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9 August 2010 No Comment

Major – Master and Juggernaut Of Rhymes (Indalab)

Once in a while you hear somebody with potential, and Major is just that person. There is
definitely a way for this cat to make it big if he stays focused and continues to do what he does. This cd is one of the better releases from the Indalab label and it even made regular play on my cd player. You can hear clearly that Major is hungry for this rap game, and that’s what always makes it interesting to listen to an album like this. Check this, perhaps not now, but maybe in 2 years I see Major getting a really good deal with a label. That’s if he keeps focused.

The first track Don’t Fuck Wit Us was pretty dope, and catcy too, the only thing I did not like was the cheesy chorus. It’z Me I thought was nice to listen to for the sample that was used in the production. I’m sure I’ve heard that sample somewhere before, I just can’t place it.

Revenue is another track I’m loving here. But the best track on here is Deep Freeze, yeah, now this is something that I can play in my ride.

Take a couple of listens to this and you’ll see that Major got major potential. Unlike many other emcees starting out Major has his feet placed firmly on the ground, this is evident when you hear his consistent flow throughout the album. You can easily hear that Major is clearly comfortable with himself on the mic and just for that if you in Chicago then go out and support him. Visit the site for audio snippets.

Skwatta Kamp – Khut En Joyn (NewSprint/Buttabing)

I envision a future where South African artists like Skwatta Kamp will sell as many units as the kwaito artists. With an album like this I think it’s possible for that dream to happen. Not now, but soon.

First of all, Skwatta Kamp brought us an album last year and I was unfortunate to not check it out. You see many of us, even people like me, sleep on local crews. But since I’ve heard this latest album I’m a fan. Skwatta Kamp have proved to me that they can bring the roof off the shack if we give them a chance to.

I don’t even know where to start, for a hip hop purist like me, I can really appreciate the lyrical brilliance of this crew, I can really appreciate the production that the producer brings to the songs. So if you reading another review of this album in a newspaper or whatever don’t believe the crap those mainstream bullshitters say, because this review here is the real deal here.

Worldwide is the kind of song that will break your spine because it does not help you to nod your head. You have to go further than that, and that’s why your spine will break when you hear this. This beat is beautiful, I had to move my monitor away incase my head was gonna collide with it. The rhyming on here is easily weaved in and out of the beat like a seamstress in a UN workshop set up for woman in poverty. My biggest question now is, if a radio station like Radio Good Hope had to get a copy of this and they didn’t play it, I’d be pretty pissed off.

So anyway, I’m skipping to the next track, and I can’t believe what I’m hearing. Killing It is another one that had me taking a beer out my fridge and having a drink on Skwatta. Man, MUCH RESPECT to Ark-E-Tekts for the FOOKING MAD production on here. The drums are just too dope man. The rhyming will make the Hieroglyphics blush.

If there’s a low point on this album it must be Rau Rau and Manyisa. I did not feel those tracks at all.

Okay, so let’s talk about more dope tracks on here.

The Rest Shut the? and Khut En Joyn is another two reasons why you need to buy this cd. The rhyming is just superior.

The best track on here, and probably one of the top 10 hip hop tracks to come from a south african rap crew ever is Politics. The lyrical content on here makes for a powerful song. I’d love to reprint the lyrics on here but I’d urge you to check out their site for the lyrics.

Skwatta Kamp are certainly South Africa’s premier hip hop crew. It is your duty to purchase this. This is our album of the month!

Acts 29 – Under Exposed (Syntax Records)

Acts 29 consists of members Braille, Ohmega Watts and Soul Plasma. They all hail from different areas in the states but are now residing in Portland Oregon. Yes, that’s the same city where you’d find rap artists like Cool Nuts. Syntax was the same label that brought you Red Cloud and Coleon and this time around they have not failed in bringing a good hip hop album to the market.

The first impression that I’m getting from this album is that it would appeal more to the hip hop purists out there. This is the kind of album that you can play back to back and not have to skip a track.

These guys have been around for a long time, I mean I’ve heard about Braille for a while now so this aint no new jack ish. All 3 emcees show maturity in their rhymes, with confident flows and good lyrical content you are guaranteed to be uplifted after listening to this.

