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9 August 2010 No Comment

D.B.A. – Doing Business As.. (Jus Family Records)

DBA is Cool Nutz, Bosko and Poppa LQ. Cool Nutz and Bosko are both from Portland Oregan and Poppa LQ is from South Central LA. When you think of DBA think of the West Side Connection, think NWA. Production on this album is handled by Bosko, probably the most underated producer in Hip Hop today.

Almost every track on this disc features a heavy weight rapper from the West. On the first track All Checks Are Cleared Rass Kass graces the mic along with the DBA on a fat ass beat. The chances of you hearing quality stuff like this everyday is rare, so make sure you play this shit loud. This works well in the clubs as well as in your ride.

As you progress through this cd you are suprised by how dope each track is. It is not often that you get an album that can offer dope tracks all through the album. Spice 1 and Richie Rich are featured on City Life, never before have I enjoyed a track like this before. The beat is off the hook and Spice 1 is a favourite on here. One of the Left Coasts talented emcees E40 pops in on All I Know. This track is bound to incite a fit. This is straight mob shit right here.

Shit it just gets better, Keep My Soul featuring Phats Rossi and Sabotaj is another song that will make your speakers purr. Again I say this is high quality stuff. The West Coast has never sounded better since Dr Dre. Another one that had me taking a beer out the fridge is Pounds On It which features to my suprise Kam and CJ Mac. Nice to see Kam still doing thangs. The beat is perfect, the keyboard work on here is something I can appreciate. That Bosko is one talented cat.
Holla What’s Up features Frost, Jay Tee and Baby Beesh on this mobbed out track. This is just nice stuff that only certain cats will appreciate.

Last but not least is All Checks Are Cleared the Remix. This reminds me so much of the West Side Connection. The beat is bound to shake asses from coast to coast. It’s similiar to We Be Clubbin. Not sure if that was their intention, nevertheless this song will fill any hip hop club floor.

This album is what I’m looking for in any hip hop release. Hot beats, good flows and great hooks. The DBA are special in a sense that you don’t get groups coming along like this often. Take advantage and pick up this cd and stop sleeping under that rock. Highly Recommended.

Training Day Soundtrack – Various Artists

I haven’t seen the movie yet, but maybe I should after listening to this soundtrack.   I never really liked soundtracks mostly because the songs that are chosen are pretty lame with maybe one or two dope tracks.

W.O.L.V.E.S., the first song on here by Krumbsnatcha featuring M.O.P. is probably the best way anybody can start off a cd. Is it just me or doesn’t M.O.P. always bless any track they on? The use of the sample on here is good, the hook is beautiful. I love this song!

Put It On Me by Dr Dre and Dj Quik came as a pleasant surprise to me. Firstly because he still manages to create fat beats with never showing a sign of slowing down. Secondly because it’s so great to hear DJ Quik again. The last time I heard him was a few years back. Maybe it’s my own fault, should’ve checked out more of his latest albums. This is a really good song.

Nelly also contributes a track on here, strangely titled Number One. Not sure if I agree with him. He’s trying to dis people who dissed him. A pretty weak attempt from a one hit wonder.

F— You by Pharoah Monch is such a, sorry to use a softie approach here, such a beautiful song. The hook goes with the samples which makes this track play over and over in your head. I give PM ten out of ten for this.

C-Murder and Trick Daddy do a pretty weak remake of NWA’s F The Police on Watch The Police. Not that I wanted to mention it in this review but P-Diddy does a pretty wack song with David Bowie on American Dream. I still maintain that P-Diddy cannot rap to save his life.  He is so wack. So so wack!

This soundtrack started out really good but the last few tracks just made me cry. I would really like to recommend this just for the few dope tracks but I don’t think it’s not going to be worth it for you to spend your money. Get some other fool to buy it and dub the dope ones!

