pigeon John and Redcloud is something I’ve heard before. I just can’t remember where. It’s nice to hear different emcees with such unique styles. This is a party favourite.

Dislocated Reality I wasn’t feeling so let’s skip that. 

Labor Of Love Feat Elias has a fat bassline and this one is more of a relaxing chilled out song. Get’s stronger as you hear the change of the bass in the chorus. Footprints picks up the pace a little bit and has a fat beat with one of my favourite snares.

Whispers and Usher In The Spring feat Bucket close off the album nicely to complete a package with a lot of punch and dopeness.

Luke certainly has a style of his own. There’s nobody who sounds like him (that I know of) and I believe that to be a good thing. There’s an advantage to be original and that is, we will remember people like Luke but forget others who try to sound like who’s hot in the Billboard Top 100. This album is a strong one – like having your first sip of real coffee after spending your whole life drinking the tinned percolated type. The majority of the songs on here are well produced and Luke comes off correct almost always. There are moments when the album looses focus – but less than expected.  He comes up with enjoyable hooks which play well with the change in the beat. I will have this cd at close range so that I can listen to it often because it is worth it. Get it.

Late – International Rhyme Spittin EP (Wolftown Recordings)

1. ‘Intro’

Typical of an intro you find on records.

2. ‘International Spittin’ (Featuring CEE ROCK “THE FURY”)

Cee Rock The Fury joins Late on this one. Cee Rock is an underrated emcee that you must check out. The production on here brags with horns in the hook. US and the UK together on this one. Nice collabo. The more you listen the more you like.


All star UK artists on here. As they state on the press release:

“From London town we have VALU from THEE ABSENT (Café Recordings) and DADDY ASH from BLACK BRITANNIA (Abduction Entertainment), from the second city of Birmingham we have CIPHER from 7 Entertainment’s MOORISH DELTA 7, from Sheffield DOYEN D (Street Legal), from Manchester MR. WIZ from KRISPY (Damn Right! Records) and from Wolverhampton we have a duo of Wolftown Recordings artists; DJ AMO and the visionary himself… LATE.”

A nice bouncy one with an intrusive bassline. A solid mid tempo track – good to warm up a set.


Late get’s dirty with some of the South USA’s artists on this one. A heavy beat with an atmosphere in the track that is typical of the South. Tight for playing when you want to chill and relax.

5. ‘United By Flows’ (Featuring PQ and SIZE8 from VICIOUS CIRCLE)

This is Wolverhampton’s trademark beat and flows.

6. ‘Ghetto Diplomat’ (Featuring MUSICAL SNIPER and JAI BOO from WOLFTOWN COMMITTEE)

A ragga influenced track with commercial appeal. It features Musical Sniper who now lives in Toronto and who also worked with reggae artists like Robbie Shakespeare, Monty Alexander and Glen Da Costa. Jai Boo also features on here who you might remember from the Wolftown Committee album. A very radio friendly track – nice for the beach.

7. ‘San Jose To Wolftown’ (Featuring KIDD X and SD3)

Originally featured on KIDD X’s ‘X Mark The Spots’, but now remixed and re-recorded. Late seems to get around since this time it’s a collabo between him and Kidd X/SD3 – Bay Area rap artists. A laid back track.

8. ‘Open Mic Session’ (Featuring 10SHOTT, DASS & WAYNEY G)

Just 16 Bars each and no hooks on a funky beat.

9. ‘Open Mic Session’ (The International Remix)


Over 50 emcees on this posse track. You better believe it. I wonder if Late got an entry into the Guiness Book of Records for this one. You still don’t believe? It’s 22 minutes and 19 seconds long! This was an enjoyable track to listen to because it was interesting to hear emcees from different areas and different styles. This song is an EP in itself! A definite milestone for hip hop.


I found this EP tight – but some of the songs did come across too laid back. Late has an original sound. Late is a bloody hard worker, he’s releasing mixtapes, albums and the Wolftown Committe aslo have a tight ass magazine called Rago. Don’t sleep. Best tracks on here are International Spittin and the Open Mic Session International Remix. Get it for those 2 tracks. If not for the others get it for the biggest posse track in the world – I hear it’s already a collectors item.
DJ Dna – The Exploration EP (Audio Art Records) Here’s a man who got into deejaying after seeing DJ Fuze (Digital Underground) in concert. He also produced for Future Shock, Solseekers, The Inklings, Soul Components plus others. We had heard him before on the Solseekers album so this time around he releases a solo EP so let’s see how it turned out.

Some EP’s were meant for the dimly lit lounges of beat freaks all over the world. This is one of them. Even though I don’t like comparing I have to so I can teach people where to file this under. You can file under “hip hop” as long as it’s close by to DJ Krush or Shadow. Nevertheless DJ Dna hold’s his own as he truly stands out as a dope reconstructor of breaks and outlandish samples.

This EP is an audio trip. It’s very well orchestrated and it also has a calming effect on hyperactive people. The EP starts off with “When Day Breaks, Night Falls” which is an up tempo track but watch how he changes the mood on the emotional “Electrocution Behind A Feeling” which basically sets the tone for the rest of the album. It travels out your speakers in a sympathetic manner and you can hear the seriousness of DNA come through. You can almost see him frowning as he hovers above the turntables. The track changes and ensures that you will not be bored with repetitiveness. Listen to how nice it changes at 3 minutes and 20 seconds. It then jumps back to the same format as the beginning to close it off.

I loved the breaks he chose in “Re-Balance”. He has good taste in music. 

The entire EP is never stagnant, always changing and always interesting. I play this late nights when I’m relaxing or even when walking through the city with my headphones on. On the surface it might look like this EP is a short one but the songs take a life of their own and you almost loose a sense of time when listening to them. This is the kind of music that allows your mind to travel. Music for rural and urban landscapes. Serious beat freaks need to get this one.

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