The tracks on here are truly dope. Take for instance Shoot Out with it’s dope horns. All 3 emcees hold it tight in the rhyming department and bring across their positive messages without making it sound stale. The other one that caught my ear was We Know where the emcees relate to their fans/audience that they know how it feels to be hungry, abused etc. Yeah, there are a lot of people out there who are given a bad deal in life, but with this track the artists are saying they are not alone in this struggle.

This album offers a breath of fresh air to the overly sexual and violent hip hop scene. I just hope that people can check this out. Just one last thing tough, this is a listening album. Best experienced when you are alone with your headphones. That way you can absorb the message without any distractions.

Night Owls One Compilation (Syntax Records)

This is the first attempt by Syntax Records to release a compilation and this is the first of many to come. I’m sure by now the visitors of this site is familiar with the label so let’s get straight to the songs.

This comp comes with 19 tracks with a host of artists, most of which I had never heard of before. There are some really hot jams in here that seriously need to be checked out. For instance the first one that I enjoyed was Earenfektion by Solseekers featuring DJ DNA. Nice production and nice rhyming. Clever MC pops in with Sup The Chemist, B-Twice and Peace 586 to contribute the extra hot track Natural Method. This track has been playing over and over again on my sound system. It’s just too dope!

Probably the track that really had me jumping up and down was Inhale 2 Exhale by Elle R.O.C.. This reminds me so much of the Arsonists especially in the way the emcee flows. This is such a nice track. I love it. Sojourn from Future Shock also contributes a track entitled More Than Rap. Nice flows man. The last one that really had me doing cartwheels much to the amusement of my daughter was Assisted Suicide by Stu Dent. You need to check this out.

This was a good compilation and this deserves a place in your collection.

Lojique – Language Arts (Syntax Records)

Lojique (pronounced “logic”) is a group that came into being during 1998 consisting of members Nickels, Othello and Page One. Their intention is to spread the name of Jesus Christ and destroying any preconceived idea of what holy hip hop should sound like.

This album is pretty dope and to fully enjoy this you need to listen to this without any distractions,
preferably alone, as this album holds a lot of messages that need to be heard. While some people have problems with Christianity there are still quite a number of universal messages that can be appreciated.

Fellowship Of the Unashamed shows that Lojique do have what it takes especially in the rhyming department. In this song they are declaring that they are not ashamed of what they do, which is spreading the power of Christ. Eastern Sky is another song that was very catchy and the message contained therein, especially the second verse was pretty insightful. Broken is another one that I liked but it was You Don’t Know The Half (Remix) that I was feeling most.

This is a good album because you can hear that it was a well thought out album with experienced emcees dropping verses. Check it out.

Future Shock – The Art Of Xenos (Syntax Records)

Future Shock are the founding members of that gigantic crew Tunnel Rats which if you remember released their album on Uprok Records. Now Future Shock, consisting of members Ajax, Sojourn and DJ Trey-qel drop this different album that you will either hate or love.

Don’t get me wrong, this is a good album so let’s dig into the tracks that I was feeling. Intelligent Words is one of the tracks that I enjoyed as soon as I heard it. It’s got that raw edge to it, the production made this track. The best tracks on here are Little Bit, Penchant, Foreshadowing, Paper Weights, Groundwork and Through which is pretty much almost all of the tracks on here. They prove themselves as a crew that hold it down in the beat and the lyrics department.

Dope album, you need to check this out.

Gibraan – Mockinbyrd Slang (Syntax Records)

Gibraan, the latest to bless the Syntax Records roster. Syntax really found a talented artist here and it’s no doubt that Gibraan is gonna be large. However I could not dismiss the similarity to Jay Z and Memphis Bleek. However unintentional some are gonna say that he’s trying to capture that market to spread the message of Christ. With that aside I think that Gibraan really deserves to be heard as there are some really hot tracks on here.

First of all, I can’t stop playing this cd as it is so dope. This whole album is dope, and can be played back to back. Firewater is gonna make you wanna drive through the streets at 20km per hour as this track blasts through your sound system. It’s the kind of song that you want to share with your neigbourhood. Man, it just gets better with the extra thick smacking Strictly For My NINJAZ. Nice production. Shabach is a favourite of everyone who I’ve played this for. But it was The Rap Nueaupean Anthem that I really appreciated for it’s unorthodox production.