Mr. D.O.G. – Ghetto Politics (Bow Wow Records)

His earlier album Wet was okay, but this one is the bizzomb. Shit man, the phat track on here is I Get’s Paper featuring Ras Kass, I like this track so much I play it at the club. On NW Ridin featuring Cool Nutz, E-Dawg, Ray Ray, Mac Money and Maniac Lok you are treated to a phat beat produced by Cool Nutz which makes this track a winner. Oh and don’t forget coz on My Knoccs Go E 40 makes a guest appearance which is a must hear. I must say once again that Mr. D.O.G. has got a unique flow and almost every track on here is straight up ghetto syrup. I liked what he did on Like That where they took Careless Whisper by George Michael and re-did it. This is a funky track. Sorta like what Mac from No Limit did on his album (don’t ask me who did it first). Anotha one that had me turning up the volume in my ride was Get Off My Line (Remix) featuring Keak Da Sneak, Agerman and Bosko.

I’d urge people to check out the North West scene coz they releasing some good shit there. I mean, I’d rather listen to this than listen to a Cash Money record.

J.M.S. – Tha Album (Bad Ass Records)

J.M.S. is an underground cat, not really well known in the world of rap as he has released this on his own small label.

I’m listening to this album and thinking there is something here, but at the same time there’s something missing.  JMS can rap, and he can produce too however in some ways his beats do sound a bit dated. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing because he definately got the right idea in how to construct his beats.

JMS can really show his true potential through songs like the dope I’m Not Tha One which features Mr Keyz.  If he can continue to produce stuff like this there might be a light at the end of tunnel.

However there could be a few things he could do to improve. For example getting it mastered properly and getting the vocals levels correct would improve this album a lot. In addition to that, this is no indication that JMS is not hot, he got the potential to play a role in this hip hop game in the future.  He already got it locked down in the beats department, but there’s still a lof of hard work to be done.

Peep his site and check out some audio snippets.

F.T.S. – Money Motivated (Street Level Records)

FTS stands for Full Time Soldiers and they coming straight outta Seattle Washington.  Out on Street Level Records, owned by D-Sane, is also the producer for this album as well as their other releases.

I found the intro funny, and that’s really good coz I don’t normally like intro’s. It starts out with this playa hata line where this caller is saying how wack this shit is. Funny.  It goes straight in the track Money Motivated. FTS might just be too hardcore for most, even thugs.  If this aint real shit then I don’t know what real is. This stuff can make people shit in they pants.

The beats on this album are hot. Personally I think this is perfect for your ride and would avoid playing this at a club for fear of inciting a riot.

Let’s get into the hot stuff on here. The first track that caught my attention is How They Getcha. This needs to be played loud in your ride. I really liked Seattle’s Finest. If you like mob music then this need to peep this.  Another one that really pleased my ear was I’m Still High. Nice chorus and nice beat.

The tracks getting hotter towards the end of the Cd. Case in point is Coming Up In The 6 and the really fat Self Made. The last one you need to check out is Full Time.

This album is a decent effort, but I must warn you that most people might not catch it cause you need to have an appreciation for this style of hip hop to enjoy the tracks I mentioned.

Syko – Sykotherapy (Street Level Records)

There must be something special about the North West hip hop scene because they seem to be putting out the nicest product these days. Case in point is Syko who comes off the Street Level Record’s label located in Seattle Washington. On this album Syko does the production together with D-Sane, the record label’s CEO.

Let’s take a listen to the first song. 206 Ways featuring J-Dub has a fat bouncy beat coupled with a moog and extra keyboard work, Syko keeps it tight on this song and I’m already loving this. What a good way to start off the album.  If I Had 2 has B.D. and Wanz joining Syko on this choppy fast paced beat. I like the way the emcees are flowing on here.  All about life on the streets, being a gangster and doing what they gotta do. The chorus is catchy and I already can’t get it out of my head.

Intense Kombat displays some nice pianos with a background moog as an audio template that works well together. This is one of the few solo tracks on here but it’s the nicely constructed beat that wins here.

I liked the production on This World Of Mine, nice work. Byrdie and Smoke pop in to add vocals to the track and do a pretty damn good job of it too. The emcees flow nicely on here and make this track a winner. Wordz 2 Live By is a dope track, I can feel Syko on this track.

