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Chance For African Music Videos To Break Into The UK and Across Africa


18 January 2011 2 Comments

Nigerian owned TV Station, One Music is reaching out to Africans from every African country to submit their videos to create a truly African channel.

1 Music reaches over 4.5 million viewers globally.

1 Music is on HITV, Sky Network that reaches millions if UK Tv Viewers, Kenya ZUKU TV, South Africa TOP TV, Ghana SMart TV, Canada Tel AFRI, European Union FTA and France FRee TV.

It is solely for promotional use.   All video in DV tape / Mini DV and DVD shoould be sent to:

Questionmark Entertainment, Dream Plaza, 7 Bishop Aboyade Cole, Victoria Island, Lagos Nigeria with a letter giving 1 Music permission to air the video solely for promotional uses.


On the 1st August 2010, 1music was launched as a bespoke music TVchannel with a clear aim to position African music as global. We have continued to push our reach both in Nigeria (on Hitv) and globallyon various PayTVnetwork

1 music provides a credible medium for brands looking to reach them with a fresh approach to television

1 Music was launched with great anticipation, driven by a goal to provide unrivalled music and music based lifestyle content generated from Africa and shown to the rest of the world. This is our first dedicated African service launched to an estimated global audience of over 4.5million viewers spanning 8 Countries and growing to reach every region of the world.  1 Music celebrates the diversity of vibrant music culture across Africa, while offering rich, creative inspiration for a global minded.

1 Music’s global distribution is a first for an African music and entertainment brand, we are positioned to connect Africans all around the world through music and compelling
musical programming.

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