This is an excellent album so go out and buy this, this is suitable for your ride at best.

Bullet – We Get’s Perved (East Side Records/Jus Family Records)

We had recently reviewed Bullet’s latest album Small Town Living, Big City Game and now it’s time to review his previous album, so yeah, we stepping back to the year 2000 on this one.

Bullet aka the White Buffalo is a unique rapper, mostly because has a unique voice. Bullet makes mob music, music for the game, the streets, call it whatever you want but this music is suited to the streets. Lovely moogs here and there, keyboards, typical of what the North West and Bay Area are well known for.

This album is totally different to his latest one but he still had such a lot of game in this one that I’m already feeling this album after a couple of listens. This album appears to be more raw than the refined latest offering. The first track I’m loving on here is I’m A Ride Ya which is produced by that genius Cool Nutz. This track is just banging man. Lovely shit.

The other one that I’m really feeling is True Riderz featuring Suga T, Cool Nutz and Style Wars. The dopest shit is towards the end of the cd. For instance on Let Em Know featuring Suga T. The production is handled by one of my fave producers Torrey Ward. Also on I Was Told and Hate This you are treated to a host of artists dropping in the studio to join Bullet. For example you got rappers like Mr DOG and Maniac Lok. These two tracks close off the cd perfectly.

This is one of those cd’s that need to be listened to while driving around on a saturday afternoon while you are drunk and you just cruising. Anyway, now that I’ve heard both of Bullet’s albums I can say that Bullet definatley gonna be a strong name in the West Coast. He’s working on a new album right now Dedication and Desire and I’m itching to hear that shit.

Best track on here: I’m A Ride Ya.

DJ Vurb – Livin A Dream

DJ Vurb makes screw music which is a style of remixing that started with the legendary DJ Screw (RIP). To give you an idea of what screw music sounds like, think of any hip hop track slowed down and mixed. Screwed and Chopped music is kind of an underground scene and there are only a few people that can truly appreciate this sound (unless of course if you from the dirty South where it is very popular). While the legend DJ Screw has passed away, we can thank people like DJ Vurb who continue to remix music in that vein and with that he releases his Livin A Dream Mix CD. DJ Vurb himself was influenced by DJ Screw and besides making Mix CD’s he makes special chopped and screwed remixes for dozens of Hip Hop artists.

Let’s get into Livin A Dream. First off, this is something I can appreciate because DJ Vurb is unique (as far as I know) as he makes screwed versions of the commercial and underground shit together. I’ve heard a few screwed tapes from other deejays but they normally only focus on underground shit. DJ Vurb will drop some dirty shit like Eightball’s Stop Playing Games and then drop into Missy & Ginuwines Platinum Chains like it aint nothing. You see this is what screwed music is supposed to be like, jumping from that underground shit to that R&B shit. Damn, this is the kind of CD you ought to play while cruising around late at night.

While it is always difficult reviewing styles like screwed as you cannot e.g. criticize the deejay’s scratching abilities etc. with a screwed tape you gotta look for how the tracks weave into each other and also quite importantly the choice of tracks. Overall DJ Vurb has made us a fan of his and we play this CD back to front the whole day as we work. So get screwed and go onto his site and order yourself a MIX CD with a difference!


  • Lil Keke – Platinum In Da Ghetto
  • Dre & Snoop – The Wash
  • Juvenile – Sunshine
  • Bubba Sparxx – Lovely
  • Outkast – The Whole World
  • DMX – Who We Be
  • Eightball – Stop Playin Games
  • Missy & Ginuwine – Platinum Chains
  • Lil Troy f/ Lil Flip – We Gon Lean
  • Lil Troy f/ Lil Flip – We Gon Lean II
  • Juvenile – Mamma Got Ass
  • Lil Jon f/ Ludacris & Too Short – Bia Bia (Remix)
  • Ludacris – Roll Out
  • Ja Rule – Always On Time
  • R. Kelly – Feelin On Yo Booty (Remix)


DJ Vurb – Urban Legend

This is probably the dopest screwed Mix cd right now, no bloody doubt about that. You gotta be here to listen to this shit. Big up to Texas, DJ Vurb is carrying the light for legends like DJ Screw and if he was alive today he would be proud.

