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Ed Lover Takes On The Likes Of Paris Hilton, Glen Davis, and Montana Fishburne While Fabolous Debuts His New Jewelry Line


25 September 2010 No Comment

Always one to tell it like it is, comic genius Ed Lover strikes again as he wrestles with some of the ridiculous things going on in American pop culture. On his 17th episode of “C’mon Son,” Ed blows off Paris Hilton and dusts Soulja Boy from his shoulder over the latest thing to go up their noses. Ed then puts on his So You Think You Can Dance judge hat on to eloquently critique Glen Davis and Brandon Jennings’s “suspect” Dougie and Gaga dance moves and then sinks his teeth into the online rap-phenomenon 50-Tyson. Ed then proceeds to clown pornstar-turned-rapper Brian Pumper, declaring that Pumper is “the worst rapper I’ve ever heard.” Finally, Fabolous steps in to show off his Home Shopping Network worthy line of “Brian Pumper Jewels.” Find out how you, too, can construct your own custom line of Brian Pumper Jewels within the comforts of your office’s supply closet.

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