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Core Wreckah – Ngoan’a Nts’oana


20 January 2011 5 Comments

Ngoan’a Nts’oana’ is a term of endearment which was used by Core Wreckah’s grandfather during his lifetime. A crude translation yields ‘Child of Nts’oana’, with Nts’oana being the name of a being whom Core himself never did figure out the origin nor purpose of. This is not Sesotho funk. This is not mountain pop. This is hardcore hip-hop delivered with a gutteral growl akin to the style which has been perfected by the long-standing tradition of Basotho freestyle rappers (liroki), and replete with call-and-response chants which have become a staple of Basotho music.

Coming from a small town, in a small country, coupled with a small population, can have its perks. For one, it gives a person the time and space to reflect upon self while also serving as the ‘onlooker’ learning from global shifts and trends, melding in and out of them at will, and fusing their own experiences in the process.

For Core Wreckah (real name Ts’eliso Monaheng), growing up in the small town of Maseru, Lesotho has inspired and enabled him to chronicle dailyo ccurrences in a world that is constantly on the move by using resources which are immediately at his disposal. One of these resources, radio,introduced him to early-to-mid-nineties hip-hop in the form of Snoop and Tupac, two artists whom he still idolises to this day.

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