This album is consistent and the songs weave perfectly together creating a true soundtrack for any ghetto.  D-Sane is talented in terms of producing that mob sound and this is bound to appeal to any street soldier out there.

This is moog infested, ghetto guerilla gangster funk and spit fire rhyming. Recommend for any ghetto dweller out there.

I.K. – Kash Me Out (Street Level Records)

Shit this is hot. I’m already getting sunburnt as I popped this disc in. I.K. stands for Independent Kash.  That is B.D., D-Sane, Brazy J and J Dub together as one group.  The rapping on here is fast, aggressive and a “I don’t give a shit attitude”. Don’t expect to relax if you listening to this because your heart is going to be racing, you going to be sweating, you gonna have cold sweats.

The first song Kash Me Out which features BG No Joke got them spitting words like AK-47 bullets.  Independent Kash, the second track on here, features some extremely aggressive rapping on here. Calling these guys hardcore is an understatement.

One of the highlights of this album is Money Hungry featuring that well known Bay Area lady Suga T. On this track they talk about how much they love money and what they’d do to get it, almost anything. The chorus can grow on you. However the track did a seem a bit noisy and can incite a headache.

I think the best track on here is Somebody Like Me feat Tuff Nitti. I’m really feeling this song.

This album might just be too hardcore for some. This is straight from the streets and would only appeal to those who can relate to that.

Byrdie – Poetic Epidemic (Street Level Records)

Dirty Byrdie or Pretty Byrdie, that’s what you can call him. This is a multiple personality emcee who got two sides to his mind. On the Dirty side he will kick shit like:
Do you believe in fate/believe I’ll put your head on a plate/
and give you a blind date/with your soul mate/at the heavenly gates

How sick can this guy get? As the Pretty Byrdie he will flip something like:
Why have sex?/I would rather have head instead/
on a moped/i get mo head jobs/than Gene Jaurez

The first track displays just how hard he can get on Poetic Epidemic. Byrdie is a good lyricist and his flow is fast. The chorus on this song is perfect and fits well with the production.  But then he can switch just by skipping to the next track. He becomes Pretty Byrdie and sounds very much like Dru Down on here, not so much the rapping but when he talks in the beginning of the track. This is a tight track. Here he’s talking about how smooth he be, how he can get a pretty girl etc. But don’t dismiss this as he manages to pull it off in the clever way he rhymes. He also comes off really dope on Player’s Policy pt 2.  I must state again that Byrdie is a talented lyricist.

One of the dopest tracks on here is Keep It On The Hush feat B.D. The beat is fat (nice kicks) and the rhyming is top notch.  The other dope ones on here are Society featuring Julian and Wordsayer. I like the beat on here.

Byrdie stands out, and I’d urge you to peep this just for his lyrics. Recommended by AfricasGateway.

Bootleg Entertainment Promo – DarkToof (Bootleg Ent)

Here’s somebody that really impressed me. I get this promo in my post and it got nothing but the cd, no pictures, no bios and no bullshit. So anyways this cd was sitting on my table for about 3 days before I popped it in and I decided to play it out of curiosty. Shit I should’ve done that when I received it!

This promo got 30 minutes of raw Hip Hop. When I say raw I don’t mean medium raw but rather raw like that meat hanging at the abattoir. The rhyming on here is superb, more on the freestyle tip if you know what I mean. The beats are sample heavy, with a good dose of above average turnatablist tracks where the dj get crazy stupid. Some really original styles are displayed here, some of the turntable wizardry gave me cold sweats. I was doing “air scratches” in front of the mirror. That’s how dope this shit is. According to the bio on the Bootleg Ent site Darktoof has had experience in working with Qbert, Planet Asia and much more.

However if I could identify the names of the tracks on here I could identify a whole bunch of stuff that was dope but there was no track listing. This is 30 minutes so I just play the whole thing without having to skip any coz everything on here was dope. So if you looking for some fresh new underground shit then you need to check out Bootleg Entertainment. You HAVE TO GET this! Can’t wait to hear more of their shit!

