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Interview with Optic Nerve


6 March 2011 No Comment

If you had to describe Optic Nerve in a paragraph or two what would you say?

I am an Eastern Cape Lyricist whose strong point is live performance but has an uncanny skill in the vocal booth.

How old are you?

I turned 22 on the 19th of November 2010.

Can you describe your entry in the music scene and what specifically prompted you to get involved with hip hop?

I can’t remember the very first time I realized that I loved hip hop, but I can recall being totally drawn in by that DJ Honda feat. Mos Def video, “Memories” and even before then when I first heard the Flipmode Squad because my bigger cousin’s sister was a huge fan of Busta Rhymes at the time.

I’d say that’s about the first time the hip hop spirit got into my soul, but it didn’t totally consume me until years later when I started writing scripts of my own, and my cousin brother who was a true hip hop head way before, discovered me back when I was still considered a bedroom emcee.

He took me in since he was a hip hop artist himself and taught me everything he knew, introduced me to some other fellow artists around town, that was right around the time they gave me the stage name Optic, and the rest as they say is history.

What subject matter do you deal with / write about?

I mostly write about life experiences, the things I think about, when something bothers me, whether it is my personal life, social ills, self expression or just writing conceptual rhymes. My songs are mostly inspired by the beats I get or a very good idea that comes to me.

Which artists have you performed with and what releases have you done and/or been involved with up until now?

I’ve worked with a few artists so far, the likes of  EPIC also known as the other half of our super crew Supremacy, Hishaam, JBux, San The_instrumonmentalist, Epoch from Refute Skill but the most special feature I have done is a track I did with one of the most talented emcees, goes by the name Scanz.

Some of you might know him from a track called “the Gauntlet” featuring Mr. Lif and Akrobatik.  From his Basement Chronicle album, he is doing a track with me on my upcoming project World Domination: The Master plan.

Other projects I’ve been a part of, our first Supremacy EP titled “People in mind”, “TrueSight Mixtape Volume 1” and “Re-invention” (a beat tape) by San the Instrumentalist of Audible Braille Ent.

How did you get involved with True Sight Music?

Supremacy got approached by the label to form a working partnership. Because Jbux had heard some of our work, and we had always admired his, he decided to share his platform to create something bigger than him as he likes putting it.

Describe your lyrical style and flow and what artists influenced you?

My Lyrical style is easy to register because I don’t use a lot of huge words my content is really colloquial and direct.

Who in South Africa would you like to work with?

Proverb, AkA, Zubz, Marradona, Tumi and Golden Shovel.

Which producers are you working with?

San the Instrumentalist, Definition, Maki the Heartbeat, Carnyiso, Trained Monkeys and Psychotic.

What material are you working on now?

Working on a solo project titled The Master Plan: World Domination dropping early 2011

Where can people find your music?

Reverbnation, Myspace and even my Facebook Fan Page you can get to listen to my material just search for O’Nerve.

Have you performed elsewhere in the country?

Haven’t had the opportunity to perform anywhere outside Eastern Cape yet.

As an artist what is the biggest challenge facing you?

Being understood by the listeners.

If people want to get in touch with you how do they do that?

Through social networking on Facebook, Reverbnation, Myspace, just search for Onerve Or O’Nerve and then just add me as a friend. If not that you can email me on nerveoptic@gmail.com

Thank you for taking the time to talk to AG, any last words?

Yeah! The project is almost done, it’s coming so check out for us when it drops, its titled The Master Plan: World Domination.



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