I’m digging this cd too much that I fear borrowing it to anyone as I know nobody would bring it back to me. Nah, jokes aside DJ Vurb can take a track that sounds absolutely wack on it’s normal speed and make it sound freaking dope when it’s chopped up. For instance some of the shit on here I’d never buy in a million years e.g. Fat Joe featuring Ashanti’s What’s Love which in my opinion is a crap R&B track, but now I’m loving this shit coz it’s flipped on a different level. It’s brought down to the street level so to speak.

Anyways, DJ Vurb comes correct in bringing some of that mayhem ish like that extremely dope track Gel & Weave by Project Pat. The bass on there just kills me. This is a nicely constructed Mix tape and the highlight of this must be Avant’s Making Good Love.

Screwed tapes are not that popular here in South Africa yet, but that’s only because most people have not heard this shit yet. So if you one of ’em head on down to DJ Vurb’s website and check out some of his samples.


  • Intro
  • Fat Joe f/ Ashanti – What’s Love
  • Lil Keke – Callin My Name
  • Ashanti f/ Biggie Smalls – Foolish MIX
  • White Flight – Freestyle
  • Ludacris – Saturday (Ooh Ooh)
  • Tweet f/ Fabolous – Oops
  • Busta Rhymes – Break Ya Kneck
  • Big Moe – Purple Stuff
  • Mr. Cheeks – Lights, Camera, Action
  • Big Tymers – Still Fly
  • Nappy Roots – Awnaw
  • Fabolous – Holla Back
  • Project Pat – Gel & Weave
  • Avant – Making Good Love


Raphi – Cali Quake (Uprok Records)

Rahpi aka Shame from Los Angeles drops his first album for Uprok Records. In 1993 he joined the Tunnel Rats and he has performed with the Freestyle Fellowship, Boogie Monsters and Supernatural.

Shit, there is isn’t much negative shit I can say about Uprok these days as they always bring out quality shit. Raphi is an experienced emcee and is one of the memorable emcees from the Tunnel Rats. The first thing you will like about this album is the crisp production and the good rhyming that never gets tired. The first track Connect starts the album off properly with production that sort of reminds me of a Dre style of production. The back packers are going to like the track Welcome as it got that East Coast flavor. But it was Then and Now that I really enjoyed. The production on here is dope. There is good feel to the track and it works for both the floor and the ride. Heatwave is the one song I’m playing over and over again. I just love it. It works well for people like me who like to have their stuff dark and moody. Damn, probably the best track on here in terms of content must be Life Surprises. Rahpi drops some personal stories on you that will keep you hooked throughout the track and does it so well that you almost feel guilty for even listening to track. It’s almost as if you were eavesdropping on his personal rhyme.

This is a good album and I’m listening to this often, at least twice a day. Don’t expect any anthems or something, but rather some good beats and rhyming. That’s all.

Adeem – Sweet Talking Your Brain (Syntax Records)

Adeem is a different character as he raps about things that most people wouldn’t rap about. If you looking for an example just head over to his site and check his lyrics section. Most of the stuff is pretty strange and would most probably be done by poets rather than an emcee.

Probably the nicest track on here must be Maker Mine and it’s the same track that appeared on the Night Owls compilation. Another one I liked was Stargazing. Sadly though there were only 2 tracks that were good as it was mostly the production that dissappointed me. I feel that if Adeem got some better production in here then this album would have been stronger.

I’m looking forward to his next album as I know that with some ill production he got the ability to bring it. So with that in mind we will wait for the next one.

Spit n Sluggz – EP

Spit N Sluggz is a rap group from Brooklyn USA and this is their 6 track EP that they recently sent to us.

This is definately worth checking. The first track opens up with some nice production and the rhyming is typical New York style. Spit N Sluggz truly do shine on here and they also show that they have a lot of potential. Keep in mind too that this is just an EP, most probably a demo at it’s best and that they are a young crew, but if they can put shit out like this and improve at the same time they can really go far in this shit. The second track is a remake of Straight Outta Compton obviously changing the name Compton to Brooklyn. While I understand the love we all have for the original track some songs are simply never meant to remake. The 3rd track is pretty dope, the concept that is, however the production is bit off key, the sample that is. Track number 4 is nice, very nice, I’m diggin this shit. Good job on that track. Top notch shit right there! Track 5 is okay but the production is bit weak, the rhyming is good though. The last track on here is nice, reminds me a lot of Mobb Deep.