Mac Money – Just Dippin 12 Inch (Bow Wow Records)

It looks like Bow Wow is never going to fall. They just keep coming out without no fail. Until recently Bow Wow had been focusing on Mr D.O.G. and now it’s time for Mac Money to take his turn.

This is a single with a few bonus tracks. On Just Dippin you are treated to that typical North West sound. With production handled by Big Squeeze, he infects the track with keyboards and contributes a track that latches onto you like a brazilian leech. The more I listen to this the more I love it.

On the second track What’s Your Reality Mac Money really shines and the production is top notch. Mac Money might even find his fan base broaden because of this song. Firstly because the production cannot exactly be classified as mob style but rather borders on what the East normally does. Secondly he drops some science about religion and other stuff. Take this line for instance where he declares that Jesus was nothing but a prophet and questions the authenticity of Jesus being the son of God:
“For I Fear No Man That Bleed Like Me”. I couldn’t have said it better.

Now on the third track Mac Money comes back down from the heavens and puts his feet onto the pavements of Tacoma to bring you the extra hot United We Stand. This is typical Bow Wow style and I just fucking love it.
“You cannot see me like Osama”. That’s a knee slapper.

Nuff respect to Bow Wow for releasing this hot single. Cannot wait for the album.

Freddie-Bruno – The Ballpoint Composer (Uprok Records)

When it comes to quality hip hop Uprok is always around to provide it. Amongst countless artists Freddie Bruno is just another one of their releases that continue to prove that hip hop doesn’t have to be all violent, sexist and full of cuss words to be dope.

Freddie Bruno and Harry Krum produced the entire album and if you liked Mars Ill and Deepspace 5 you will love the beats on this album because it was all done in a similiar vein.

Listening to Freddie Bruno I cannot help but think back to the early 90’s. He just has that flow, I can even picture this guy in the studio moving his head from left to right occasionally grabbing his chin while he flows. He holds the beat down lovely as he flows which shows that he is an experienced emcee.

The first track is really nice, titled Freddie-B-R-U-Know, Freddie keeps the track interesting as he flows well throughout the track. Miss Bonita is a song that I’m really feeling at this moment.

But the mood can change drastically throughout this album, coz when we talking about Occupational Therapy feat Play-Dough you are treated to a different formula used in the two previous songs I mentioned. First of all it’s good to hear a tiny bit of a dj in the chorus, that’s that late 80’s early 90’s shit I’m talking about here. Many people might be reading this and thinking what the hell am I talking about? Well what I’m trying to say is that most hip hop songs are tending to forget the deejay. I love hearing that old formula being used here. Now I’m not saying expect to hear Babu type styles in the chorus. The only way to explain this track is to imagine what 3rd Bass and Dilated Peoples would sound like if they mated.

Hall Minor is another one that I’m loving. Damn if I had this piece of vinyl (I’m reviewing the cd) of this I’d play this shit at my gigs. I’d start cutting it up right at the end of the track. Lovely stuff. Anyways one of my favourite emcee Sev Statik jumps on the deck on Rock The Beat Within Ya Heart to rip it like those people who rip their shirts so easily when somebody is injured.

Right so now I’m looking to get some closure on this review, but the dope stuff just keep on coming. Not For Profit is another one that has some nice warm production.

This is just another reason to check out Uprok Records and it’s artists. Go to a record store and ask for them to order it. It’s worth it.

BK & Associates – Beat Maker Session 1 (Uprok Records)

This album is different, original and unique.

I’m listening to this right now and I’m feeling the intro, this is like breaks meet the acoustic guitar. But take it from me, this is something for that sunday drive. Something to relax too. The first part of the album is sort of like this as this intro basically sets the mood for about 50 % of the album. Very mellow, relaxing type stuff. Anyways, we know what you cats out there are thinking, you looking for that hard stuff right? And if you look at the album cover you might never expect that guy can rock it right?

My favourite song right now is Theme Music featuring Mars Ill. I’m saying this right now, Mars Ill got some of the nicest flows I’m hearing right now. Damn this song is so nicely constructed I’m going to cry. I’m bobbing my head right now I’m worried that my head is gonna smash my monitor.

