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Interview with Wambüseun


27 January 2011 No Comment

Describe a day in the life of Wambüseun?

I am addicted to work and saving people. At night I will wait till everybody is asleep then I take off to the sky and just fly around looking at the wonders of mankind.

Was it always your dream to be in the entertainment business?

No.   I was more into science and inventing things actually.  I made my first gunpowder bomb when I was thirteen.  Don’t ask.

My entertainment business skills kicked in when my mom gave me N$ 20 and said “My kind…Met die N$ 20 kan jy die hele week mee bly.”  In my mind I was thinking, what the…ef!  Do you know what year this  is?  It was 1997 and honestly it’s impossible to live off N$20.  No writing books, no toiletries, no pens, no pencil, no nothing!

I had a pair of Vellies and my school clothes from my primary school days, but she taught me one very important skill and that was how to bake muffins.   So I hustled N$ 80 more, bought the ingredients and made muffins that I sold at school.  This is how I made it through high school.

(Laughs) My slogan was… “Buy one Get none Free!“.  It worked.

Hip-Hop is not that big in Namibia. What keeps you in the game?

My love for the game and I believe something is only as big as you want it to be. I’ve been in this game this long because of my creativity and skills. Notice, I said creativity first and then skills. That’s because the game is all about how good you appear to the audience.   It’s got nothing to do with how good you are anymore, but I mix the two and boom! Wambüseun.

Why do you choose to rap in Afrikaans?

I grew up speaking Afrikaans.  I’m talking about rugby socks, Fellies and rugby shorts and a ticked in Pep store shirt with Micky Mouse or the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on it.

You’re from Swakopmund, why did you move to Windhoek?

I was born in Wambu lokasie, grew up in Soweto and all over Namibia.   Swakopmund is my home.   It’s the home of LO2/ Wambuseun.   I moved to Windhoek because it’s more central.

You also do stand-up comedy. How did that come about?

No Wambüseun is not a stand-up comedian, Lownan is…

You recently collaborated with South-African Rock band Fokkopolisiekar how was the response?

Epic!  The fans called it a collision course.   It was my first sold out show. We did a metal/rock remix of Wambuseun with Out of Nowhere and it was insane.

What can we expect from Wambüseun in 2011?

All my shows for this year you must not miss, because when you see the next person and he says “I was there” then you would kick yourself, trust me. I have an album dropping finally!  I will also end 2011 in style with another line up of international bands.

Interview by Kold Stone

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