Overall this is a good effort, probably a lot better than the majority of demos we receive. Put a bit of concentration in there and these cats can go far.

KJ-52 – Collaborations (Uprok Records)

KJ-52 (Jonah Sorrentino) has been involved with hip hop for a long time and is well known in the underground hip hop scene. He was the winner of the Southwestern Florida MPM Spit and Spin battle contest. He has performed with Wu Tang, Mobb Deep, ATCQ, De La Soul plus many others. Now he is signed with Uprok Records and that is smart move by him.

The first thing I’m thinking while I’m listening to this album is that it has class. Nicely produced beats with just enough thump to incite a headspin coupled with his experienced rhyming abilities make this album an enjoyable one to listen to. While many of the tracks border on the commercial side there are still a lot of tracks that are going to make happy that you purchased this cd.

One of the tracks that I enjoyed first was The Choice Is Yours which is a remake of the Black Sheep version. This track definately brought back a lot of memories and he makes a good job of it too. Just as enjoyable as the original. Of course one must mention that other one Dear Slim where KJ-52 rhymes a couple of messages to Eminem. Of course this track is done in a similiar vein as Eminem’s Dear Stan and KJ-52 actually pulls it off again without sounding cheesy. He wrote this track because a lot of guys were saying that he sounds like Eminem.

One of the tightest tracks on here must be 5th Element where he breaks down the different aspects of hip hop with the beat changing as he changes the subject. This is a favourite of mine right now and it’s about time that someone came and gave props to the other elements of hip hop.

The illest track on here is Why featuring that crazy ill crew Mars Ill. As always anything that Mars Ill features on seems to be just too dope.

This is a great album and will appeal to those who have an appreciation for the whole culture of Hip Hop. KJ52 is a good emcee and just for all the work he’s put into this album you should peep it.

Dj Sleepy – Headz 2 Bed #15 (Mixtape)

Haven’t of heard dude, Dj Sleepy that is, but I was passed this disc on to me and I was rushing home to listen to it, cos of the tracks. I’ve got to say I dig the way sleepy has his signature laughter at the begining of each track. Sleepy does not do any turntable trickery like your average dj, but he still rocks the set. Mixtapes nowadays are wishy washy but Sleepy, pulls it of masterfully. He’s mix of Truth Hurts Addictive is good. I like the track and it was the first time I heard it. It features rhyme master Rakim. Mixtapes usually contains dis tracks, vol#15 has quite a few. Like the freestyle by Sean Price from Heltah Skeltah over the beat of “Izzo” is one and Nas is not by Nature is a prime example of rappers using mixtapes to quickly answer to other rappers or what ever the f*** it is they want to say. Other notable tracks on this tight mixtape is the brilliant Fame by GZA, this one he flips the same style he did on Labels. It was also good to hear Camp Lo on Glow, which is taken from their upcoming new album. They still got it, trust me.

Pure Coke by Planet Asia is the hot! Hotter than your baby mama in a bikini. It got me and Craig B a ticket in Voortreker road in Goodwood. But alas that’s that! Planet needs to get some major label backing cos dude is off the hook, he ripped this track to pieces.

Sleepy I need some more of your discs holla at us, cos this disc is of the heeeeeeeeeeeeezy!

Email him at StyxB@aol.com.

Faust & Shortee – Another Dope Hip-Hop Mega Mix Vol. 2

You might remember Faust & Shortee from the Stray Records label. This mix cd is done live on 4 turntables and the dj’s flip through many Hip Hop instrumentals, some of it sped up a bit to give the whole cd a unified feel.

While this is not done in the same way as ISP or Beat Junkies would do it, this mix most certainly has a clubby feel to it and it stills retains the real grit of hip hop. I can easily see their sets being a favourite of the bboys and bgyrls. The mixes are totally flawless too. You can hear that this duo have a really good appreciation of hip hop and they really made my day when they went through that little P-funk phase towards the end of the cd. It was really good to hear Flashlight again.

If this is indication of what their live show may sound like then I would most probably be the first to jump into the dj box and give these guys a hug. This is most def the kind of set I’d like to see played at clubs here in Cape Town.