On Melodic Parabolic Freddie Bruno dives into the studio to bring flavor to one of the nicest tracks I’ve heard in a while. Sounds like a damn circus but this sounds really good loud. Shakes peoples asses too so it’s good for deejays too.

Damn, What’s Real featuring Tunnel Rats has got some fat production. That’s all I’m going to say on this track. Nuff respect to the producer.

This is a good album provided you peep out the tracks I mentioned.

Meneer Ruys – Iets Met Dolby (Stuurboord Bakboord Records)

There’s always been something dope about Dutch Hip Hop in that dutch is so close to Afrikaans that one can understand exactly what they rhyming about.

This Cd comes with 27 tracks of raw sample rich tracks. Meneer Ruys is from the same stable as those guys who brought the F6 album a year or two ago.

The rhyming on here is different, but you will be used to it if you listen to a lot of Dutch hip hop. If this is the first dutch album you listening too then you might either be put off or just love it.

There were a couple of tracks that I enjoyed on this album but more than that it was the production I loved.

Dubbel Dolby is a nice track that I’m feeling and I’m a put this up on my mixtape. It’s different and I like that shit. On Geen School the beat is so fucking phat my bloody windows started to vibrate. Those snares are phat! I’m sure my neighbours were pissed off.

The other shit I’m loving on this album is Heerlen Stinkt. The rhyming on here is dope. Another one that caught my attention was the extremely dope Beest Uyt De Hees. Nice and catchy. The track I find myself playing over and over again Hoge Pief Shit.

However the beats can sound a bit soft due to the mastering being a bit off but I think that can be justified by the manner in which this album was recorded.

Overall this is a decent effort and a worthy addition to your foreign hip hop collection.

Reviewed by Contra

Yaggfu Front – The Secret Tapes (Mends/BP Distribution)

Do you remember Yaggfu Front? I certainly do and if you didn’t then now is your second chance to get to know them with their new release consisting of new and old tracks. Coming from North Carolina, they were one of the first hip hop groups from that area to get a major deal and rightfully so. However people, the stupid ones, were thinking that Yaggfu was too ahead of their time for their label to put much love into them. So eventually their relationship with Mercury fell to the way side. Now they come on the Mends label and I must give mad love to them for releasing this album.

The Yaggfu Front come from the era when hip hop was original and they have mantained that with their new ish. The Yaggfu remind me of a mixture between L.O.N.S., and the old Freestyle Fellowship. People are going to be really surprised when they hear this because besides dropping some bombs on us, they bring us back to the early 90’s with many of their re-releases and unreleased shit from that period.

I like the majority of the tracks on here but I must mention the tracks that I bumping right now. On Listen featuring Esau The Anti-Emcee you are treated to some lovely production and dope rhyming. This track is proof that Yaggfu is back and deserves to stand toe to toe with the best in the industry right now.

However the best track on here has got to be Future Shock featuring the Tek Specialists. Some people might prefer the other tracks but for me this track has such a lot of warmth to the production that I cannot help but playing this song over and over again.

For the shit that they went through with Mercury show them some love and buy this album. It’s worth it.

This is our June Album of the Month!

Creme Fiend Compilation – Various (Indalab Records)

Here’s a compilation from the windy city of Chicago. I got this the other day in my post box and I was eager to check it out as my collection from that area is pretty dry at the moment.

The first impression that I got from this comp is that they definatley have their own sound. But not their own sound entirely, because they sound like where they situated which is basically in the middle of the United States. This brings a hybrid of the dirty south and the west with a dash of north west.

I must say that the majority of the tracks on here are nothing special except perhaps to the crew who put this together and it’s always good to hear a review from an external person which can give a different perspective on this comp. However there were a couple of tracks that showed their strengths.

The track that I could get into here is Sum Shit We Wrote which I felt was like a rose amongst the thorns. Hot For Yall also showed a lot of potential which kinda reminded me a lot of Lil Troy, not sure if that was the intention but this track is hot. I like it. But in my opinion the nicest track here is the bonus track M.A.J.O.R..

This is a decent effort but there were just too many tracks that we were not feeling.

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