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Black Moss Public Interest Artwork and Track list


18 July 2013 No Comment

Although The Public Interest album date has not yet been revealed, today we bring you the album artwork designed by Soul Acadamy’s Callan Grecia.

African Hip Hop - Zuma

Artwork Explained

The image of the president embodies the theme of the album. He’s autonomous with the public interest and being its custodian (keeping it, keeping the public’s interest). The title is also a factor here, because, even though it is Black Moss’s personal experiences, ‘public interest’ insinuates a more universal viewpoint, rather than an individualistic take on the views expressed. Although the image of the president may shock at first and seem indicative of some sort of politicised theme, the shock asks the questions that get answered in the album. From the color schemes, to the galaxyesque background, it doesn’t promote a politicised agenda or some sort of rebellion, but rather, an embrace of what has occurred and is occuring, subverting it into something beautiful and good. The Spear is politicised rebellion. This cover is specified perspective.

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