Locke – Relevance (Know It All Entertainment)

Damn there are so many emcees out here in this world. I got this promo in the post the other day and I’m thinking “oh another rapper, what’s this all about”. Believe me if you was in my position receiving so much shit to review you’d start to get a bit frustrated. Anyway I pop in this cd and I’m pleasantly surprised. The first thing I’m liking about Locke is that this album is very smooth. Locke got a smooth flow, and it compliments the sound of the whole album. The production on here is very smooth, like butter if you could call it that. What’s more is that the production is consistent throughout the album and that counts for a lot. The tracks weave into each other flawlessly and makes for a dope listening session.

I came across most probably the nicest track I’ve heard in a while and that is Aversion (Press Pause). Shit the production on here is hot. I can really give mad respect to the producer. Let me see what’s his name, okay I got it, his name is Nickels. Remember that name, Nickels, a producer to look out for. He did production for Lojique. Okay but check this out, skip straight to track 11 and listen to Ancient Truths. Listen to that production! The production is really different. I love this shit. Throughout all this Locke holds it down like a true street soldier. His flow is really laid back and tongue in cheek and the result is a perfect package.

This album I’m feeling and it’s worthy for a purchase, a true head nodda soundtrack.

Miss Money – Excerpts from Through Hell and High Water

Miss Money markets herself as a hiphop/R&B act however it is more accurately R&B/pop, Miss Money still got a lot of flava. While most have not heard of her yet I’m thinking she is gonna make it soon, coz if she can turn out shit like this then I’m sure she’s not gonna have a problem. She definately got the right formula in writing hit songs. She really knows how to write radio friendly songs. I can see this stuff being played on the radio. This is true of the track I’m Tired. Very catchy. While she might not be a Mary J Blige she comes off really dope on Maybe I Should Be Your New Wife. Also another catchy song. The last two track I wasn’t really feeling but hey not every track can be nice. That’s true of every album. However this is just an excerpt cd and I’m hoping that she’s got more surprises on the album.

The Single Minded Pros- Session 2 (Consumer Reaseach & Development Label)

Their first vinyl “Session 1”, repped Chicago to the max with an appearance from the Battle tested emcee JUICE, best known for whipping Supernatural at the Wakeup Show Anniversary. That first release was Dumb Hot for real, with hard beats and punchlines galore. So what does session 2 have to offer? Well as far as emcees its got Pacewon, Profound and the Almighty team up of C Rayz Walz, Breez EvaFlowin and JUICE! Without taking anything away from the other 2 emcees I have to say that this collabo is crazy. “Who’s F*ckin with this?” is my choice for production and rhymes. A programmer directors nightmare with no radio version in sight (just the way we like it)

Cashless Society – Various Tracks (South African Hip Hop)

I only got the opportunity to hear 3 tracks from the Johannesburg based Hip Hop crew Cashless Society so I’m a review these 3 tracks eventhough they couldn’t send me a promo.

Blaze The Breaks

The first time I heard this track I was first thinking this is damn good for a South African hip hop crew. The production on here is nice and although the weak placement of the samples in the chorus breaks the head nod it’s the correct use of the drums and snares that basically made this track sound tight. I have absolutely no problem with the rhyming on here, they are on point. The only problem I’m having with this track is that it can appear that this track might have been directed more toward the American market especially the American accents I’m hearing in the intro. I don’t know these cats personally and it might even be that they was living in the states and picked up the accent there but if they weren’t I’d have to ask why put on an accent?


This track, man I don’t know what to think it about it. The first rapper on here sounds a bit desperate to bring his message across. I can’t feel this track.

Make It Happen

When South African rappers start shouting “yeah” and “yo check it out” like the Cashless did here in the intro I just have to laugh. Why the damn American accents? We living in South Africa man. I can’t front on their flows, they got the damn skills. This track is pretty strong and perhaps the best I’ve heard so far from Cashless Society. The production on here is also nice and well worth a spot on a mixtape somewhere.
Godessa – Various Tracks (South African Hip Hop) I’m reviewing these 2 tracks so that I can get you people hungry for the album that they releasing Cape Of Good Dope which is to be released on the 31 August 2001. So let’s just dig into the 2 tracks that I managed to squeeze from somebody I’m not gonna mention here.

