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League 510 Biography


27 October 2011 No Comment

In a galaxy far away there is a planet much like ours, only its technology surpasses that of Earths by centuries. As this planet’s species developed, it became extremely homogeneous, crime ridden, and devastated by tyranny and corruption. Amongst their population there was a small group that opposed the state of the world. Determined to flee the planet and find new inhabitance far away from their species, four individuals managed to escape, destined to journey through space to find a new home.

After traveling the universe for years, they came to our galaxy, to our solar system, and to our planet—Earth. Not knowing how the inhabitants of Earth would react to their arrival, they chose to land in the hills coincidently east ofOakland,CA. After hiding their ship deep in the hills they approached The Town with great curiosity, and immediately were amazed by the vibrant culture of the human race. They observed music, dance, and empowerment—elements they lacked in their past lives. To fit in they chose to take human form and build their new lives the Bay Area, embracing the culture and making it their own. As time passed they noticed signs very similar to what they had observed on their home planet—corruption, greed, and disparity. They knew something had to be done to save Earth from the same devastation they had experienced their whole lives.

They knew action had to be taken, but simply warning the human race would not be enough. They needed an undeniable force to uplift and amass the people; they needed Music. Using their advanced abilities the four quickly mastered the art of sound, and with much respect for Oakland—their new home and first encounter—they became recognized as League 510 made up of TK, Mont, Mr. Knowitall, and DJ Blacksmith. Thus League 510 began their musical journey and gave birth to Town Techno, a form of music that would unite the people in heightened awareness; to show them to take action, to appreciate the fun in life, to believe in themselves, and to Believe in The League.

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