Social Ills

First of all this production is really good. Yes I know the samples they used on here. I’ve yet to hear a track that will make me scratch my head when it comes to samples. But with that aside I think the most important thing here is the lyrical content. Not only do they give you food for thought but I was totally impressed with the second verse. The emcee managed to pull it off without one time trying to rap in an American accent. This is what I call real South African hip hop. If they dropping shit like this I can’t wait for the album!

Tippie Skale Vannie Tale

Yes, I’m getting into this, this is some shit in Afrikaans so it’s only South Africans and Dutch people who might get into this. Again the second verse forces me to get that beer out the fridge again. I’m figuring they gonna piss a lot of white Afrikaners with this as they emphasize the fact that Afrikaans is a language created by the slaves in South Africa. That’s a fact. Shit but you know it’s a fact that almost every Afrikaner have black blood in him, I heard that somewhere.

Get this album when it drops, you are going to love it.
Groundworks – Demolition (South African Hip Hop) Groundworks is a crew from Johannesburg South Africa (I think, send me an email if I’m wrong). Let’s break it down track by track:

Casualties of Raw

The production is tight, nice use of the samples. The emcee sounds almost like Kool Keith minus the weirdness with a South African accent. This is really good stuff. The second verse is brings a new meaning to the word flowing coz the emcee flows in a way I’ve never heard before. This is outstanding stuff!


I like the concept of this track. The production is pretty good, the producer obviously spend a lot of time in the panning and the drum pattern is beautiful. He get’s 10/10 for that. The rhyming is once again superb. They can stand toe to toe with Swatta Kamp.

Copasthetic Phenomenonlogy featuring Snazz

What the hell is it with these big words. I’m not the kind of guy who wants to pull out a dictionary when I listen to a track. Snazz who features on this track will probably give any emcee in New York a run for his/her money. The guy is a damn lyrical genius. This track is brilliant.


Looks like the producer likes experimenting with new ways of putting together a beat and he does it on here with success. The only thing I’m liking on here is the beat. Very different.

Demolition Interlude

Just a little beat going on and on laced with a few samples.

2nd Thought

Holy shit, the producer once again makes me jealous with his unique use of drums and snares. The shit is so off beat I’m loving it. Groundworks, you guys have a new fan.

Essays in SA

I’m not feeling this track however I can’t front on the rhyming.

Flip Of The Tongue

Shit once again the production is genius. I’d like to see Groundworks getting more exposure. The track is pretty laid back and the head nod speed is approxamitely 2 nods a second.

Demo Interlude

Just some interlude with some african drums and shit.

Up Yours

The track starts off with running water so it’s kinda uncomfortable listening to this if you’ve been drinking beers the whole night. I’m thinking if they play this at a club everybody will run to the toilet. No but jokes aside this track is pretty dope. The drums on here is very hard and the snare is gonna pierce your eardrums. Nice work guys.

MC Styles

I like the bassline on here. The emcee flows easily on this difficult beat. Just when you think you understand the drum pattern it changes quicker than a model at a Victoria Secret show. The emcees from Groundworks are truly on another level.

Reality Sucks

The beat is nice, the rhyming is too. But I’m not feeling this track.

Dungeon Keepers

If they looking for a radio friendly track then this must be the one. I like it how everything falls in place with this song. The chorus makes this track.

Sound HZ

The producer is brilliant. Please go overseas and show those naters how it’s supposed to be done.

Blacker Than Black Featuring Snazz

What a way to end this all off. This track is parody. You need to listen to it to understand.
What an album. If you are looking for a classic South African hop hop album you need to get this.

Hymphatic Thabs – Demo (South African Hip Hop)

I don’t know where this guy comes from. He could be from Cape Town or Joburg, I don’t remember but I’m guessing from Johannesburg. Anyway I’ve got about 12 tracks here so let’s get into it.

First of all the rhyming sounds kind of weird and it sounds like he permanently has a smile when he’s dropping his shit. On the track Those Who he raps so off beat that you are not sure whether to take this guy seriously or not. However after several listens you can check just how good this guy is. I enjoyed this track the most.

But he does sound sometimes like Funk Doobiest and no matter if it is intentional or not it’s gonna put a lot of people off. He also needs some good production. But don’t let that put him down, coz I know we gonna hear more of this guy soon. I’m thinking he’s gonna come with some real shit soon. If you looking for punch lines galore then this guy is for you. He gets 9/10 for lyrics but the delivery is a bit flakey.

Parliament (South African Hip Hop)

These are the guys who brought you the Man Van Staal which was an anthem here in Cape Town. Shit I know I was singing the chorus wherever I was walking. Anyway I’m loving this Cape Town hip hop coz they rapping all this stuff in Afrikaans.

Let’s get into the shit I was loving the most on this. Abra is the first track that caught my attention. It’s a typical Cape Town hip hop track, full of energy and plastic and flimsy (but funky) production that you just have to dance to this. On Mic Was A Stage you are treated to a lyrical slaughter. I think this track can only be appreciated by the Cape Town hip hop community. It’s not a unique track but it’s got that special cape town energy in it. You have no option to get up and shake that ass. Amerikaap is a nice one and I wish other emcees would listen to the lyrics on here. They speak such a lot of sense on here. Proud 2 Be SA is another one I’m loving. The emcee just spits on here that I fear the microphone to be inoperable after they recorded this song. Ama is another one I’m feeling.

If you out there in the Cape Town hip hop community seek this tape/cd out. I don’t think it’s available in shops but I’m a try and get them in for an interview.

Mac Money – Tales of a G

I’ve been waiting for this shit to drop for a while now since Bow Wow is always bringing that Mob shit that you can appreciate. For those who don’t know Bow Wow Records is from the North West region of America and hail from the city of Tacoma.

We recently had a taste of Mac Money on the North West Ridin Compilation plus the bangin Just Dippin single which we reviewed about 2 months back. There was no doubt in my mind that Mac Money was gonna make his mark when he dropped this album. In fact I’m just waiting for the time when the Bow Wow artists blow up nationally so that I can say “I told you so” to all the playa haters.

If you into this mob shit you gonna really love this album. Mac Money is a dope emcee and he comes correct on every track. He got the kind of flow that demands you to nod your head. From the beginning of the album when Yukmouth drops in to introduce Mac Money to the world you can also picture Mac Money diving into the studio and dropping that shit like a ton of bricks. The intro track Keepin It Real sets the album off lovely and basically he tells the people that he’s here to stay, even predicting that he’s gonna make it past Gold and go platinum. You know what? I believe him.

Blocc Monstaz featuring MC is a bouncy track that you can play in your ride. I’d never heard MC before but he and Mac Money make a good duo. The next track Just Dippin is already a favourite here at the AfricasGateway headquarters. It’s just the kind of track that forces people to hit the dance floor. A definate floor filler.

Hill St Blues is a hot track. Shit Dubb Flex produces this very nice track and I just love those keyboards on there. This is a tight track! But, you know it looks like they put all the extra dope shit from the middle of the cd towards the end. Case in point is the hot Way Other featuring Shaolin. The production is mobbed out and that’s why one of my favourite mob producers is Big Squeeze. Shaolin, who used to hang with Bullet drops a nice verse on here.

Now you gonna love Tales Of A G that has a very catchy beat and Mac Money reminded me a lot of Ice Cube on here. Big Squeeze really goes all out on here as he switches the beat just at the right parts of the track. This is a top notch track.

Probably the second best track on here has to be We Run The Streets featuring one my favourites Mac & AK. This is produced by Mac Pacino and I hope Bow Wow gonna press this shit on vinyl coz the deejays are gonna love this.

Which brings me to the best track Air & Opportunity which is a bonus track on here. Mr D.O.G. probably kicks the nicest verse on here. The production is very different and shows the strength of the Bow Wow Camp. This track is
definitely on par with the already classic Take It Off single.

I’m really feeling this album however if you into the East Coast style of hip hop you might not dig this. This is straight like Bay Area mob style, so if you can appreciate artists like Yukmouth, Tech9, C-Bo and Mr D.o.G. you gonna love this shit. The only tracks I wasn’t feeling was Slow Down and The Meeting.

The best tracks on here are:

  • Tales Of A G
  • Just Dippin
  • What’s Yo Reality
  • Hill St. Blues
  • Way Other featuring Shaolin
  • We Run The Streets featuring Mac & AK
  • Air & Opportunity

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